Thursday, July 22, 2010


Do you believe that if you pass enough of the right kinds of laws you can lead poor people to become prosperous?

Do you believe that if you take enough money away from wealthy people, the poor people of the country will be better off?

Do you believe that if you work hard for what you have, some of it should be taken away and given to those who will not work as hard as you do?

Do you believe that when you go to work in the morning you go to work not just for you and your family but for the other families on the planet, too?

Do you believe that the government engages in the kind of productivity that adds to the gross national product?

Do you believe that the government has money of its own that it has earned and therefore can do with as it wishes?

Do you believe that the government can give any money to anybody without first taking it away from someone else?

Do you believe that a country can multiply its wealth by dividing that wealth among the people?

Do you believe that people who think they do not have to work because someone else will take care of them are productive members of society?

Do you believe that when people get the idea that what they work for will be arbitrarily taken away they have incentive to work harder?

Do you believe that there is a point at which those who work, when they see so much of their lawful gain taken from them, will somehow not give up and stop working so hard?

Do you believe that there is some definable limit on how much an individual should be allowed to lawfully and ehtically earn? (Who should determine and set that limit?)

Do you believe that if enough wealth was stripped from corporations there would be more jobs for everyone?

Do you believe that you would be reading this on your PC or MAC if Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had been restricted in how much they could make creating, selling and profiting from the industry they had so much to do with developing?

Do you believe you would have: an iPhone; iPad; smart-phone; 5-gig, Intel dual core computer with 2 gigs of memory, if silicone valley had been restricted in what they could make by developing same?

Do you believe that people who make their living pretending to be someone they are not (actors) are just as "productive" as a steel worker in Pennsylvania or an automobile manufacturer in Detroit?

If you believe those things, you are a liberal.

Implementing those beliefs will destroy America, and ultimately will take you down with her.


lisa said...

The party that believes poor people are poor because rich people are rich.
All the above you mentioned only creates more poor people and that sad fact is what BHO wants so he can forever have us dependent.
We need to kee more people awake
from their Barack Hussein Obama hypnosis.

Joe said...

lisa: Hypnosis...good word for it

Leticia said...

To all questions, the answer is a resounding, "no!"

There will always be those who make more money than others, that's just life.

I reject Obama's socialist views on every angle. If he wants to make others dependent on him, then he should use HIS own money, and leave the taxpayers money alone.

Joe said...

Leticia: But taxpayers are his only source of income! He HAS to bother them!

Leticia said...

Joe, so sad but unfortunately true.

Ginsu said...

America is an ideal birthed by our founding fathers; the US is a piece of trash perpetrated by the liberal/progressives teaching the younger generation to believe that they are entitled to something they haven't earned. This is a cancerous poison that left unchecked will do tremendous harm to what made America great.
God bless America.

Xavier Onassis said...

I believe that taxes are the ante that business people pony up to have a seat at the American poker table. You pay to play.

I believe that unfettered and unregulated markets will drive otherwise good and ambitious people to become voracious, insatiable, predators who leave decieved, broken, impoverished consumers in their wake.

I believe that as members of the human race, we all owe a debt to each other. No human being should have to suffer poverty, disease or death if another human being has the means to intervene and help another human being to succeed.

I believe that someone who clings to the idea that America is a "I got mine and that's all I care about" country has a small, cheap and diminished view of what it means to be an American.

I believe that people who cling to the ridiculous idea that there is a huge population of lazy, unambitious (possibly in the coutry illegaly) people whose only goal is to sit around benefitting from the hard work of others are delusional.

I believe that these people are irrationally angry about something that doesn't actually exist.

I believe in the Ben & Jerry's model of executive compensation where the highest paid employee couldn't make any more than 10x the lowest paid employee. So if the CEO got a raise, everyone below him/her got a raise. That's fair.

I believe that there are some investments that are benefitial to all citizens and all businesses that can only be made by Big Government.

The Interstate Highway System is a perfect example.

No single business would make that investment. But every business benefits.

I believe that in a civilized society, every citizen owes a debt to the maintenance of the infrastructure of that society.

I believe that in The Greatest Country On Earth, no one should have to die because they can't afford medical care.

tha malcontent said...

I've seen a lot of strange things in my life, I've been to far off lands,I've seen sad times such as war and I've seen good times such as the birth of a child.. I've even seen a cat swimming underwater with it's own scuba suit.

But I've never seen anything like the switcheroo when it comes down to blaming the messenger rather than the out right liar
as Obama and his comrades in Arms in the NAACP. As well as the left wing bloggers.
This whole BS blame crap is just that BS!.

As we see almost daily here in what was once know as America.

Joe said...

XO: I'll respond one at a time:

Should what they pay be an amount that prevents them from paying additional employees? Should business be able to count on continuity of federal extraction of their profits, or should they be able to make firm plans based on what they know will be coming down the pike?

Should that debt be extracted by a government that has shown an inability to effeciently distribute it?

Is that the attitude of Bill Gates and others who pay thousands of people to help them "get theirs?"

Have you ever stood in the parking lot of a U-Save grocery store in the middle of the poorer section of a city and watched and listened to the people speak, stand around and generally not contribute to society? Have you listened to their uneducated speech? Did you know that every one of them had the opportunity to the same education I had. Indeed some of them went to my school.

Why would I waste my energy being angry at something I had not personally witnessed?

Did Ben and Jerry establish their model because the government made them do it, or because they believe in their model? Should the government force everybody to follow B & J's model?

Who decides what "investments" are beneficial to the people? Are those "investments" to be made by extracting equal money from all, regardless of whether they, themselves, benefit from the "investment?"

The Interstate Highway System is a perfect example of government cost over-run, ineffeciency, disrepair, waste of taxpayer dollars and sorry planning. (We have two Interstate roads in my state that parallel each other for over 30 miles within a stone's throw of each other and then merge, for Pete's sake!)

Should those who do not use the infrastructure be required to pay disproportionately for those who do? (That's your idea of fair?)

Have you found some secret method by which everybody does not have to die sooner or later? Historically the stats are 100%. But getting past the obvious, why should I be FORCED to pay for the poor health of another. For that matter, why are YOU being forced to help pay for MY health care? You, who in the past have come very close to wishing me dead.

I love liberals. They give me something to write about.

Joe said...

tha malcontent: It is now, and always will be, Bush's fault, no matter the century, no matter the circumstance. President BO does not have it in him to accept responsibility for ANYTHING, even that which he does.

sue said...

'Do you believe that people who make their living pretending to be somone they are not(actors) are just a 'productive' as a steel worker in Pennsylavnia or an automobile manufacturer in Detroit?'

Joe - I can't give you a pass on this one. I don't believe that there is a liberal - even actors themselves - that would compare these two professions. They are simply in different categories.

Movies fall in the entertainment category and noboby thinks of them otherwise. But while there are stupid movies, and even trashy movies, there are movies that are qualified to be in the category of art forms. And they have their place in this world.

I have a feeling that a few Conservatives go to the movies.

Joe said...

sue: There are artful, and meaningful movies, it is true, but that misses the point.

Actors are revered by the public out of proportion to their productivity to it.

Yet actors find it pleasing to rant and rage about political matters, using their platform to their advantage, which platform few others of us have.

While they are entitled to have and express their opinions, their opiinions should not be given heavier weight because they are famous.

The opinions and life-attitudes of the average steel worker and/or auto worker are just as valid and important...maybe more so.

sue said...

Joe - You are right that the opinions of celebrities should not be given more weight or attention than others, such as auto workers, etc. Unfortunately, that is just the way it is. Celebrities do have an easier platform for expressing their opinions more than the average person.

The answer is - and I think many people realize this - to ignore those celebrated opinions, unless there is a valid reason for listening.