Tuesday, July 13, 2010


George Washington: “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. And force, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

William Pitt: “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves.”

Thomas Jefferson: “A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government…”

“On every unauthoritative exercise of power by the legislature must the people rise in rebellion or their silence be construed into a surrender of that power to them? If so, how many rebellions should we have had already?”

“The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”

“I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious.”

“A free people [claim] their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate.

“What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Alexander Hamilton: “If it be asked, What is the most sacred duty and the greatest source of our security in a Republic? The answer would be, An inviolable respect for the Constitution and Laws — the first growing out of the last…. A sacred respect for the constitutional law is the vital principle, the sustaining energy of a free government.”

“The natural cure for an ill-administration, in a popular or representative constitution, is a change of men.”

Patrick Henry: “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.”

John Adams: “Liberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. But if we had not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us, at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood.”

John Dickinson: “We are reduced to the alternative of choosing an unconditional submission to the tyranny of irritated ministers or resistance by force. Honour, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us.”

Benjamin Franklin: “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Samuel Adams: “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”


shoprat said...

And the only answer the left can come up with is to call them "Dead White Males."

Joe said...

shoprat: It always amazes me that "modern" liberals know what the founders meant when they said what they said better than the founders knew what they meant when they said it.

Leticia said...

How I wish we had more honorable men like our forefathers in our society today and especially in all branches of our government, especially the presidency.

Wise men, who knew how to run and manage a nation.

ablur said...

I find it annoying at best that the liberal will only use four men to define our foundation and more often then not they mis-quote them.

George Washington - Yes he was a slave owner. They were given too him. He had not the heart to sell or separate them even in times of financial need. He saw too it that each was well learned and properly cared for.
Thomas Jefferson - He had little to do with the writing of the constitution because he was in France at the time. Yet his letters of correspondence have done more damage to the great document then any other.
Benjamin Franklin - He was a well studied and a very religious man, but to what religion? He was not a deist as often claimed because he believed in an active God on the affairs of Man. His problem was that he saw no religion as wholly representative of God. All had folly as they were practiced by the likes of man. Yet in his quest, he asked for prayer and supplication more often then any other at the convention.
James Madison - As president he often made statements then can be construed as anti-religion when in total context he was following both his belief and the first amendment. He believed that all men should be free to make the choice of which God to serve. When properly nourished with the facts Christ Jesus will be chosen. This is why he agreed to the funding of Bible Societies with public funds under bills placed before him by congress. The bible was the key to knowledge and heaven, without it how can one make an informed decision. He signed a bill like this not once but three times.

How many times has the liberal sited the treaty of tripoli as proof that we are not a Christian nation. There it is clearly so stated in the treaty and signed by congress? Once again under the the First Amendment our nation does not have a religion of government or an established religion. This does not mean it doesn't have a preferred religion or a dominate religion. That was not the wording nor was it the issue that congress signed.

Joe said...

leticia: I thought they were all, all honorable men.

ablur: Great history there.

tha malcontent said...

Barack H. Obama:
"Let no Crisis go to waste"

"Instead of having parades for our heroes, raising flags and attacking the ones who kill us, let us raise a White flag"

"Let us send NASA to conduct some out reach to our Muslim Brothers"

Joe said...

Tha malcontent: It is just crazy on any level, isn't it?

Z said...

Joe, would that we had one man THAT good. Ablur's comment is excellent and so true. yet the Left will laugh and scoff.
This is getting SO SCARY.

But, heck, at least our kids at 10 yrs old will know about ALL kinds of sex, right? (help~!)
I wonder what the founding fathers would have thought.
No I don't. They were MEN who LOVED their children.

Susannah said...

Well, hey Joe! Just wanted you to know that I've gotten around to posting a link to your Jon Kyl post from a few weeks ago. Zip on over & take a peek when you have a few minutes. And thanks again for the inspiration...you're really good for that! ;)

Susannah said...

ablur~ "When properly nourished with the facts Christ Jesus will be chosen."

ahhh...my spirit drinks that in, even as I type...thanks. I may post this on my sidebar, if it's okay...