Monday, July 19, 2010


I am presently on my wife's computer, as mine just spontaneously shut down. Turned itself off! Just quit!

Reset the power pack, pushed the on/off button, got a brief light and then nothing.

Tried a bunch of different approaches...nothing.

Will return to blogging as soon as I can figure out what's going on.

Can't use wife's computer much 'cause she's on it so much.

Will have to write when she's off galavanting around.

I'll be back ASAP...count on it.


ablur said...

Hope you figure it out soon.

lisa said...

maybe you caught a virus from a liberal commenter.

Mark said...

It's fried. Get a new one. They are pretty cheap at Walmart.

Leticia said...

Darn computers can be so fickle. Hope it's nothing serious or will cost a lot.

Have you checked the fan to see if it is still in operation? Sometimes if your computer gets hot it shuts down. Just a thought.

David Wyatt said...

I know what the problem is, Joe. It's known as T-O, or "Truth Overload."

Joe said...

ablur: I had my techie friend over today. The starter circuit in the mother board is fried. Since you can't recircuit part of a mother board....

lisa: Undoubtedly.

Mark: The fried starter circuit caused my CPU to overheat and that froze my hard drive.

It does not look good.

Leticia: The fans are all happily blowing away...cooling that which no longer needs to be cooled.

PS to all: I'm once again using my sife's computer. I hope she'll work out some kind of schedule with me so I can still post to my blog.

Joe said...

DW: If that's the case, I broke my own computer! Rats!

Mark said...

Told ya it was fried. Get a new one.

Joe said...

Mark: Current finances won't allow for that. I'll just have to squeeze in time on my wife's computer (like I'm doing now).