Tuesday, July 6, 2010


"This is boring to me now

"I know there are people, and very few, who actually pay attention to this blog.

"There are more that are condescending pricks that either act like wounded birds when countered, or those which just parrot talking points from either party with no understanding of the real issues. With the exception of a few bloggers, I have grown tired of the drudgery of trying to capsulate my opinion into a few paragraphs and expect you to either understand it or appreciate it.

"There are those on the faux-conseverative side that are very, very good at parroting talking points. You are pretenders with no true understanding of the political system. Go away.

"That said, I give my hat tip to the following blogs: MAInfo; Caught Him with a Cordndog; racular Opinion; BBCW; theresaamerica; LandShark 5150; Old Soldier; Mango's Madness;
Left Coast Rebel; Get the Big Idea; Jo Joe Politico...and that's about it.

"Many of the liberals who are trying to bait me into an attack at the moment are a group of lame ducks who apologize for the lame-duck leadership of the current regime while still using republicans as a target. What they don't realize is that both parties are essentially the same. When you put your all of your stock in one party, you get what we have now. When you put your stock in two parties, you get gridlock. The Tea Party is in ascendance, and I laugh at the rest who support only one party and don't want to accept ideas from people who want to gain fiscal responsibility. Moreover, I know that sensationalism is the key these days. I refuse to be a further part of it.

"There are plenty of pathetics that harvest off of my energy and try to use it as a focal point. I refuse to give them anymore ammo to do so. This post is closed as is this blog. Those who want to say goodbye in a civilized manner may do so through email. I expect nothing from anyone. I am not doing this for emotional reasons, rather lack of interest. Ciao. "
Posted by bluepitbull at 9:50 PM

I respectfully suggest that we all copy this and add it as an addendum to our blogs, in the hope that Blue Pitbull will read the post and reconsider, as I have enjoyed his blog for some time and would that he continue posting his insights.

Failing that, find some way to communicate that you miss him and wish him to return to blogging.

I know I do.


ablur said...

I'm disappointed that I didn't make the list.

I wish I had more time for deep and thoughtful posts everyday

Joe said...

ablur: I think he just didn't know about your blog. You write very deep and thoughtful posts, and I love your blog.

Leticia said...

He's fed up. Plain and simple. I don't blame him one bit. It can get frustrating at times when you make your valid points and expect an intellectual rebuttal, but the only thing you get in return is a rhetorical broken record response from the Left.

I am sorry to lose such a great voice in the blogsphere.

Joe said...

Leticia: Me, too. We need every voice we can get.

I do understand. It can be VERY frustrating trying to reason with a liberal, because straight line logic means nothing to them.

Witness my post about God in every state constitution. In the face of DIRECT evidence, yea, PROOF, the lib still tries to assert that we are not a God recognizing nation.

Their response: Yeah I see it, but it means nothing.

For them, that settles it.

If ignorance is bliss, they're blistered.

ablur said...

If ignorance is bliss, they're blistered.

I love that.

They are unwilling to actually read history and know. It may upset their emotional orgasm.

Most of the left is unwilling to do anything for themselves, hence, the excessive desire for a nanny state government. Completely unable to achieve their own greatness through hard work and personal achievement, they seek to leach onto everyone else's for their satisfaction. If you or I were to become successful in anyway on our own accord, it would only prove how pathetic they really are.

tha malcontent said...

ablur said...

If ignorance is bliss, they're blistered.I love that.
They are unwilling to actually read history and know. It may upset their emotional orgasm.


Ah the enlightened liberal mind, the joys of selective liberal outrage. You see, of course its ok for the libs to do/say anything...but just not anyone else.
I can't even bear to listen to them anymore... without wearing my hip boots. .

Joe said...

TM: Make sure those boots have no holes in them.

Susannah said...

Oh my...I didn't know this about BP. I'm so sorry to read it here. I'll run go pay him a visit right now.

Maybe he can start a food/wine blog (like Z did) for a while to give himself a break, then go back to politics when election time rolls around...??

tha malcontent said...

Once again another voice silenced by the Liberals.
I guess that Mr and Mrs. Chavez had decided to go to war with BluePitBull so they did and they won. If You Can't Beat Them - Silence Them!