Friday, July 9, 2010

I AM AMERICA by Krista Branch

She is an American Idol "reject," mother of three, wife of a Baptist children's pastor and a fine performer.

I first heard the audio of this song on Glen Beck's program yesterday, and immediately loved it.

Her name is Krista Branch, and the song was written by her husband, Mike.

Some have wondered about the production of this song, whether it has been electronically enhanced to cover some imagined deficit in Krista's vocal talent, or what-not.

Certainly no more than 97.6745% of ALL music videos in existence, your favorite artist included.

The important thing here, though, is the message and how clearly and professionally it is presented.

I was raised on and schooled in the operatic style of classical singing, and for many years believed that it was the only valid style of music in the universe.

In my late thirties I discovered that I had been stricken with a form of musical snobbery that exceeded all reason.

As I began to spread my musical wings, I learned that the major purpose of music is self-expression, and discovered the intrinsic value of jazz, rock, pop, (disco...well....), rap, soul, southern gospel, and many other forms of music.

I learned to love Louis Armstrong, Dave Brubeck, Lena Horne, the Cathedrals, the Gaithers, George Burns, Arthur Godfrey, Johnny Cash, the eclectic of eclectics: the Boston Pops and hundreds of others...very liberating!

(BTW: Electronic enhancement is now a part of musical expression, if not an indication of raw talent.)

This particular song is a powerful statement of the need to turn this ocean liner sized nation back toward its unifying roots using the political canoe paddle we have been given as a rudder.

If you skipped it, go back and give it a listen. It is far better than my commentary.

Thanks and a H/T to Geeez! for reminding me of this video.


ablur said...

Great Song.

I DJ'd for a while and it caused me to lose interest in music. I realized that people weren't listening to the message anymore. It was all noise and beat. Soon the message became profane, and still nobody noticed. They spent there money to promote hate and violence not even aware.
Since 9/11 I have noticed a turn back to quality and purpose. Songs like the one here offer hope not only for the nation but the message of music.
Thanks for pointing this out.

Z said...

Joe, so glad you enjoy it, too...(how could you NOT?)
Please come smack Ducky around a bit; I have another patriotic post up and he just can't take it..
I don't like to go around pushing my posts but I need your help :-) You're GOOD at it!!

I think 'ablur' is right...but it seems to only be conservative, America-loving songs which are returning to good lyrics and quality of tune....I hope they CATCH ON!!

lisa said...

woaw she sang that with so much passion. Love the song and of course the message.

I wonder how long before she gets "Alinsky'd" by the left.

Joe said...

ablur: I hope you are correct about our turn back to quality and purpose.

Z: Be right over!

lisa: Well, I got this from Z, and the lefties made a vallient effort to trash it.

Susannah said...


I LOVE this! And of course I would find it here - and coming from Z. I might re-post this, Joe.