Thursday, April 1, 2010


I guess FREEDOM is just highly overrated. Witness this from Hot Air.

If you eat out, tell me in the comments section how you will be influenced by the calorie count on all the foods you order.

Do you think it is reasonable to make a restaurant change all of its publications and posters every time it changes ingredients in its fare?


What percentage of overweight people will be helped by this mandate?


Tom said...

So how is being more informed about the content of a product taking away your "freedom"? People can still eat what they want, and avoid what they want.

For those with food allergies, it is a requirement to know what exactly in the food. There are other medical conditions that require forwarning about the content of a food item.

Really.. this post is just about "regulating" an industry, and we know that any and all regulations are bad.. or something.

Do you think the government has any "right" dictating cleanliness in restaurants?

Joe said...

Tom: You can't think your way out of a wet paper sack.

How many years have we survived without having to have nutritional information on menus? What about the shop keepers freedoms?

What about the $30,000.00 to redo all of the posters and menus for a small chain like the one in the video.

Oh, didn't even watch the video, or you would have known about that.

As for dictating cleanliness in a restaurant, no, I don't think the FEDERAL government has ANY business whatsoever, under any circumstances dictating cleanliness...not now, not ever.

I am a diabetic, and I know what I can and cannot eat without help from the FEDS telling my restaurants that they have to help me.

I don't need their help.

What is so thick about your head that you can't get that?

Fat people are fat because (barring endocrinal imbalances in about 2.3% of them) they eat too much.

Do you think there are two fat people in the world who don't know that french fries are, ounce-for-ounce more fattening than celery?

Do you think that a person with peanut allergies does not know what foods contain peanut products in them?

If they don't, they deserve what they get. You heard me right...they deserve what they get.

Lactose intolerent, like me? Well don't eat foods that are creamy, white sauced, cheesy, etc.

It is incumbent upon the INDIVIDUAL to care for him/herself. It is NOT the place of the FEDERAL government to take care of them.

You think it is? You are wrong. Period.

Joe said...

Tom: I noticed that you did not answer a single question in my post.

Cat got your tongue?

Or maybe you don't know the answers.

Or, more likely, like you didn't watch the video, you also didn't actually read the questions. You just knee-jerkedly vomited out the "Party line."

Maybe you're just the product of a government school and can't read.

Joe said...

Tom: "this post is just about "regulating" an industry"

What a stupid remark. That is NOT what the post was about.

How come you like to come here and leave comments that demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that you don't have a clue what you are talking about?

That would embarrass me.

Mark said...

What this all boils down to, Joe, is Liberals think we're stupid.

I know this because I used to be a Liberal.

My strongest argument for Liberalism when I was a Liberal is this:

People are too stupid to take care of themselves, so we (Liberals) must take care for them.

Joe said...

Mark: I understand. I was pretty liberal in college, only I didn't know what it meant.

About ten years after my sophomore year, I began to realize that I was leading with my emotions instead of thoughtful, straight-line logic.

I began to understand incentive to work, accomplishment on my own and personal responsibility.

Leticia said...

I sincerely doubt someone that has chosen to eat out is concerned about their calories and fat grams. The whole purpose of eating out is to enjoy a fattening meal.

Just another ploy from our socialist government to control us.

Joe said...

Leticia: Yeah. Why do you suppose people like Tom (above) can't understand about liberty?

lisa said...

I never saw such a bunch of anti-government liberals all of a sudden are "reborn" now and pro-government. Giving them authority to do whatever they want.
So "Che" of them.

Joe said...

lisa: "Che"...perfect!

Joe said...

Ooops! Sorry Tap...I went too far.

Susannah said...

"People are too stupid to take care of themselves, so we (Liberals) must take care for them."

BINGO! How astute, Mark! It all started w/ Social know, all those people who're too stupid to take care of their own retirement...let the gv'mnt tax everybody, then let THEM take care of you in your retirement. We all know how that turned out, now don't we, Tom?

Susannah said...

btw, just back from a trip to DC. Fabulous trip, even though we had 2 children intermittently vomitting due to a stomach bug...ugh...

My husband's comment, as a summary of the trip? There's no way in @#$% that Hussein Obama deserves to even visit such a noble city, full of such richness of history & representing the dignity of our forefathers, much less live in the WH. ugh.

Joe said...

Susannah: I agree with both of your comments. BO just doesn't get it. Power and thuggery is all he understands.

selahV said...

not one single obese person will be helped by this. it's another stupid statist law to penalize reasonable thinking people. it's about as smart as putting McDonald's out of business for giving away Shrek with chicken nuggets. dumb.