Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We recently found out something that thousands of years of humanity had never known, yea, never imagined: Health Insurance is a God-given right.

I'm not certain where that right came from, or how we came to know of its existence, or when it became effective, but it has seemingly been there all along...we just didn't recognize it.

Now we have.

Well wouldn't you know it? We forgot about the other inalienable right we all have.

This forgotten right is literally "for the children."

I mean, without it, they have no chance of getting by. They will find themselves destitute in no time...shortly after I'm gone.

That right is: LIFE INSURANCE (also known as Life Care or ObamaLife).

Tens, even hundreds of thousands of people go to bed each night not knowing what will happen to them when their fathers, mothers or grandparents die.

Something must be done!

We need the federal government to step in (although you would think by now that they would be more careful about what they step in).

Government Life Care, or Life Insurance is a must! We all have a right to it.

Tens of thousands of employers are shirking their duty to their employees by not supplying Life Insurance, or by providing such a minuscule amount that it is virtually useless.

Government Life Care must be mandated!

We must form great groups of people who can meet around the country, especially on Independence Day. We will call them T-Buggers, or Lifers (not to be confused with those serving time for heinous crimes against society, like former Congress persons).

Right now, evil life insurance companies sell policies across state lines. I, myself, although I live in Florida, carry a policy issued to me by Massachusetts Indemnity and Life Insurance Company (MILICO).

This must be stopped, as it severely increases competition among life insurance companies and has resulted in lower prices for life insurance all around the country.

It has even given rise to life insurance that is good for a given period of time, called Term Insurance...sold by Termites.

We must stop life insurance companies from refusing to sell life insurance to people with pre-existing conditions, such as death.

People afflicted with death have just as much right to life insurance as anybody else.

And their rates should not go up, just because they are dead.

If a person does not have, or does not want life insurance, tough tombstones. He or she must be mandated to purchase it.

When hired by another company, a person must be able to carry over his/her life insurance to the new company.

If a person is poor, rich people in the U.S.A. must chip in to buy his/her life insurance. It's only fair.

Life Insurance agents must have a cap placed on what they can earn on a life insurance policy sold through the federal government. Nobody should become rich providing this newly discovered right of the American people.

Student loans should be determined by the amount of life insurance carried by his/her parent(s).

Call or write your Congressperson today. Better yet, call President BO.

Tell them we need...insist on...ObamaLife.

Do it today! Do it for the children!

The life you cover might be your own.

It's only right.


Krystal said...

I have to laugh, not just because of your wonderful sarcasm, but because I just cashed in an old Life Ins policy. I had to choose between $2,000 for my kids after I'm dead, or $676 for ME while I'm ALIVE!!

I went with the cash now. I'm buying a treadmill. It will help me live longer. Now THAT's life insurance.

JMK said...

The primary problems with the current Health Care "overhaul" are; (1) it DOES NOTHING to bring down costs, in fact, it will increase demand for the "free care," amidst a relatively static supply of physicians, thereby INCREASING the costs and (2) that part which requires citizens to buy a prescribed product (health insurance) does certainly seem an "over-reach." Driving is a PRIVILEGE, living is NOT, so while driving on government roads can be regulated, the life choices of free individuals are not subject to such regulation and micromanaging under the Constitution.

It would seem that the court challenged based on the latter point will probably be successful.

I'd have preferred a universal public option, into which Medicare and Medicaid would both be rolled into. Oversight would be beefed up and penalties for fraud and abuse ratcheted up as well and strict rationing (no more than 3 to 5 visits per year covered, and no more than $10,000 in treatment covered in ANY given calender year.

It would give EVERYONE a basic "bare-bones" coverage, while still maintaining the availability of private "gap insurance" for those willing and able to pay the premiums to avoid the rationing and restricted access of the general public option.

It would put the onus for our health back where it belongs - on the individual!

Joe said...

Krystal: I'm glad you recognized the sarcasm. It is one of my spiritual gifts (See II Hezekiah 4:12).

JMK: You are quite right about the cost of this atrocity we've been force-fed.

Z said...

ObamaLife..PERFECT name for it, Joe...
Oh, if we only had a chance..think we can repeal before the totally destroy health insurance?
Even I feel sorry for my liberal docs who voted for the dope and now just can't figure out WHAT HAPPENED?

Did you know Medicare hasn't paid docs in TWO WEEKS? No end in sight. yup

Joe said...

Z: One of my doctors promoted Obamacare, the other opposed it.

Now both wonder: What the heck just happened?

Leticia said...

Yeah I have to admit the sarcasm was great. Your point got through loud and clear.

I am not sure how my doctors voted but I am sure of one thing, if they did, they are regretting it.

lisa said...

My doctor who will e retiring in a few years said he is more concerned about being a citizen due to his knowledge of how people are treated and spoken to by doctors in a government run system.
By the way my neighbor's cousin in Ireland was on on a waiting list for a bypass operation for a year.
The woman behind me her aunt came here from Canada for cataract surgery because she had to wait a year there and was totally blind in that eye.
Now the media is finally reporting the truth about how we will be seeing a shortage of doctors under this plan.
Useful Idiots!

Joe said...

Leticia: Every doctor I've talked to has said he/she did not like what has happened.

lisa: "Useful Idiots!" But not all that useful.

Joe said...

JMK: I've been thinking about it, and I think it WILL bring down costs.

It will work like this: The cost will go up, but less than it could have, therefore it will be counted as a decrease.

JMK said...

"It will work like this: The cost will go up, but less than it could have, therefore it will be counted as a decrease." (Joe)

That "argument" certainly COULD be made, BUT more likely is that (1) there will be a growing physician-shortage, especially primary care physicians...already scarce because there's more money in specialization, but this will increase as this plan decreases compensation amidst increasing demand, (2) lesser qualified medical professionals (ie. PA's and nurses) filling in the gap left by that physician shortage and (3) there will eventually HAVE to be rationing, either the OVERT rationing I've advocated, OR (more likely) a more surreptitious kind, engendered in "age-cut offs" (England doesn't allow stints to be implanted in those over 59 years of age), long delays that eventually limit the treatment options, etc.

In short, it will be a mismanaged nightmare, as most government-run institutions are.

Joe said...

JMK: Yeah. The illustration I used reflects the way liberals think: if it doesn't go up as high as expected, it is a decrease.

My wife uses the same logic when "saving" me money while shopping.

Mark said...

So, we have a right to health care. Or so that's what the Obamites want us to believe.

Let's all rush to our doctor's offices, and demand to be treated and tell them it's "because I have a right to health care".

My wife uses the same logic when "saving" me money while shopping.

Joe, my wife uses that argument on me, too. Once she told me she could save $3.00 on an item with a "sale" price of 29.99.

I told her if we didn't buy it at all we could save $29.99.

I was in the dog house the rest of the day.

Lone Ranger said...

I'm waiting for housing to become a right. Nothing fancy. Maybe the ranch house on Bonanza.

Joe said...

Mark: I've spent my share of days in that same house.

LR: Nice spread!

Susannah said...

Oh, my heavens!