Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's here! It's here!

It is time for the wonderful, beneficent government to confiscate their portion of your hard earned money.

Don't fight won't win.

Give it up willingly.

Think of the Senators and Congress Persons you will be helping!

Think of the way you can be involved in promoting Entitlement Fever!

Think of how much more of the American Dream you might have if the government didn't steal so much of your income.

Nuts. Now I'm depressed.

I'll see you later.


ablur said...

I wonder when tax freedom day will be this year. Last year the full weight of government sat on me till June 7.

I have written about how the taxes have changed in the last 100 years. The last 80 have been an incredible burden to what once was a free nation.

Once we get out from under the yoke of the Obama Administration, I shutter to think how high the taxes will need to go to pay off what he spent in just a little over a year.

tha malcontent said...

I've been depressed since I went to my accountant last week.

Tapline said...

My wife,,God bless her soul, does the taxes and I just sign every year....What gets me is I usually have to pay in and my daughter gets money back..More than she pays in.....I dont quite understand how that works, but it has something to do with dependents...or somthing....

Anonymous said...

April 15th:
The Real April Fool's Day!

Joe said...

ablur: Tax Freedom Day is April 9, 2010.

tha malcontent: It is SO depressing!

tapline: Dependents give the government what it wants: dependance.

Silverfiddle: Yeah, and we're the fools.

ablur said...

Tax Freedom day is based on income taxes both federal and state. Each state has a slightly different tax base hence a different day.

I go a little farther. I look at all taxes. Utility, property, etc... The list goes on and on. Let's not forget fuel taxes. (I paid $6.41 in gas tax today alone.)

By the time I calculate out the full burden of government on my small family, I have lost 40-45% of my earnings and my power to direct the course of America.

Mark said...

What ever's best for "Social Justice".

What ever that means.

JMK said...

Right now, the liberals are looking at instituting a VAT....that will create a HUGE backlash!

THAT is a tax that is aimed directly at the bottom 90% of income earners, who earn appx 57% of all the aggregate annual income, while producing appx 68% of the production in this country.

So much for "tax cuts for 95% of Americans".....

shoprat said...

Our fathers revolted against taxation without representation. Our new problem is Representation without taxation as people who pay no taxes are a large part of the Left.