Friday, April 30, 2010


Even President BO is concerned about budget cuts.

Really concerned!

I mean, he really cares!

He is consumed with passion about budget cuts!

Feel the emotion!

He has announced that he will make "significant" (his very word) budget cuts!


President BO finally gets it!

Now I double-dog-dare you to watch this minute-and-a-half video:


So, are you underwhelmed?


Leticia said...

Those budget cuts, even in the millions, aren't going to make a dent in the Trillion dollar deficit.

He should have thought about that before bullying everyone into submission with his socialized healthcare bill. Idiot!

Krystal said...

Didn't you post that video once before?

Joe said...

Leticia: Not a dent...not a dimple.

Krystal: Not this particular one. I have used vids that demonstrate the same principle.

ablur said...

You probably heard the news about the beach missing on the Oregon Coast. I took some sand home in my shoes and now look what happened.

Another example of BO talking big and doing nothing.

Mark said...

Also, just a few days after Obama announced he will allow off shore oil drilling (which had already been voted on and approved by both houses of Congress, so really, he was only announcing what Congress had already done, and it wasn't his idea at all)he halts all off shore drilling because an oil rig blew up (which gives him the perfect excuse to do what he intended to do all along, that is, stop off shore oil drilling).

That would be kind of like taking credit for progress in the war in Iraq after insisting the war in Iraq is unwinnable. But wait, Obama wouldn't do that..... oh, never mind.

Susannah said...

Cuts under his 'watch?' When pigs fly...

Joe said...

ablur: You sand thief! BTW: Did you know that you will never starve at the beach? You can eat the sandwhichis there. (Sorry...I can't help myself.)

mark: Crist is against OFD, then he's for it, now he's against it agains. Obama was against it, then he was for it, now he's against it again.

Funny how an explosion can affect things political. Coincidence?

Susannah: Well, pigs WILL fly. I'm starting a new airline called, "Pigs Fly Airlines" and we'll serve only ham sandwiches.