Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Honest Al Sharpton was being interviewed by Bill O'Reilly when he was asked about the alleged use of the "N" word at the D.C. Tea Party rally.

Sharpton claimed that someone shouted it at Congressman John Lewis (D-GA).

When asked by O'Reilly how he knew it happened, Sharpton declared emphatically, "I've seen the tape!"

When challenged that there was no tape, did Mr. Sharpton say something like, "Well, no, I misspoke. I didn't see the tape, but I heard that it had happened?"

No, he looked at O'Reilly and asked, "So, everyone hallucinated the "N" word use..."

Look, he did not say he HEARD that the "N" word was used, he stated categorically that he had SEEN the "tape" when he knew very well he had NOT seen the tape.

"There are all kind of reporters that were there," continued Mr. Sharpton, as though that addressed the issue of his having seen the "tape."

So what?

He did not say he got the information from the reporters, he said he SAW THE TAPE!


Guess what. When you say you saw something you did not see, do you know what that's called?


The expression on Sharpton's face when he got called on his lie is priceless.

Have you ever seen a kid lie to his parents to avoid getting caught? Same expression.

So what's the big deal?

The big deal is that when you are trying to make people believe something, and you have to lie to get them to believe it, why should they trust you when you try to make them believe other things?

How do we now know which of the things the brother has said are true? Has he "seen the tape" on all of them?

Look, it COULD have happened (although there is NO evidence at this time that it did). If someone called Congressman Lewis the "N" word, that is despicable. It is wrong! Do you get that? I do not defend it! I oppose it!

That's not the point of this post.

My point is that politicians of every ilk, and others, think that they can convince you of something just by proclaiming it to be so, and by-and-large, they are successful! You fall for it.

Did you fall for Sharpton's declaration that he SAW the "tape?" Hmmm?

Just in case you think maybe there WAS a "tape," Andrew Breitbart has offered $10,000.00 to anyone who will come forward with a video verifiable as having been recorded at the Washington D.C. Tea Party event.

No takers, so far.

So, tell me: What did Al Sharpton gain by lying about seeing the "tape?" How was his credibility enhanced? Why did he think he had to lie about it?

Do liberals, especially black liberals, think that just making up something is convincing people that their cause is just?

(For those of you who think I just make things up [Tom], here is the video of the relevant portion of O'Reilly's interview with Sharpton):


Leticia said...

So many lies have been thrown around about the "N" word and someone spitting on a Congressman, etc. Yet, where is the proof of all these supposed allegations?

NONE! There is no video, audio documentation to refute or prove that these actions actually occurred.

The MSM need to shut their yaps until they have proof. However, since it is the liberal media, I wouldn't hold my breath, or they may very well doctor a video to prove their case, who knows?

BetteJo said...

I was watching and Sharpton barely skipped a beat. Obviously lying comes very easily to him and he is willing to do it any time it will stir up race relations. Remember Tawana Brawley? He never backed down or apologized for that even when it was proved to be a hoax. And really - when did people start taking Sharpton seriously? Just because he slimmed down, toned down his hair and started wearing nice suits doesn't mean he is any less a clown than he always was.

Anonymous said...

Folks, this is how leftists operate. The individual facts may not support what they view as "the truth," but that doesn't matter. It's all about the meta-narrative. Liberals are good-hearted souls who want to spread the wealth, while rightwingchristianracisthaters want to kill poor people and give what's left over to the corporations.

I hate to "blogwhore" here, but I wrote a summary on this twisted leftist phenomenon:

Cultural Vandalism

selahV said...

Joe, This is bunk as usual. There is a black voice debunking this myth, though. Go to and listen to him explain that the Democrat Party is who is racist. selahV

tha malcontent said...

You lost me at "Honest Al Sharpton"


Just kidding Joe, good job here.

ablur said...

While you nail Sharpton for his lying ways, we have had to deal with Jesse Jackson in my corner of the US.

Here is another one who never knows the facts but is always stirring up the crowd. If a person comes at a police officer with a knife after several times being ordered to drop the knife. He needed killing. It doesn't matter the skin color or if he is mentally challenged.
I'm sure Jackson found some way to make money out of this sad situation. Portland now has to deal with violent protest marchers all doped up on Jackson babble and hype.

Krystal said...

You're going about this all wrong. See, most liberals are pathalogical liars. They truly believe their lies sometimes. And even when they KNOW they're lieing, they WANT the lie to be the truth so bad, that it fails to be considered a lie to them anymore because it proves a "truth" they believe exists. OR they HAVE to believe the lie because they can't handle the TRUTH or can't stand to be wrong. Since the TRUTH must be wrong to them and THEY can't be wrong, the lie becomes the new truth.

Got that?!

Gotta think like a liberal.

Joe said...

Leticia: Yeah...holding your breath would be dangerous.

BetteJo: Practice makes perfect.

Silverfiddle: "the meta-narrative"...great phrase!

selahV: I went, I saw, I loved!

tha malcontent: think he's not really honest?

ablur: Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton. Different names, same MO.

Krystal: What's scary is that I followed that.

Tapline said...

Joe, He and his ilk have been stiring the racial pot for so many years...Not to say probably when he started he has some justification, but constantly and doesn't matter what the justification does not make it racial...see the beer fest at the White House who jumpted on whom at the git-go......stay well...great post as usual...

Tom's Place said...

Sharpton and his ilk have had few challenges to their statements for years. They think that anything they say will be believed. No wonder they act like kids caught in the cookie jar when challenged.

tammy said...

There is no tape?

Big surprise.

Some people lie so much, they actually start to believe what they're saying.

Joe said...

LTapline: Some of the most flagerent racists in America are: Jesse Jackson; Al Sharpton; Charles Rangel; and well over half of black "comedians."

Tom's Place: Liberals deeply believe that something becomes true the moment it proceeds from their mouths. Their SAYING it is what makes it true.

tammy: See above.