Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It is SO liberal-think: We don't care one whit about what the majority of the country thinks, what the Constitution says, or what the unintended consequences will be, we have a "social" philosophy and we're going to implement it, no matter what.

That's their attitude toward whether to make Puerto Rico our 51st state (President BO's belief that he has visited 57 of them notwithstanding).

The House is set to vote on the so-called, "Puerto Rico Democracy Act."

That sounds really fair and "democratic," doesn't it?

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In typical liberal fashion, the bill has been couched in a sweet sounding title in order to disguise its real purpose and assuage suspicion of its content (very much like the health care bill and the so-called "Fairness Doctrine").

This bill attempts to rig the voting process and denies the American people the right to decide whether they really want Puerto Rico to be granted statehood.

In fact, the bill has been written in such a way as to fast-track Puerto Rico to statehood without the consent of Puerto Ricans!

They have taken up the issue of statehood in the past and have thus-far rejected it.

Now, I'm all in favor of allowing any country or entity to apply for statehood if they want too. I favor letting their people decide the issue from their point of view, and I favor the citizens of the U.S. being able to decide whether or not we want them.

I lived in Puerto Rico and my sister was born there. I have no problem with their becoming a state if they want too and if the majority of American citizens want them to.

This bill provides nobody any choice in the matter, and is rigged to be obscure at best.

It sets up a preliminary vote on whether a majority of Puerto Ricans favor changing the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to "a different political status," then it goes on to establish a second vote that would pose three options: 1) Puerto Rico should become fully independent from the U.S.; 2) Puerto Rico and the U.S. should form a political association not subjected to the Territorial Clause of the United States Constitution; and 3) Puerto Rico should be admitted as a State of the Union.

This vote is set up to allow a plurality of the people to make what should be a majority's decision.

It also allows non-resident Puerto Ricans to vote, meaning that former Puerto Ricans now residing in the U.S. could vote with the resident Puerto Ricans on the issue of statehood.

One result of Puerto Rican statehood would be an increase in entitlement spending an estimated $3 billion per year, according to the Congressional Budget Office, that to a Commonwealth already way up on the list of welfare receipts.

Congress is not supposed to have the authority to make this kind of a decision, but make it they are about to.

That's because we have elected a bunch of people whose main objective is to take as much of citizens' earnings and spread them around as thinly as they can, so that the whole of the people will have too little economic power to resist the whims of a run-away Congress.

Typical liberal and RINO-think.

You lilly-livered, yellow-bellied, sapsuckers on the "conservative" side of the political spectrum had better do your homework, think this through, wake up and stop this atrocity.

My prediction: You aren't smart enough, brave enough or principled enough.


Leticia said...

I still crack up about Obama visiting 57 states, lol! *rolls eyes* Just think he is the American president, how scary is that?

However, I digress, I am not sure how I feel about Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state, but the American voters should be able to have a say. And we won't, Obama and his cronies will never allow that to happen, after all it is Obamanation.

Tapline said...

Is there no end to this?? I thought we had three branches of govenment and one keeps a check on the other...It seems we have one Giamt Conspiracy...The chickens have all been eaten and the only thing left is the foxes......I'm too sick to respond intelligently.....stay well.........

tha malcontent said...

Why are so many surprised at this?....this is what happens when the assholes in Washington just keep on talking about this but never do anything.....the camels back has finally lets see what our exalted leaders do....criticism whats happening or actually do something..

Most Americans are sick of the illegals and their panderers, massive rallies in support of law breakers will really hurt the dems come November, as if they needed more reason.
Something has to give and it's about time the citizens in this country start taking a stand
It will be interesting to see how the MSM spins the May Day events.

Susannah said...

It's all about securing a liberal voting base. If they can grant amnesty to illegals - guess who's voting D forever? If they can get Puerto Rico statehood - guess who they'll align w/ - their hispanic 'cousins,' & vote D forever...It's all about POWER. Not fairness, not democracy, not affording rights to others...POWER.

Heaven help us.