Wednesday, March 24, 2010


President BO has both publicly expressed disdain for, and taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
Seemingly, in his world, one can have it both ways.

His behavior since taking office has evidenced his continued disenchantment with the greatest document ever written by man.

I suggest that he consider re-writing the Constitution so that it is more to his liking.

Perhaps he could start it like this:

PREAMBLE: We the government over the people of the Disunited States, in order to force all people into a single mold, warp and pervert Justice, incite unrest and reactionary responses, defend and separate ourselves from the people, provide welfare for all citizens, and usurp and eliminate the blessings of liberty and economic stability for the people and their posterity, do alter and denigrate this Constitution for the Disunited States of AMarxista.

Article I, Section I: The President shall put himself at the fore of every issue and shall have the power to do what he wants, when he wants, how he wants to whomever he wants.

Article II, Section I: Congress shall have the power to enact any law it wants to about any issue it wants to with a 1/3 vote of Democrats present at the time of passage.

Article III, Section I: The Supreme Court shall be composed of liberals only who will interpret laws in such a way as to move us toward a more totalitarian form of government.

Article IV, Section I: The states shall have no rights.

Article V, Section I: The people shall do as they are told, and any majority that makes its will known contrary to the Democrat Party line shall be ignored or ridiculed or both.

Coming soon to a government near you.


Janie Lynn said...

AHHHH!!!! At least make him write it himself!

Your use of the word "disdain" is perfect. He shows it for the constitution as well as for the American people. He's a sore loser and an even worse winner. The man has no grace what-so-ever. And even tho I don't always agree with Lindsey Graham - I do this time. Greta just quoted him as saying something close to "this president has lost the moral authority to lead this nation. In my view he has become nothing more than a partisan politician." Add "thug" in there and he said it right.

We must get these liberals out of office and take our country back!

selahV said...

Joe, I believe the President cannot look at the constitution and read it as common-sense folk do. I think he redefines the wording within it completely. He places it in his own world of order and relativity. What fits for him, is how he interprets and uses the Constitution, not how the framers intended it to be. He has simply reframed it in his mind. He truly believes he is right. Personally, I think he wants to be a Supreme because he already thinks he is supreme. He treats every single person who interviews him the same way--like he has to teach them. He thinks we need to be taught and that when we do not agree, it is because we are either unteachable, or not listening.

He reminds me of my kids when they were teenagers. My husband and I developed a case of the "stupids" because we just didn't understand. selahV

Joe said...

Janie Lynn: Yeah, only I don't think he has lost the moral authority, I don't think he ever had it.

selahV: He is, after all, the Lecturer in Chief.