Friday, March 26, 2010


Under President BO's leadership and insistance, Congress has passed a bill written by a committee whose chairman says he can’t figure all of it out, who calls it "imperfect," and which he says must have "fixes."

They have passed a bill that was passed by a Congress that could not take the time to actually read it.

They have passed a bill from which that same Congress has exempted itself, as well as the upper echelon of its employees... probably because it is such a good bill that they, personally, want nothing to do with it.

They have passed a bill signed by President BO, who has not read the bill, either.

They have passed a bill about health signed by a president who leads the way by smoking.

They have passed a bill that is funded by a Secretary of the Treasury who does not think it important to pay his own taxes.

They have passed a bill to be administered by a Surgeon General who is overweight, Regina M. Benjamin, M.D.

They have passed a bill underwritten by a country on the verge of bankruptcy, that will saddle its progeny with massive debt and huge budget deficits.

What could possibly go wrong?


Tom said...

I'm sure the CBO is lying when they estimate that HCR will reduce the federal deficit by 143 billion over 10 years.

It's simliar to how the DoD lies about VA hospitals.

Joe said...

Tom: In fact, if they actually said HCR will reduce the federal deficit by $143 billion, then they are lying, because the math does not add up.

VA hospitals are rife with horrible issues, service-wise and accounting-wise.

You absolutely do not know what you are talking about, and that's the end of that story.

But I'm sure you will not be swayed by actuality, only by your sorry education and bias.

What Was I Thinking? said...

I am shoked after reading your blog, I had read so many bad things about you.... but they were on the Lib's blogs so I should have known.


lisa said...

The problem they have with Joe is he is smarter than them.

Joe said...

WWIT: Thanks for the visit. I am considered by liberals to be a bad nasty...a badge I wear with honor and enthusiasm.

lisa: So is everybody who isn't one of them.

Leticia said...

What could go wrong? Everything.

This is going to blow up in Obama's face one way or another.

Teresa said...

I would say that the CBO was probably honest with the numbers that they were given. But what numbers or accounting was purposefully left out of the equation? I have a feeling that Obama and the Dems left out the real numbers on this monstrosity.

JMK said...

UNLESS the CBO said THIS about the VA Hospital system, "Fourteen years ago, an ABC NEWS hidden-camera investigation ignited a firestorm about conditions and competence inside Veterans Administration hospitals.

"Recently, there have been new stories of misdiagnosis, disastrous management and deficient care at some of the nation's 162 facilities.

"At a hospital near Cleveland, an ABCNEWS hidden-camera investigation found bathrooms filthy with what appeared to be human excrement. Supply cabinets were in disarray, with dirty linens from some patients mixed in with clean supplies, or left in hallways on gurneys.

"At a neighboring facility, examining tables had dried blood and medications still on them. In several areas, open bio-hazardous waste cans were spilling over. Primetime obtained internal memos documenting that the equipment used to sterilize surgical instruments had broken down — causing surgical delays and possible infection risks.

"With 130,000 young American men and women putting their lives at risk in Iraq today, these conditions are particularly relevant. While current soldiers are treated in military hospitals, when they leave the service and need treatment, many will seek care at Veterans Affairs (as the Veterans Administration is now known) hospitals.

"Once you come back to be a veteran, it's like a black hole, you know — nothing," former Army Sgt. Vannessa Turner told ABCNEWS.

"Turner was stricken with a mysterious illness while on duty in Iraq this past year. She retired from the military on medical grounds, and when she reported to a VA hospital for treatment, doctors scheduled her for an appointment six months later."....they're dead wrong.


What they said about the COSTS, is absolutely accurate.

The Dept of Defense has never said the VA system has been run well, merely that the feds have spent Billions of dollars on that system.

The expense is no lie! Unfortunately it hasn't translated into better care's doubtful that a general "public option" COULD be run even "as well."

The failings of the VA system is nothing new. That shame has existed like that for eons.

Anyone who doesn't know that is DELIBERATELY unaware and MISINFORMED. Such folks need to grow a little conscience and embrace their shame over not knowing such things.

There are naive folks who actually believe that the VA system actually "provides quality health care for free."

That's as dumb as believing that Canada does the same. In fact Canadians themselves report that; "Canadians routinely wait from 5 to 27 weeks (depending on location) for a colonoscopy. Canadians diagnosed with early stage cancers routinely wait between 4 and 7 months for a first chemo treatment and people who go to a Canadian ER often wait 23 hours or more to be triaged...and the average wait for an MRI in Sudbury, Ontario, one of the largest cities in the Provence of Ontario, is 2 years."

Why don't more people know that?

After all, people over the age of 59 years are barred from getting a stint on England's public health system.

That's what government-run healthcare systems routinely do to manage costs.

Tom's Place said...

What can go wrong?


Tom said...

What you define as "actuality" defies any substantive data. You just think something is the way it is, and therefore it is.

Like I said.. you simply wave your hands and dismiss everyone as liars that actually have done the studies.

You call it "bias" and a "sorry eductation".. because I choose not to live in the bizzaro world of conspiracy theories behind every corner.