Saturday, March 6, 2010


He's so reasonable.

He's so suave.

He's so .... I can't go on.

He's a frothy, fen-sucked, bugbear.


sue said...

Joe - That's the first time I've heard anyone called a
'frothy, fen-sucked, bugbear.'

Maybe he is.

JMK said...

Probably the most pathetic quote of the entire decade.

How'd this guy survive in politics so long?

His demeanor, at his very best, is positively funereal...and THIS was far from Harry Reid's best.

"This is a BIG DAY for America, only 36,000 people lost their jobs today....and that's GOOD."


I guess he was making sure that if anyone out there didn't think Liberal Democrats care little about job creation, he'd disabuse them of that misconception.

If that indeed was Harry's intent - "Mission accomplished....message received."

Lone Ranger said...

I'm pretty sure I saw him in "Night of the Living Dead."

Tom said...

Actually.. Liberals are not very pleased with Harry Reid and will not be sorry if he loses the election. Having 60 Democratic senators means nothing (apparently), so if some seats are lost, that doesn't really matter. Nothing is getting done in Congress now, so the loss of some seats isn't going to change anything.

There's some other Democratic senators that I'm happy to see retire and/or lose their seats as well.

Lone Ranger said...

If democrats don't stop dying, resigning and retiring, we won't have anyone to kick out of office in November. What fun is that?

Joe said...

sue(small "s): Shakespearean.

JMK: "His demeanor, at his very best, is positively funereal..." I LOVE it! Great word!

LR: (1)No...those guys were much better looking. (2) They were so excited to get 60 senate votes and now they pretend it does not matter.

Tom: All around the blogosphere Democrats were hoping, hoping, hoping to get those 60, fillabuster proof seats and when it happened they were positively giddy. I read Huffpo, XO Sue (capital "S") and others who were beside themselves.

But I guess that took up too much room, so they're not beside themselves any more. Now it really doesn't matter.


Krystal said...

"a frothy, fen-sucked, bugbear"

New ones on me!

Only 36,000 loosing their jobs is GOOD?! Someone tell that to the 36,000 who lost their jobs!

Tom's Place said...

I'm with Krystal - how can anyone think in their right or left mind that 36,000 people losing their jobs is good?

Joe said...

Krystal and Tom: He is more than a little sneaky with this number. In fact, I heard a nationally syndicated talk show host say it was 36,000 per month.

Assuming Saturday and Sunday off (for good behavior, I suppose), that leaves about 20 work days in the month. In other words we are on track for the loss of at least 720,000 jobs.

HR thinks this is a good thing?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand snarky words.

This tell the real story.

And it IS good news compared with what job losses were under Bush.

Read the chart.

Joe said...

The economic situation we're in right now does not invite comparisons to a bygone administration. If you think 700,00 jobs lost is a good thing, you need to re-adjust your thinking.

"Compared to" just has no meaning at all. These are new jobs lost, not total unemployment figures.

How cruel is it to think an additional 700,000 lost jobs is a good thing?

It's not good for the economy, it's not good for you, it's not good for the administration, and it is not good for the people who lost their jobs.

Name me twenty people it's good for.

By the way, I didn't say the words and I didn't take the video. Don't go calling me snarky for HR's incredible ineptitude.

JMK said...

"Having 60 Democratic senators means nothing (apparently), so if some seats are lost, that doesn't really matter. Nothing is getting done in Congress now, so the loss of some seats isn't going to change anything." (Tom)

While Reid has been an ineffective "leader" of the Senate for Democrats, it really isn't the Senate that's been the problem for the Liberal-wing of that Party.

The ONE Bill in which the Senate was NOT able to push through a compromise on a passed House Bill was on the current health care monstrosity.

And remember, the House barely passed that and by a SINGLE vote!

The problem the Liberal Dems have right now is ideological. Back in 2006 and 2008, Rahm Emmanuel was one of the architects of the Blue Dog coalition.

That was a brilliant strategy, running Conservative (Blue Dog) Dems down South and out West, but it's had some unexpected consequences since then.

Often these Blue Dogs ran to the Right of their more Moderate GOP foes, especially on guns and the border.

Now the cost of having a full quarter of the Democrats in Congress being part of that "Blue Dog Coalition," is gumming up the works for Liberals.

But that started early, when the Blue Dogs sided with the GOP to override Liberal Democrat objections to Obama's seeking to continue the NSA Surveillance Program....and its continued unabated since.

There is a very strong ideological split between Conservative Democrats and their more Liberal cohorts.

I know people are reflexively going to blame Reid and Pelosi, but as much as I dislike the politics of both of them, I have to acknowledge that it's Rahm Emmanuel and Chuck Schumer (of all the Senate) for exacerbating this ideological schism in my own Party.

What Pelosi and Reid are guilty of is not being able to find ways to "give that coalition something to get something Liberals want. Instead, BOTH Pelosi and Reid have sought to strong-arm, threaten and isolate those who don't go along...and it really hasn't appeared to have worked very well.

I've been a registered Democrat since 1972.....I consider myself a "Zell Miller Democrat," although I'm probably even a bit to the Right of him, while being largely Libertarian economically.

If the Democrats were able to elect people closer to Al Franken in Montana, Virginia and a few other places, we'd be well on the way to what is often misnamed a "European socialist" economy by now....we might even be well on the way to being Greece (if we were lucky with that fatally flawed system).

Instead the Liberal Democrats have an uneasy (and its getting uneasier by the minute) "alliance" with these new Blue Dogs in their midst.

Personally, I thank Rahm and Chuck every day for that.

Joe said...

SK: I checked out your link. That isn't an unemployment graph, it's a "job loss" graph. We're still at 9.7% unemployment.

How is that good?

JMK said...

"Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand snarky words....And it IS good news compared with what job losses were under Bush." (Shaw Kenawe)

The implosion occurred in 2008, but that was a Keynesian implosion, caused by incompetent government officials getting involved in the mortgage industry.

Idiotic legislators forced banks to "invest" (loan more money in their immediate communities) starting in the late 1970s. Records showed that through 1978 most banks situated in urban or "inner city" areas often "invested" less than 10% of their portfolio in those communities.

That wasn't, as the incompetents in D.C. though, "predatory bankers treating poor people badly, it was Businesses (in this case banks) doing what was best for the most important people to that business....NOT its customers, but its shareholders.

That "housing activism" continued at a slow pace through the 80s before exploding in a series of litigations in the 90s, when both Henry Cisneros at HUD and Janet Reno took banks to court over their lending criteria having a "disparate impact" on low income Americans.

The banks capitulated and began offering more "high risk loans" and had to be saved by the first wave of bank bailouts in the late 1990s, after over $1 TRILLION in bad loans were extended.

During that period Keynesians of BOTH Parties piled on this idiocy. Jack Kemp pushed "the Ownership Society" which became a mantra for all "Moderate Republicans (the Bush's McCain, Whitman, etc.).

Bush made "decreasing the black/white home-ownership gap a major priority of his administration and signed onto the 0% Down FHA Mortgage....some mortgage brokers even financed 130% of the purchase price to cover closing costs, etc.

Between 2000 and 2008 over $4 TRILLION in high risk/subprime loans were made and during that time, Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's share of the mortgage market went from 24% (which was even then considered way too high by most economists) to a whopping 51% of that market, virtually ALL of that increase in subprime loans.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bought/guaranteed a huge number of privately issued subprimes, then repackaged them, via Freddie Mac, as "Mortgage-backed securities."

The entire subprime mortgage meltdown, the housing market collapse and subsequent global credit crisis was caused primarily by incompetents in Washington, D.C., namely Dodd, Frank, G W Bush, Jamie Gorelick and Harold Raines, among others.

It was certainly a bipartisan fiasco, BUT it was entirely a Keynesian (Big Government) disaster....a lesson that's gone unlearned, given that we're now on a hyper-Keynesian course, with the deficit spending jumping from a high of 3% of GDP under the previous administration to 10% today.

JMK said...

"Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand snarky words.

"This tell the real story." (Shaw Kenawe)

Here's a clearer/FULLER picture of the jobs situation from 2000 to today.

BetteJo said...

Fen-sucked bugbear - sounds like you're swearing Joe!

sue said...

Joe - I googled your fine words and found out that they are simply Shakespearean insults. There were three lists and you can mix and match - so to speak. They can be read before the recitation of any Shakespearean play or sonnet.

Here are some I put together:

baudy earth-vexing codpiece

gorbellied folly-fallen canker-blossom

and for myself:

droning molly-minded flax-wench

These are useful tools for a blogger.(I like yours best.)

Joe said...

BetteJo: As close as I ever get.

sue (small "s"):'re on to me! That's where I got the insults. Did you see where I got frothy, fen-sucked and bugbear from on the lists?

Most of them sound really bad but have little or no meaning in today's English.

sue said...

Joe - Yes, I saw yours. I think they are nice to know about - could come in handy.

Tapline said...

Fire the whole bunch.This guy is beyond,,,beyond...and don't rehire any of them ref....."The War Hero"...pasture time......him and his carbon footprint and illegal immigration.......