Sunday, March 28, 2010



What company has President BO ever run?

Has President BO ever had to meet a payroll?

What, exactly, does he know about business?

Is his business sense based on some etherial philosophy, or on hard, earned business knowledge?

What military experience has President BO ever had?

Why does he think he is qualified to be the Commander in Chief of the greatest military power the world has ever known?

He is a Harvard graduate, is he not? How did he pay for his education?

What visible signs of support did President BO have? Did he hold any significant jobs?

Did President BO spend his formative years absorbed in American culture?

Has President BO ever aligned himself with radical extremists, that is: those who have resisted and/or argued or acted against the American way of life?

Is our president an humble servant of the people, or is he absorbed in himself, as evidenced by his incessant use of the word "I?"

Does President BO prefer a European style government to the historical Representative Republic that has been America?

Does the president understand the principles of true capitalism?

Does he support or oppose those principles?

Has President BO sought to have the government take over large lending institutions, automobile companies, and the finest health care system in the world?

Does our president understand the economic forces that made the United States the world's economic leader?

Does he know why we have historically had the highest standard of living in the entire universe?

Does President BO realize that we could become totally energy independent within seven to ten years if we just allowed drilling in our country in places where we know we have vast oil reserves, and that we could do it using current technology, while we allow time for "green" technologies to get up and running?

Does the president willingly and openly consider the opinions of those who are politically not aligned with him?

Does President BO understand the difference between controlling and governing?

Does he seek to silence those who disagree with him, politically...people like Rush Limbaugh and others whose talents have allowed them to have vibrant, viable radio shows?

Does President BO seek to give those who cannot garner a radio audience because they have no radio talent and don't even understand what it is some kind of preferential treatment, calling it "fair?"

Does our president give speeches that sound more like a college professor's lectures to the sophomore class?

When challenged on an issue, does President BO tend to make great use of "uh" as a stalling tactic while he tries to think of a way to couch his response in such a way as not to really answer the question asked?

Other than garnering the necessary votes, what, exactly, are the things about President BO that actually qualify him to be the leader of the free world?


Lone Ranger said...

Obama's education is what intrigues me most. He is supposed to be from humble beginnings, but he went to the most expensive private school in Hawaii. Who bankrolled him, not to mention his education at Occidental, Colombia and Harvard. His rocket ride to the top post in the country is inexplicable. It's almost like he is some Manchurian Candidate, groomed from childhood to destroy the country.

Everyone SAYS he's a smart guy, but there's nothing on record to back that up, since all his education records are sealed. He mentions in one of his books that he drank immense quantities of beer and experimented "enthusiastically" with drugs.

That doesn't sound like the profile of a Dean's List student to me.

Joe said...

LR: Quite right. I wonder why more people don't look at this with suspicion. Nobody else would have gotten this kind of a pass.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point, LR. This man comes from a quite privileged background.

And Joe, please don't be so hard on him.

Business experience: He worked as a shakedown artist for many years

Military experience: As a community agitator, he was part of the bullhorn brigades!

Joe said...

Silverfiddle: Oh, geeze...I forgot all about those extensive qualifications.

Leticia said...

He doesn't have the experience or expertise to run this nation.

Everything about this guy's past has way too many question marks. He has not even provided a proper birth certificate. Shady person, indeed.

shoprat said...

All of this is why he bit off more than he can chew and it will explode on him.

Tapline said...

No to all the above.....Questions that long ago should have been answered and would have, had the electorial process been followed as before. McCain was not a formatible opponent. No questions asked,,,Ever wonder why certain subjects were off limits????Some snake in the grass????don't know just rambling.

selahV said...

satan's like a roaring lion, traveling to and fro, seeking whom he may this point, I'd say He has taken a humongous bite out of America. May God save us from the statists in this country.

selahV said...

satan's like a roaring lion, traveling to and fro, seeking whom he may devour...the Bible tells us so. At this point, I'd say satan has taken a humongous bite out of America. May God save us from the statists in this country and the blindness of those nibbling at the bones of our freedom.

ablur said...

Questions are stacking up like cord wood and yet our fearful leader comes before us almost daily and avoids answering all of them.