Saturday, November 22, 2008


I have been reading other blogs with posts about the mess we are in.

For the most part, they are well thought out, logical essays on where we are. A few offer some form of solution.

One of my current favorites is The Oklahoma Patriot, whose "Manifesto" post suggests some viable solutions, or at least a solid philosophy.

Another, Social Sense , has a video you need to see.

Then there is solution oriented, Conservative Convictions.

Fact is, almost all of the blogs in my blog-roll are worth the read, but are not the only ones around.

I have a slightly different viewpoint as to where the actual, if unlikely, solution is found.

It is my belief that the Main Stream Media, has gone beyond getting in bed with the political left, and has actually become one with them.

Their unmitigated delight at the election of BO is so obvious as to be more than a little sickening.

They have gone so far as to join with Al Sharpton in calling him President Obama.

To the best of my knowledge, George Bush is still the President of The United States of America until January 20th.

So my proposal is that we begin the process of finding ways to infiltrate, buy out or otherwise take over the MSM and return it to a protector FROM the government, instead of a protector OF the left wing side of government.

I would like your serious suggestions as to how this might be accomplished, if, indeed, it can be.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

There was a program on C-SPAN a couple of weeks ago that had several of the MSM anchors on stage, doing a dialogue with each other, a moderator and the audience.

When the moderator asked if they thought they had gone over the line in their overt support of Obama on news shows, most of them said no, that they thought it was perfectly appropriate because they got swept up in the excitement.

And there you have it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to CC Joe. I wish I had the solution, I really do. I can only hope that the media somehow loses their love affair with Obama as time passes. The only thing I can sum up is that it would be a big deal to have a black president and their would be a lot more stories to cover etc. As it is the only thing I will watch is Fox News. The ironic thing, is that they do not see the bias that they have. I agree with you that it is a big problem and certainly needs to be addressed though!!

Tapline said...

Joe, If you are just recognizing the bias of the MSM you must be new to the blogisphere. I believe they took the news they could get, as far as the war was concerned and reported what they were told, which turned out in many instances as wrong or misleading to the point of rewriting history. most of my news comes from multiple blogs I direct you to an Australian Blogger,,,Otto, at "American Interest"...He has a great way with words. He is also pro-American and speaks to American issues...Bloggers have outdone themselves in picking apart the obvious biases of the MSM. trying to keep them honest..So to speak. . Problem being, once it is written the retraction or correction is placed much later,,,If at all....Unfortunately, the arrow has already hit its mark and damage inflicted cannot be undone.
I think "Pasadena Closet .." hit the nail on the head when commenting about OB "Asked if they had gone over the line in their overt support of OB on news shows, most of them said no," They know not what they do....They are completely oblivious or at least seem to be, to the power of the written word when fed the same stuff daily for years....Not only is the population brainwashed. The journalist, themselves comes to believe their own tripe..I ramble Joe, but I think your on the right track, What we can do is already being done..

shoprat said...

What we do now is a good start. We simply go around the MSM. The main challenge is to get the word out to others.

The left used to use underground newspapers that they passed out. They never made money but they got the word out, true or false.

mainstream-hussein said...

God Bless President-elect Obama.

I really do think his cabinet appointments are A1.

And it's nice to see that he's encouraging his mother-in-law to live with his family in the White House.

You can tell Barack is defintely family-oriented, and isn't that wonderful? How proud Michelle's Mom has to be of her daughter and son-in-law.

Greywolfe said...

First off, thanks for the blurb and compliment about my blog. Second, the idea of taking back the mainstream media is great in theory, but not quite possible as they are privately owned and are being used (mostly) as mouth-pieces for the owner's biased views. No one is going to give up power to someone that believes differently than they do.

The solution to the Mainstream Media is quite simple. Organization of alternate media. Thanks to internet bloggers and sites like Politico and the drudge report the liberal rags like the Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times and others are showing record losses in revenue. The same can be said of CNN (now that Glenn Beck is gone), NBC,CBS,MSNBC, and ABC. Their news organizations have been taking a pounding from Foxnews for 11 years now. By the way, I was glad to see Glenn Beck move over there. At least he won't have quite so many people gunning for him in the parking lot. Foxnews screws the pooch a good deal of the time, but at least they make an effort to use common sense when they report or comment on the news of the day.

No the mainstream media is lost to us and I'm not sad about that. They are dinosuars stuck in tar pits and they are just too stupid to see how fast they are sinking. The natural market forces will take care of them in time.

As I said, we need to organize alternative news sources and grow grass roots organizations to fight what is happening in this country. Perhaps there are some things that can be done in the political arena, but we can not do any of it unless we get Conservatives to refocus on the fights that we CAN win.

I know that if you read my blogs they sometimes come accross as seeing only the darkness of the storm coming, and not the lining that "they" say is around each cloud. Well, that hasn't changed but the people that I'm meeting on here do inspire me to see some light in the dark tunnel. Here's hoping it's not the train I fear is coming.

Joe said...

Greywolf: While I think it is important for conservatives to raise up as many well organized alternative programs as possible, we will never overtake MSM at the rate we're going.

Throw in the inaptly named "Fairness Doctrine," and we'll face a derth of outlets.

What I am suggesting requires money...lots and lots of it, and I have no idea how to go about it.

But I know it is possible, because money talks and gets things done.

We need several MSM outlets to be bought by conservatives.

That would enable our message to get out, even if we DID get the FD thrown at us.

Our greatest hope, though, is in the next election to choose men and women who are true conservatives.

Greywolfe said...

Joe, look at it this way, when harriet myers was going to be nominated as a supreme court judge, what caused the whitehouse switchboard to be shut down? Alternative media. The same happened during the first bail out attempt. And before that there was the amnesty bill for illegals.

In all three cases, Talk radio and Conservative blogs got the word out and motivated people to exercise their power over an idiot and clueless government.

As you said, the problem of buying into the mainstream media is one of capitol. Next, you have to find people that are capable and determined to be conservative in the business of running a news/information company. However, there is another obsticle sitting squarely in front of such an indeavor. One that cannot be overcome by money. It's called the FCC. And it has shown in the past 10 years that it is nothing but a political animal. It would never allow a straight conservative programming network to be formed. Regardless of the reasons given, it would still always come down to programming.

selahV said...

Joe, pretty soon we aren't gonna have to worry about it. these folks are going to be reporting on the Second Coming and they'll wonder where we've all went. selahV

Greywolfe said...

selahV, I truly wish that were true. There are still a LOT of things that must take place before Christ's coming. I'm with you, I want it to happen, and earlier this year, I'd have thought we were closer than we are, but it's not in my nature to live in what I wish for, but in what is. Read Daniel and Ezekiel. Before the start of the tribulation we will have the war of Gog and Magog. This will be when Magog (arguably russia) and Persia will unite against Israel. They will be destroyed but it will still happen. That's when the countdown starts. We can't know the day but we will know the season. And in case you aren't maybe up to date on related current events, do a google search on who exactly is Iran's supplier of weapons and nuclear tech? As Arsinio used to say, "Things that make you go, HMMMMM."