Thursday, November 20, 2008


How's your Civics?

Leave your score in the comments section (if you dare).

I socred 91%, but I still think they are wrong on one.

Can you guess which one I think they're wrong on?


And you thought Tom Daschle was not a leftest.
(leftist, for you purests)


shoprat said...

I got 93% but I was kind of skeptical of their answer to question of when government spending is equal to revenues.

Parker said...

I also scored 91% (missing three) and I took issue with the same question shoprat did. The other two were questions about specific events in history, which I don't really think I'd classify as "civics" anyway!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I didn't do quite as well as you, but ok: 89.64% I guess it's time to bone up on what I thought I knew. Of course, it's nearly 11:30 at night here in Pasadena and I'm getting a little punchy, so that may explain it.

Good quiz! It should be required before college students are allowed to graduate.

Joe said...

shoprat & parker: That's the one! I think decreasing taxes AND government spending is the key. And I agree with Parker about the civics class.

PCC: We'll give you extra points for the lateness of night and for having to hide out in Pasadena.

Rose~ said...

That picture of "Puff Daschle" is priceless!

Joe said...

Hi, Rose. I have to admit I stole that picture from another blog.

I won't name names, to protect the innocent.

mainstream-adams said...

I am very proud of our new President-elect and the cabinet he has named thus far.

What a great country we live in!!

mainstream-dash-o said...

Note: on your post you say " a leftest" and it should be spelled "leftist" unless you're testing lefs.

Joe said...

mainstream-dash-o: got me. Probably made you feel real good (well?).

Come to think of it, testing lefs might not be a bad idea.

After all, there is nothing worse than a lef that has failed.

Fax me over a few and I'll test 'em.

mainstream-adams: I can't say much for your political tastes, but at least, unlike Al Sharpton, you recognize that BO is President-elect and not the President.

Mark said...

I got either 88.7% or 87.8%. I don't remember what it said now.

I got all the constitutional and history questions right except the one about the Puritans.

I don't know much about economics. I slept through that class in high school, and it was so boring to me, I didn't take it in College.

I know, I know, but I was a young dumb kid at the time.

I know raising taxes effects everybody negatively, though. Of course, that's a no-brainer.

Joe said...

Mark: Economics always bored me, too. I did not see how it related to my life.

Silly me.