Saturday, November 1, 2008


How did we get to the point in The United States of America where we might very well elect a man as president who:

1. Has no administrative leadership experience;

2. Has no understanding of military matters at all;

3. Has disavowed the very Constitution he will swear to uphold and protect;

4. Has aligned himself with domestic terrorists and explained them away as if they are unimportant;

5. Has espoused Marxist, or at the very least extremely socialistic, philosophies;

6. Has a wife who would be "First Lady," who was never proud of The United States of America until just after her husband entered the race for the White House;

7. Has repeatedly accused the Republicans of running a campaign of slur, while his own party has done exactly the same thing;

8. Has introduced the "race" card on multiple occasions;

9. Has chosen a running mate who cannot construct a coherent sentence or even thought pattern, all the while disparaging the choice of the Republicans, who chose a very articulate and straight thinking VP candidate;

10. Has actively sought to confiscate fire arms from law abiding citizens and has done virtually nothing to get them away from criminals;

11. Has actively aligned himself with an organization that seeks to convince people who cannot afford the payments on a house, to buy one anyway, with the government enabling them to do so with no money down and with no obligation to pay it off;

12. Has repeatedly treated the "American Dream" as an entitlement, instead of a goal toward which to work;

13. Has found some "right," in his words, "...for Americans..." to health care, as though billions of people in other "third world" countries don't have such a right;

14. Has allowed members of his own family to languish in poverty, while he, himself, finds the means to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in a bid to take over the American way of life;

15. Has lied about his past, lied about his roots, lied about his associations, lied about his affiliations and yet says, "trust me," about his ability to lead with good judgement and honesty;

16. Has been a part of the cause of the current economic crisis, through his "leadership" as a "Community Organizer;"

17. Has voted to allow babies born of a failed abortion to languish on a cold, steel table or in a waste hamper until they die of a lack of medical attention;

18. Has voted to allow the killing of unborn babies at the whim of the mother and for her convenience;

19. Has sought to undermine the work of our troops in Iraq, both by setting some sort of arbitrary withdrawal agenda and by visiting with and encouraging enemy leaders;


20. Has proposed a tax plan that no calculator on earth could justify by promising a tax cut for 95% of "middle class" Americans, 40% of whom already pay NO taxes at all?

How did we get to the point where normal Americans are willing to put up with the rank dissolution of freedoms proposed by this historical anarchist and would be dictator?

Its beyond me how so many of us could be so stupid.


Tapline said...

Joe, Outstanding post with much insight. In answer to your question,,,How did we get here and how are people thinking like they think. Look to the education of our young,,,I'm talking from the first grade through Higher Education.....It started much earlier than that with the disintergration of the Nuclear Family. God being lawyer'd out of our schools and public places. Multculturalism, materialism and me first mentality being taught throughout socialistic paractices and the beat goes on. I ramble,,,stay well....

Satyavati devi dasi said...

Hi Joe,

I'm packing for our vacation and I don't have time to refute everything here but just a couple of thoughts:

1. Multiculturalism: this nation is a nation of immigrants. I personally am of English, Greek, Hungarian and Irish descent. My religious beliefs have introduced a strong Indian component as well into our family's culture. This country is multicultural. Unless your family sprung up out of the earth of North America, you are the child of immigrants, and therefore carry somewhat of that culture with you.

2. Materialism and 'me first': this is capitalism. Capitalism, the beloved tenet of the American Right, is basically about getting the biggest bang for your buck. Whether this bang puts your neighbour out of work or forces people down the street to choose between paying bills and eating is irrelevant. Capitalism is about profit, not people.

3. I keep hearing over and over this thing about 95% of the middle class when 40% don't pay taxes at all. Hello. If someone's income is so low that they don't pay income taxes, they aren't middle class. 95% of the middle class is just that. It isn't a figure that encompasses people who would be considered 'low income' or 'poverty leve' or 'below poverty level'. This distinction is hardly ever made but is vitally important to understand. Again, people find it easier to believe and run with a 'fact' that fits in with their preconceptions.

We'll be gone for a while off to the mountains. You have a nice week.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

And in case this wasn't clear:

Capitalism is about 'me'.

Socialism is about 'we'.

Lord Jesus' disciples and the earliest of the Christian communities lived communally with each contributing as they were able and each supported as they required. They shared housing, food, and other necessaries to make sure that they were all provided for adequately.

This is, in essence, socialism. You can thank Lord Jesus for it. I do.

Parker said...

The critical difference, of course, is that the early Christians willingly lived communally. It was a choice they voluntarily opted into. Modern socialism is a compulsory, one-size-fits-all system that punishes those who don't want in. All freedom of choice is removed and replaced with the Big Brotherly dictation of the government. You can't truly be selfless in spirit if that behavior is thrust upon you by the State.

Anonymous said...

Satyavati devi dasi:

Multiculturalism is anathema to American traditions. A people are not united when they allow old world customs divide them. Naturally, government loves a divided people; they are easy to manipulate and set against one another. It does not take a genius to understand assimilation strengthens society around national objectives. Assimilation is the price one pays to belong to a new beginning; each of us who originated from other places is willing to replace the old with the new. Failing that, there is no reason to be in America to begin with.

Capitalism is the platform for individual success; we are collectively successful when the majority of individuals seize opportunities and take risks to gain financial security. We lose financial security when government redistributes wealth from those who can, to those who won’t. If it is socialism you most desire, move to a socialist country and feast on the largess produced by governments who take from Peter to pay Paul. And note that in this arrangement, Paul is the only beneficiary. Try to imagine two students: one who achieved a 4.0 grade point average, the other who is less scholarly or disciplined, averages a 2.0. You suggest that government should take one grade point from the 4.0 student, and give it to the 2.0 student so that both can boast of a 3.0 average. How can anyone with a lick of sense argue on behalf of such a system?

Your understanding of taxes is sophomoric. It is true that our common infrastructure requires collective participation. Taxes are the dues we pay for being Americans, and of course, Minnesotans, and residents of Minneapolis. Taxation is multilayered, and too often invisible. Notwithstanding this, assuming that we seek an egalitarian society, there is no rational basis for assuming that the rich have an obligation to give up more of their disposable income than a poor person does. An egalitarian society imposes the same burden on every citizen—a percentage of income. Naturally, rich people would pay more but everyone pays something. That isn’t what we have today. Under Obama, this will only get worse.

Joe said...

satyavati: BO did not say he would lower the taxes of 95% of the middle class. He said he would lower the taxes of 95% of Americans. You can't lower taxes on people who don't pay them.

Way to go, Parker and Mustang!

BTY: No problem with people coming to this country legally and assimilating into our society. People coming to this country (legally of illegaly) to take advantages of its benefits and then trying to change the very system that gave them those benefits is the problem.

BTW2: My fraternal great grandmother was Native American (American Indian, or whatever you want to call her).

Have a good vacation.

Anonymous said...

It's rather hard to add anything to that, because that is everything I feel in a nutshell. Great post!

[No problem with people coming to this country legally and assimilating into our society. People coming to this country (legally of illegaly) to take advantages of its benefits and then trying to change the very system that gave them those benefits is the problem.]