Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Barack Hussein Obama has been elected president of The United States of America.

The American people have spoken, although I doubt very much whether they know what they have said.

Except that they want change.

Change they will get.

Some changes are needed and very much to be desired.

We need to change the way laws are enacted...not the process, but the content.

I am convinced that we need to change law making to one bill-one subject, with no amendments not related to the main bill, no earmarks, no additional anything.

But we will not get this kind of change.

We need to change the moral climate of the Congress and the Senate.

But we will not get this kind of change.

Here are some changes you can expect to see in the next four years:

1. Expect to see a drastic change in the make-up of the Supreme Court. Justices will be nominated whose regard for the Constitution is low and who believe they have the right to make it mean whatever they want it to mean.

2. Expect to see several amendments to the Constitution suggested, brought to the people and passed.

3. Should that fail, expect to hear a call for a Constitutional Convention, that would result in a broad change to the Constitution's body and nature. BO has already expressed his belief that it is a flawed document...his words, not mine.

4. Expect to see double-digit inflation after the manner of the Jimmy Carter years.

5. Expect to see thousands of "lower-middle class" people suffer extremely high heating and cooling bills as BO seeks to bankrupt the coal industry...his words, not mine.

6. Expect to see us abandon Iraq, to see Iraq dissolve into Islamic radicalism and the world threatened with terrorism as never before.

7. Expect to see Iran and other countries develop and use nuclear weaponry on anybody who does not suit their fancy, despite many "summits" with their leaders.

8. Expect to see an unprecedented rise in abortions, partial-birth abortions, and children of failed abortions left to die on a cold steel table or in a medical waste hamper.

9. Expect to see your taxes go up if you make more than $250,, make that $200,000.00...wait, make that $150,, no, no...its $120,000.00. Actually, if you do the math, you will see that in order for BO to implement his announced plans, everybody will be taxed, too.

10. Expect unemployment to rise drastically as employers discover that they have to pay out so much in taxes that they must lay people off and raise prices in order to break even.

11. Expect gasoline to cost over $4.00 per gallon again, as other countries realize that we are not going to enter their markets in competition with them.

12. Expect to see our borders opened to every form of alien, without regard for their ability to fit into and/or contribute to society.

Well, those are some of the changes you have voted for.

You have voted to change my country into something it has never been and I hoped it would never be.

But we are all Americans.

We must embrace the coming changes and learn to love them.

If we don't, we will probably get a visit from some new government agency encouraging us in no uncertain terms to get with the program or suffer the consequences.

We needed change.

You have told us so.


Anonymous said...

"We must embrace the coming changes and learn to love them."

Like hell I will!

You have a great list there and what is truly scary is you are probably exactly right.

That is not the country I've known or want my children to know!

Anonymous said...

Obama's campaign was packed with lies, and In addition, Obama had benefited from a bias media.
I don't congratulate Obama at all.

Would you also congratulate the Racist Black Panthers for contributing to his victory?
No there is no reason to congratulate Obama

Joe said...

jennifer: I know exactly how you feel. My cheek is sore from my tongue being lodged in it so firmly over embracing the change.

an american: Has somebody around here been congratulating BO? Wait 'till I get my hands on him (or her)!

Anonymous said...

But wait, you are a Christian and you believe in God's plan and that everything happens for a reason, so.........

Anonymous said...

Dear Nostradamus, none of those things will happen. And when they don't, how would you like your crow, medium or well done?

Joe said...

anomymous: Yes I am and yes it does. That does not mean that the things I said would happen won't happen. It just means they'll happen for a reason.

BTW, I prefer humble pie to crow, if you don't mind.

Joe said...

anonymous: Oh, and when they do happen will you come back here and let me wag my tongue at you while saying, "Nana nany boo boo?"

Tapline said...

As Socialism becomes the way fo the future we will surrender to our downfall. It looks like most of us have already done so. A sad time in our history. One think is cerain people will be watching and reporting if they are allowed to...stay well...

mainstreamavi aki bukaky said...

Wow. We're headed to hell in a handbasket, eh?

I for one, am starting to hoard sugar and metal-tipped shoelaces. I strongly suggest you follow my example.

God Bless,


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I believe that once America begins teetering on the brink, there will be a rising up of a new Conservative movement. Time will tell. God bless America.

Mark said...

Here's another one:

Our enemies know that Obama won't retaliate in the event of a terrorist attack, so we can expect an attack (or series of attacks) on American Soil that will drawf 9/11.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

So... when, in four years from now, you look back and see that your life has indeed improved, that America is a better place, and that we are all doing quite well, thank you, are you finally going to give the man his props or what?

Joe said...

Satyavati devi dasi: I promise that if taxes are not higher on the middle class, if I have more money in my pocket, if the government has not taken over health care, and if the government de-nationalizes the companies it has nationalized, if abortions are down,if partial birth abotion is abolished, survivers of abortion are cared for and if we are drilling for oil in places we cannot drill now, thus increasing production and keeping the price of gasoline at the pump low, then I will give him his due and say that he was the right man for the job.

Fat chance.