Thursday, October 16, 2008


No doubt about it...if we're going to win this election we're going to have to fight hard.

Regarding "the debate" last night, I have several observations;

1. John McCain made many valid points that were left languishing in Never-Never Land by the "esteemed" moderator.

2. When John McCain made a point about the character of BO, he was accused of being negative.

When BO told McCain his tax plan was "silly," he wasn't being negative, just "factual."

3. Our local newscast "evaluated" the debate by inviting a room full of Democrats and a room full of Republicans to watch the debate and tell what they thought about it.

When it came time to let them tell what they thought about it, two Democrats were interviewed for their points of view, which were vague but pro BO.

No Republicans were interviewed.

4. Our newscasters faces were bright and smiling when they spoke of BO in the debate, but solemn and downcast when they spoke of McCain.

This election is winnable.

It's going to take every one of us working hard to show people why BO would be a president who will lead us down the road of socialism, taking from those of us who have worked hard for our resources and giving to those who refuse to work, and thus are mired in poverty.

Robin Hood took from the government and gave to the populace.

I liked that guy.

BO wants to take from the successful and give to the lazy.

Do your part.

Suffer whatever it takes to broadcast the news that lower taxes, smaller government and more freedom is the way to ensure that anybody who will work for it can take part in "The American Dream."

The closest we have to that outcome is John McCain.


Mark said...

Hey! I just noticed you linked to my blog! I will reciprocate.

Oh, and by the way...good post!

Joe said...

mark: You gotta watch that reciprocating stuff, you never know what might bounce back.

I enjoy reading your posts daily!

Anonymous said...

There are too many people in this country who are more focused on a party win, than they are a win for the Nation.

If they were honest brokers of democracy, they would read Mr. Obama's plan for America very carefully.

If they were educated, they would then vote for John McCain.

I know; I'm preaching to the choir.

Semper Fi

Joe said...

mustang: Well, this choir member, for one, is willig to sing!

Semper Fi!

J. Wendell said...

Cool blog!

David Wyatt said...

Great post, as per usual, bro. Joe.

Along this line, have you read an article by Dr. Thomas Sowell regarding "negative ads?" Man, it is right on target!

If'n I may, I'll post a link to it:

God Bless!