Saturday, October 18, 2008

Man with Great Name Gets Dissed

Count on the Mainstream Media to either be so stupid as to miss the point or so biased as to not want to see the point.

"Joe the Plumber's" (Joe Wurzelbacher) motives have been questioned.

His actual Plumbership has been questioned.

His business has been questioned.

His dream has been questioned (The View called it fantasy).

His education has been questioned.

His Americanism has been questioned.

His integrity has been questioned.

His honesty has been questioned.

His tax paying habits have been questioned.

His name has been questioned (he goes by his middle name, as do lots of folks...even folks in the MSM).

His planet of origin has been questioned.

The only thing the Main Stream Media has not questioned is:

THE WHOLE POINT! Which is not Joe the Plumber, but Barack Obama's statement that "I think that when you spread the wealth around it's good for everybody."

MSM! Ask Obama why he thinks spreading the wealth around (read: socialism) is good for everybody.

Every time that has been tried it has failed...big time.

So, MSM, are you too stupid to know what the point is, or are you so deceptive that you don't want to address it?



Joe said...

xavier: If you hate it so much, why don't you go away?

In fact, let's do that right now.

Joe said...

Oh, and by the way: I am very good at this.

See the whole point of my blog is to let me express myself in a way that pleased me.

Whether or not it pleases you matters not to me.

And I'm really good with the little delete trash can.

Getting better all the time, with so much practice.

I'm going to bed now.

I'll delete the rest of your comments later today.

DD2 said...

I saw this comming Joe.
And just wait til those jackasses on Sat. Night Live get into this.
They will all but distroy him.

As they will with Sarah Palin tonight

Rose~ said...

Poor Joe.
All he did was question "that one" and look what happens. Scary times we live in.

David Wyatt said...

Good points bro. Joe. I keep praying & trusting that good, decent Americans like yourself will get out in droves to vote against socialism & keep this dangerous man out of the office of POTUS. God Bless you.

Tapline said...

Joe, They don't get it......They just plain dont get it.....Years ago the Democratic party was, or I thought it was "For the little Man". Times have changed and the party has changed. What started out to be a help to the little man has somehow lost their way. They now what to keep the little man what they want them and take all the wealth and disribute it to people who don't even work for it....When I worked for Human Services, my paycheck for a week's work was less than the people that got check from the state and once they got on they couldn't afford to get off because they would loose their benefits mostly medical.....They want to keep the litle man down.....Socialism is a disease and should be wiped out before it really gets too much. They have infiltrated the Educational system, The political system, the judicial system and the population at large says "whats in it for me... God willing,,,,we all do not feel that way, but we must start calling a spade, a spade....Joe the Plummer is just a symbol of a middleclassed American, Who still has the protestant work ethic, Work for what you get, but don't steal what I have worked so hard to get.....Teach a man to fish and he eats well forever, Give him a fish and he eats one meal.....I ramble....stay well.....

Mark said...

They get it. The media, that is. Some Liberals don't, but the media know exactly what they're doing.

They have torn a page directly out of Obama's playbook, which, incidentally, is entitled, "Rules For Radicals" by Saul Alinsky, Obama's favorite Marxist author.

The idea is to distract America from the answer to the question. If they allow America to focus on Obama's answer, they know many people might actually realize how Marxist Obama really is, and they can't have that. So, they attack the questioner. It is a typical Liberally biased media ploy. It is what they do best.

Joe said...

tapline: Thank you for coming by. I visited your blog and liked what you wrote and how yo wrote it. When can we look for some more from you?

Mark: If the media gets it, what is their motive for wanting the country to go Marxist? Are they too dumb to realize that they will be eventually taken over and run by the very government that now recognizes their right to publish what they want to?

Rose: I do feel for ole Joe the Plumber.

dd2: SNL has been my source of anger for a long time. They don't seem to know the difference between satire and ridicule, the former of which they are lousy, the latter fairly good at.

Mark said...

Joe, Tell me and we'll both know why the media is always in the tank for the most Liberal of the candidates.

They, and almost 50% of Americans seem to be self destructive. If we knew why, perhaps we could change that.

Jennifer said...

It was distraction plain and simple. This man did nothing but ask an honest question and is getting the third degree. What makes me crazy is that Obama, who is running for PRESIDENT doesn't get the third degree from anyone so why is Joe the Plumber? I don't really know why the media is so pro-Obama. They have a liberal agenda maybe? Brainwashed? Just plain stupid? Who knows anymore......(sigh)