Friday, October 10, 2008

Joseph Edward Scoggins, Jr.

That's what my mother used to call me when she wanted my full attention.

Sarah Palin came to Southwest Florida Tuesday.

She was scheduled at a moderately sized arena.

The venu had to be moved to the largest gathering place we have because so many people wanted to see her.

At the meeting, Gevernor Palin was introduced by our Sheriff, Mike Scott.

In his comments, Sheriff Scott said the following:

"Ladies and gentleman, there are three types of people in our country today. There are people that make things happen, there are people that watch things happen, and there are people that wonder what happened. On November 4th, on November 4th, let's leave Barack Hussein Obama wondering what happened."

Now he is catching flack for daring to mention BO's middle name.

As we now know, BO is deeply ashamed of his middle name, and does not want people to use it.

Conservative talk show host, Mark Lavin, has decided to call him Barack Milhouse Obama, using Richard Nixon's middle name.

Why do you suppose that such a highly skilled and experienced politician, a man qualified by his work as a "Community Organizer" (read: rabble rouser - seeking to get as many unqualified persons into houses they could not afford as possible), by his association with domestic terrorists, and by his ties to foreign and domestic hoodlums to be the next President of the United states is so very deeply ashamed of his middle name?

I'm proud of my middle name, "Edward."

Joseph Edward Scoggins, Jr.

Say it.

It kind of rolls naturally along.

It sounds almost aristocratic.

OK, maybe not aristocratic, but at least kind of official, doesn't it?

Now try that with BO.

Barack Hussein Obama.

How does it sound? I get it.

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