Thursday, May 1, 2014

I Know You Love Honesty and Answers to the Questions Asked (Unless You'r A Liberal)

 So now the Email about Benghazi is NOT about Benghazi. Come on, people, how stupid do you think people are?

(I guess if you are a liberal you cannot imagine HOW a "normal" person can discern when you are lying.)

Are you smart enough to recognize that Carney is squirming?


Xavier Onassis said...

He wasn't squirming. He was irritated and annoyed at having to answer the same questions over and over again for 2 years.

BTW, I've read the entire document in question and Carney's characterization of it is correct.

Have you read the entire document?

Joe said...

XO: He was squirming. He was asked because he did not answer.

Question: "What color is your car?"

Carney: "You have to remember that during the manufacturing process various chemicals and metals are used"

Question: "Yes, but what color is your car?"

Carney: "GM has one of the most efficient operations in the history of man"

Question: "Mr. Carney, would you just answer the question? What color is your car"

Carney: "I'v already answered your question twice. If you can't follow me, well..."

Craig said...

Here's a good assessment of the email. It's from Patrick Brennen at National Review, not a lion librul.

I would add, there were protests in 35 cities across the mid east and Africa. They were all in response to the video, no one has questioned that. Many of them, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, and Malaysia, included violence at U.S. facilities.

The video wasn't a far fetched scenario at the time.

Joe said...

Craig: So let me see if I have this straight.

It was a gross mistake when liberals mercilessly attacked by the liberals Bush for "lying" because he repeated what he was told by others? But it is perfectly OK for this administration to lie based on bad information. Did I get that right? (I'll be interested in reading how you liberals twist this to say something it does not say).

The point here is that Carney DID NOT answer the question he was asked, he just inserted what he wanted to say and pretended to have answered the question. He even sneered up his lip like he does when he shows disdain. What a lying snob he is!

Duckys here said...

Joe, are you so foolish that you equate the deception involved in the run up to the Iraq war with one of dozens of embassy attacks that have occurred in the last 40 years?

Joe said...

Ducky: Equate them? No. Equal is equal and everything else isn't.

The point is what liberals do not do. They do not answer questions truthfully. They side-step, equivocate, change the subject and divert. If that doesn't work, they just lie, believing that if they say it, it is true whether it is true or not.

Duckys here said...

That's what liberals do or that is what politicians do?

Surely you know it's a political trait, Joe.

Even those long years of indoctrination as you dreamed of the return of the Confederacy can't mask that basic truth of politics.

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - Wow! Talk about dodging and not answering questions!

Did you read the entire document?

Yes or no?

Lisa said...

XO did you read the part in the document where it says how the rebels were armed due to the U.S. gun running operation. A "Fast & Furious" if you will.

Unknown said...

Lisa - I suggest you actually read the document yourself instead of relying on some Fuax News pundit interpretation of the document.

Because you really don't know what you are talking about and you look silly.

Joe - Did you read the document? Do I have to spend the next 2 years asking you? Will my question begin to annoy you and make you "squirm" after another month? Six months? A year? Two years? Did you read the document? Do you think it's important whether or not you read the document? Did anyone you know read the document? If so, did they tell you what was in the document? If you had any knowledge of the contents of the document, what action did you take? On the day you were made aware of the contents of the document, can you account for every minute of your time, every conversation you had regarding the document and every word you may have jotted down regarding the document? What did you eat for dinner after you were made aware of the document? Please answer the questions with a "yes" or "no" lest you be held in Contempt of Congress. Because I need to be able video tape this bogus crap so I can show my constituents how tough on Washington I am.

Joe said...

Anon(XO):"Do I have to spend the next 2 years asking you?"

Sure, why not?

Lisa said...

XO Of course it wouldn't be in there silly. I already knew that. It was a secret. Are you calling Tyrone Wood's father a liar?