Monday, May 5, 2014

My Plan for Genuine Healthcare Reform

1.  Give healthcare back to companies and get the government out of it.

2.  Open the borders and let the companies do business accross state lines.

3.  Set up a fund that insurance companies can pay into and can access that can be used for the sacred "pre-existing condition." This would function the same way property insurance pools funtion for hurricanes, mud slides, sink holes, etc. This fund would be administered by a private organization.

4.  Establish a private, separate and independent arbitration system to determine whether a declined "pre-existing condition" should be covered after all.

5.  Provide the insured with jump drive or other electronic device on which to maintain his/her personal medical records which could be accessed only with the insured's permission. Prohibit any federal entity from accessing those records unless a court determines that they impact national security.

6.  Remove any barriers that would make it difficult for qualified doctors (doctors who have passed their respective state's medical board exam) to set up and maintain a thriving practice.

7.  Set a cap on malpractice pay-outs. The caps would be administered in proportion to the medical proceedure in question. They would be categorized by the severity of the condition/disease and the degree to which a person's life might be impacted by the result of the malpractice. Said caps could be over-ridden by a private, independent arbitration system that would determine whether a court needed to determine a larger pay-out.

8.  Prohibit the federal government from being involved in the health care process unless it can be proven in a court of law that national security is at stake in a particular case.

There might be one or two things more to add, but these would represent the correct start to maintaining the finest healthcare system in the known universe.


Duckys here said...

1. You would have to remove the antitrust exemption on private health insurers before this is even worth talking about.

2. Companies want this in order to be subject to the least restrictive state regulations. So Joe can explain why he opposes states rights in this matter.

3. A private company is going to run the pool? Do they also get to gouge o premiums the way some insurers are gouging on flood premiums?
Anyway, single payer would run a more efficient pool.

4. The private insurer decides what conditions are covered? Have you thought this out?

5. An individual maintains hi own medical records? What could go wrong?

6. What barriers are you talking about?

7. States that have a cap have not seen malpractice premiums drop. Otherwise you are petty much describing the current system.

8. Why do you want a for profit entity to have complete control of your insurance costs.
What if a for profit decided your hip wasn't covered? You sure you want to abolish Medicare?

You seem more concerned with this government bogey man of yours than you are in delivering efficient comprehensive medical insurance.
I'm also shocked that you want to ignore states rights in the matter of regulation and let Mississippi bring everyone down to their level.

Craig said...

Heckuva plan, Joe. Get it to your congressman or Sen. Rubio. After 4 years the Repubs haven't come up with a plan to replace, all they know is repeal.

Here's a simpler plan, Medicare for all. The system is already in place and it seems to have served you well.

these would represent the correct start to maintaining the finest healthcare system in the known universe.

Available to only those who can afford it.

Joe, I finally pulled the trigger and quit my night job where I had employer ins. I got a plan on the exchange through Medica. I'll pay less out of pocket (co-pays and deductable) and the premium is about the same. Someone, who maybe didn't have a job, will fill my slot at Fed Ex. Net gain, 1 less person unemployed. Win, win. I couldn't be happier.

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - "...maintaining the finest healthcare system in the known universe."

Just how much crack have you been smoking?

The last numbers I saw, the World Health Organization had us ranked at #37...just above Slovenia and just below Coasta Rica.

We most certainly DO NOT have the finest healcare system in the universe, on the Earth, or even on this continent.

Duckys here said...

Any comment on Craig's post, Joe?

Joe said...

XO: "World Health Organization had us ranked at #37"

They know nothing. And, yes, we don't have the finest any more. BO has seen to that.

Dave Miller said...

Joe, here's some mostly pre 2008 stats that actually show we were in this fix long before Pres Obama took office.

I know facts that contradict what you've already decided are generally poo poohed, but give it a read anyways...

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - "XO: "World Health Organization had us ranked at #37"

They know nothing."

I think they probably know a little bit more about where the United States ranks among the world's healthcare providers than you do.

They just might have access to a little more objective information than a curmudgeonly Florida-based Christian blogger with a hip replacement paid for by the government and tax payers he so deeply despises.

"And, yes, we don't have the finest any more. BO has seen to that."

Nice try Joe. The ranking I quoted was from the year 2000. Pretty sure you can't blame Obama for that.

Ed Degorio said...

Face it, Obama has lied about everything. You don´t know what the truth is anymore. From unemployment numbers, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, now Census, IRS, Obamacare, economic recovery…
As if lying about the numbers isńt bad enough now they claim the paying people are 8 million and therés only been 3 million who signed up for medicaid expansion. I dońt believe this crap for a second. You have to be eithe an idiot or a Progressive to buy into any of his lies.

Joe said...

XO: " they probably know a little bit more ...than you do"

Never happen.

Duckys here said...

Joe, I have a spare thumb drive.

How do I load up my medical records?

What happens if I lose my drive?
Are the records still in their original location?

If so, what's the purpose of all this?
Am I just confused? (and remember to thank me for the straight line)

Joe said...

Ducky: "...what's the purpose of all this?"

That's not a bad question. In fact, such a thing is already in the works under ObamaCare. Does it surprise you that I would include ANYTHING that is in ObamaCare?

Dave Miller said...

Joe, interesting list... who would administer any of these suggestions you have?

For instance, who would force, or require states to open their borders and accept insurance portability?

Who would set up your insurance arbitration plan? Government? Private companies? And how would that fund be established? By government order?

You ideas might indeed work, but the mechanisms to set many of them up, would have to come from the federal government, which you have repeatedly said has no business in this business.

Please explain how any suggestion you have that requires action to make it so, would pass the rigid constitutional muster many conservatives demand.