Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I had a very old PC that I built myself. It was very serviceable and ran Windows XP. As we all know, Windows XP is now a has-been. So, in order to keep you informed about what is right, I have had to purchase a brand new computer, built by a company, not by me. The OS on my new computer is Windows 8.1 (upgrade).

I have read a lot about Windows 8.1 (upgrade) and have watched many tutorial videos about it. I took the plunge with some trepidation, as the whole thing looked a bit foreign to me.
Let me tell you! Once I got past the initial dull facial expression of not recognizing anything I was looking at, spending a little while just learning to navigate and then properly organizing, I am very positively impressed! In fact, in a few short days, I absolutely love it!

Windows 8.1 (upgrade) has so many features that make it infinitely easier to use that I couldn’t believe it! If I want to find something all I have to do is start typing it. I mean, just start typing its name. I don’t have to click on a file, I don’t have to open a search box, I don’t have to go to MS Explore, I just start typing and it appeared in front of my nose! That’s cool.
Yesterday I wanted to use WordPad. I had no idea how to get to WordPad in Windows 8.1 (upgrade), so I just started typing the words Wor… and it popped up! One click and I was there!

Once I organized the “Start Page,” I find my apps right in front of my aforementioned nose and one click gets me there. My news needs are constantly updated, as is my weather, and it’s all right there without me doing a thing…in living color (where available).
At first I was tempted to set up a sort of “Windows XP look-alike,” but quickly got past that. It seems so clunky now. I am old school enough to want to use a keyboard and a mouse. I can’t get the hang of that swiping thing. But Windows 8.1 (upgrade) lets me do that without the slightest objection. (Hint: Use the Microsoft key on the keyboard to instantly get to the “Start Screen,” from which you can find and do everything---except for some odd reason---restart the computer, which is a bit tricky at first, but doable.)

The best news of all is that Windows 8.1 (upgrade) leads me to type conservative messages without half trying. Once I get going, it just won’t let me stop! It’s the best thing since sliced bread! (I have no idea what the best thing was BEFORE sliced bread.)
Such a deal!


Duckys here said...

Joe, can you assign a hot key to type "Benghazi,Benghazi,Benghazi"?

Xavier Onassis said...

Welcome to the 20th Century.

Yes, I know.

Fredd said...

Windows 8.1? Start Pad? Huh? What does any of that gibberish have to do with Benghazi, Joe?


Joe said...

Ducky: I can use any key. I just don't know where the Any Key is.

XO: Thanks. Good to be here.

Fredd: Uhhhh...Benghazi is the only thing Ducky knows how to say.

Lisa said...

The Benghazi hot key should be right in between the "Racist" key and the "inequality" key just above the "war on women key"

Joe said...

Lisa: That's the key.

Lisa said...

Lol Joe