Friday, May 30, 2014

Liberal thinking explained by Evan Sayet at Unite IE 5-17-2014


Duckys here said...

TIL I hate the Internet.

Who is this clown?

Joe said...

Ducky: He describes you to a "T" doesn't he?

Joe said...

Ducky: To help curb your ignorance:

Evan Douglas Sayet (born around 1960) is a Jewish American stand up comedian and conservative speaker based in Los Angeles, California.

Sayet is the author of The KinderGarden Of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks And Why He's Convinced That Ignorance Is Bliss.

Evan is the creator and star of "The Right To Laugh," which is the longest running conservative comedy show in America. Evan has written for Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect and for Win Ben Stein's Money. Evan wrote and produced the highest rated special in The Learning Channel's history: "The 70's: From Bellbottoms to Boogie Shoes" (also called "When Decades Attack")

Xavier Onassis said...

Never heard of him. The fact that he is not funny might have something to do with that.

Joe said...

XO: Or it might just be your narrow experience. I know and read many liberal blogs and know of the work of many liberal "comedians." How come you don't know the conservative ones. Huh? Could reveal a lack of broad-mindedness on your part.

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - You've posted stuff on here that poked fun a libs before that I thought was hilarious and I said so.

You aren't the only conservative blogger I troll, er, I mean, um comment on.

But I've honestly never heard of him and didn't think the clip was at all funny. I thought it was lame.

Joe said...

XO: As most intellectuals recognized, this was about liberals' thought patterns. You prove him right every day.

I didn't realize you were trolling when you visited my blog. Now, I'll have to think about that.

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - "I didn't realize you were trolling when you visited my blog. Now, I'll have to think about that."

I don't think I'm trolling. I think I'm engaging in an honest, intelligent debate between differing points of views.

I just figured you and Glenn and Lisa considered me a troll. So I tossed out a bit of self deprecating humor.

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - While not being the least bit funny, that unknown guy in the video was attempting to make the false balance argument that seems to be at the heart of every conservative position these days.

It is the idea that an opinion or point of view that is completely unsupported by any evidence whatsoever (Fox News, Limbaugh Hannity, etc) has equal weight against ideas that have the bulk of scientific evidence behind them (evolution, global climate change,the age of the universe, etc,).

His point seemed to be that when people who have the actual facts, shut down people who have absolutely no facts, that this is somehow suppressing legitimate intellectual debate.

Bovine Feces!

What is is is exactly what Neil DeGrasse Tyson's COSMOS series has been doing.

Debunking complete and total nonsense.

Let's put your Evan Sayet and Neil DeGrasse Tyson on stage and let them go a few rounds.

It will never happen because Tyson refuses to debate idiots like Ken Hamm and I'm sure he would lump your unknown Sayet guy in the same category as someone who doesn't even have a legitimate point of view worth debating.

Duckys here said...

XO, did you get the bit about right wing talk radio being a medium of debate and discussion?

And the bit where the audience laughed on cue when he mentioned Fox Snooze.

The guy's a stitch.

Duckys here said...

Check out this guy's monologue

No wonder he can't get work.

"According to, America has moved “substantially closer” to losing its AAA bond rating. There’s a certain irony, isn’t there, getting dropped from triple A because you’ve lost your way?"

"Another bit of trivia…with all four of the original members of Kiss on stage, experts say there were more cosmetic products in use than at any time since Meg Whitman stood alone on the podium."

Man, this guy is funny. Dig up some more of his stuff Joe. Show us what the fringe right considers humor.

Joe said...

XO: "So I tossed out a bit of self deprecating humor."

So where did you toss it"

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - Apparently I tossed it as pearls before swine.

Although "costume jewelry before squirrels" might be a more generous analogy.

Joe said...

XO: Heh.

Fredd said...

XO's right: this guy's not very funny. He's right, but he's not funny.

Now, Seinfeld, HE's funny. This guy ain't.

Craig said...

Shorter Sayat, "Those people are all the same". Gosh, where have I heard that before?

Joe said...

Fredd: He actually has some good routines in his act. But this particular vid was not meant to be as funny as it was pointed.

Craig: They are. Why don't you start the movement for liberals to become truthful, honest, ethical, moral and dependable? You could be the leader!

Joe said...

Craig: Maybe you don't want them to be all of those things.