Thursday, November 15, 2012


President BO (the amateur president) made a strong defense for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, at a press conference on November 14th.

He described her as "a U.N. ambassador who had nothing to do with Benghazi."

Yet HE was the one who required her to testify before Congress on Benghazi.

Why do you ask someone with no expertise on a subject to testify about the subject?

"She made an appearance at the request of the White House in which she gave her best understanding of the intelligence that had been provided to her," Obama said.

Did you get that?

“…at the request of the White House…”

Why her, if she had nothing to do with it? Why not Hillary Clinton? Why not General  Petreaus (well, we might know the answer to that one now).

In the press conference the President said, “(If people) want to go after somebody, they should go after me.”

Well, people have been asking him about it and he has refused to comment because “…it was an ongoing investigation.”


In her interviews on the morning talk shows, Rice repeatedly stated that the events at Benghazi were caused in reaction to that now famous “anti-Islamic” video, which we now know not to have been true.

But give her the benefit of the doubt.

She was probably TOLD by PBO(tap) to say that because that is what HE had been saying all along.

Gotta keep your stories straight.

Now we know that Obama knew what really went on at Benghazi within moments and even had prior knowledge that something serious was afoot.

President BO (the amateur president) is reportedly considering whether to nominate Rice as Secretary of Defense.

That’s OK…it’s his right to do so.

It is also the right of Congress to question and/or block that nomination.

The President also said at the press conference, when asked whether he issued any orders to protect the lives of the Americans who died there, he responded, “…if people don’t think we did everything we can to make sure that…uh…we save the lives of folks who I sent there and who were carrying out missions on behalf of the United States, then you don’t know how our Defense Department, thinks or our State Department thinks or our CIA thinks. Their number one priority is obviously to protect American lives. That’s what our job is.”

Well, good job Mr. President! Good job!”

Most of us have a different concept of what "protecting American lives" is from allowing them to be murdered.

He said that he “…told the national security team immediately do what you need to do to make sure that they are safe.”

Immediately? I thought he didn’t know immediately!

I have to hand President BO (the amateur president) this: He is the most prolific liar I have ever seen in public office.


Anonymous said...

The Boy president can't even lie convincently . His speech was full of holes.
I think that yes. He should be held responsible , and yes HE is the one that told Ms Rice Cake what to say

Joe said...

DB: "He should be held responsible..."

Of course, but he won't be.

He has escaped responsibility for everything he has done or not done.

Responsibility always carries a price, and he has paid no price for his irresponsibility.

Ducky's here said...

I'll make book that what was happening in Benghazi was a CIA interrogation operation. The locals got a bit steamed about it and attacked.

Yes, there was a fire fight but there were no American casualties during that period. An intensified military response may well have made the situation more dangerous.

So while we debate about what to call the attack we aren't going to get any closer to its causes.
But it's clear we aren't going to get upset about the possible "enhanced interrogation" of a few Libyans.

Joe said...

Ducky: "An intensified military response may well have made the situation more dangerous."

More dangerous than dead?


Ducky's here said...

No, Joe, The American lives were already lost.

A military strike might have widened the conflict and caused more death.
That's easy enough to understand.

In the fringe right's desperation to find something to nail on Obama you make the serious error of not knowing when to let go.

Xavier Onassis said...

Ducky - Republicans just don't get it.

The American people have spoken. The Republican/Conservative/Right Wing/Evangelical approach to governing and solving problems has been tossed on the ash heap of history. They are no more relevant than the Whigs.

They're done.

They'll never win another major election because the demographics of the country have changed and their political DNA is all about NOT changing ANYTHING, EVER!

So like rats escaping from a sinking ship, they are all clinging to this one floating Benghazi plank that they think will keep them afloat until the midterm elections.

But pile enough rats on a small piece of wood and one of two things will happen.

1) The weight of their desperation will sink their pathetic little raft and they will all drown.

2) In an effort to avoid the first scenario, they'll start feeding on each other and throwing each other overboard.

Either way, they're doomed.

Without tossing out their Core Conservative Convictions, they cannot ever win the growing Gay Vote, the growing Hispanic Vote, the Middle Class Vote, the growing Atheist Vote, or the run of the mill, intelligent, rational human being vote. And they will NEVER win the Female Vote as long as they insist on trying to control a woman's reproduction choices. The only way you get to manipulate a woman's vagina is if you are invited there.

All they have to cling to is this Benghazi nonsense. Enraged Muslims, in a country that was in the middle of a Civil War, overran an American Consulate...not an Embassy...a Consulate...and killed 4 people who willingly walked into harm's way.

The difference between a Consulate and an Embassy is significant.

An Embassy is generally a large, semi-fortified, permanent presence in a foreign country with a large staff, heavy security, a contingent of Marines, a helicopter landing pad, secure communication links and most importantly, the cooperation and coordination of security matters with the hosting government.

A Consulate is more like a lone Ambassador renting some office space in another country surrounded by a few staffers and minimal security.

The Republican narrative goes something like this. The very second the first hostile shot was fired, Navy Seals called the President directly on some Navy Seal hotline and said "WE'RE UNDER ATTACK BY TERRORISTS! THE AMBASSADOR IS IN DANGER! SEND IN A PLATOON OF MARINES {WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN HERE ALL ALONG} IMMEDIATELY!"

The President, who was apparently already in the Situation Room watching the entire thing unfold on live video feeds, took the phone call from the "crying and begging" Navy Seals on a speaker phone (since so many people seem to know about it) and told them to "Stand Down".

And then a MASSIVE COVER-UP ensued involving deliberately misinforming our U.N. Ambassador, sending her on a Sunday Morning Talk Show tour.

That is the biggest load of steaming bullshit ever concocted by a fading political party in a desperate effort to keep one last, slippery grasp on their last link to power.

They want to turn this into Watergate.

But Benghazi is like Lewinsky without an actual BJ. It's all BS aimed at distracting people from the Obama Mandate going into a landslide 2nd term.

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

"The fringe right"

Love it !

Craig said...

"The fringe right"

Love it !

The "fringe" is now mainstream Republican ideology. The once great American political party now, proudly, has turned into the Know Nothing Party of the the 1850's.

Math and science have a liberal bias. The intellectual leaders are anyone who's read "Atlas Shrugged" or "Road To Serfdom". Strict Constitutionalists who don't have a clue what's in the Constitution. Fiercely loyal to an America that never existed.

XO is right. All you have left is a desperate hope of contriving a scandal. So far, the facts aren't going your way but when have contrary facts ever deterred you.

John McCain misses official Benghazi intelligence meeting with Congress to go on TeeVee and complain about lack of information on Benghazi. Republicans in action.

Anonymous said...

For the first time on my Adult life , I PROUD of John McCain.

Ducky's here said...

@Darth -- For the first time on my Adult life , I PROUD of John McCain.

Ducky's here said...

Following the Petraeus testimony, Joe?

Peter King (R-) has admitted that the CIA and intelligence community approved Susan Rice’s talking points before she made her Sept. 16 appearance on several Sunday news shows to discuss the attacks in Benghazi.
King, came to his conclusion following testimony from FORMER CIA Director David Petraeus.

Looks like Knuckles McCain (R - Loser) and Lindsey Graham (R - In the Closet) are going to look really silly. Not that they are capable of embarrassment but if they were.