Monday, November 5, 2012


President BO (the amateur president) promised to back and support green energy in the U.S.

Accordingly, he established a green jobs training program as part of his stimulus.

As it turns out, according to an internal audit, it was discovered that the training program was training people who already had jobs and did not need the skills he was forcing on them.

Additionally, once they finished their “training,” the were, by-and-large, unable to be placed in green energy jobs at all.

According to the Labor Department, only 38% of people who took the training got jobs that required the skills they had learned, and only 16 percent of those kept their jobs for more than six months.

How much did the government spend on this “green jobs” training program? Well, $400 million was set aside for it and so far, $328.5 million has been spent on it.

Only half of those trainees were potential new energy employees, the rest having already had energy oriented jobs.

(You can check this out at the Washington Times.)

If you wondered what some of the failed green companies that received bailout money and failed, check this out:

1. Amonix Solar – closed

2. Solar Trust of Americ – Bankrupt April 3, 2012

3. Bright Source – Lost billions of dollars, but is getting more.

4. Solyndra – Received $500 million and failed

5. LSP Energy – Bankrupt February 2012

6. Energy Conversion Devices – Bankrupt February 14, 2012

7. Abound Solar – Received $400 million – Announced bankruptcy in June, 2012

8. SunPower – Was near bankruptcy, restructured and is failing again

9. BeaconPower – Bankrupt October, 2011 after $43 million loan guarantee

10. Ecotally - $115 million from govt. – on the verge of bankruptcy

11. A123 Solar - $279 million , lost $400 million and is getting another $500 million

12. UniSolar – Bankruptcy June 20, 2012 – received additional funds from govt. and is still failing

13. Azure Dynamics – Bankruptcy, June 2012 after stimulus money

14. Evergreen Solar - $527 million in stimulus – bankrupt in 2011

15. Enert1 – Received $118 million – bankrupt January 2012

You have elected an amateur president, and haven’t the guts to admit it.

And now you want to re-elect him?



Craig said...

did not need the skills he was forcing on them.

C'mon, Joe. Forced?

According to the Labor Department, only 38% of people...

Here's what the Labor Dept. said,

The Labor Department’s inspector general also said grantees who received the green jobs-training money did a poor job of reporting their results.
The Labor Department challenged the findings, saying that auditors didn’t consider the full progress of those who got training. The department said some of those who got training found jobs before their training was completed and said they should have been counted.

Jane Oates, assistant secretary for employment and training, also said as the rest of the training is completed, they expect the numbers to improve.

There's this, too.

In 2010, 3.1 million jobs in the United States were associated with the production of green goods and services, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today...Manufacturing had 461,800 GGS jobs, the most among any private sector

According to the link you provided, the Labor Dept. is disputing the auditor. BLS says green manufacturing is outpacing all other manufacturing sectors. I won't argue that $328.5M over 3 years isn't a lot of money. It's what we spent in Iraq and Afghanistan in one day.

We've subsidized the fossil fuel industry by over $30B over that same time span. We can frack and blow the tops off mountains and never achieve energy independence. World markets and all. We can cede alternative energy manufacturing to China or where ever the cheap labor is (Romney's wet dream) and save that remaining $72M.

Building a Bridge To The 19th Century.

Joe said...

Craig: The Labor Department is disputing the auditors? What a great surprise!

Most audits are challenged on one level or another, especially when they are negative audits.

That does not diminish the findings of the auditors.

Craig said...

That does not diminish the findings of the auditors.

It calls their methodology into question. It's a drop in the bucket compared to what we spend on fossil fuels and that's before you account for externalities that taxpayers are picking up the tab for. Not the least of which is the cost of extreme weather events due to climate change.

Denying reality won't change it.

Joe said...

Craig: There is some added information in the post.

Craig said...

I don't have time to look at all you listed but the first one I checked, Solar Trust of America, didn't get money.

Uwe T. Schmidt, chief executive of Solar Trust, says he is a fan of the Energy Department's loan-guarantee program...But when the department offered him a $2.1 billion loan guarantee, Schmidt turned it down..."I'm now famous for getting the largest loan guarantee and then turning it down," Schmidt said.

I have to go help my 8th grader with homework. I shouldn't have to help you with yours. Please, Joe, get all the sharp objects and shoe laces out of your house. It's going to be a hard landing tomorrow night and a long 4 years for you.

Anonymous said...

Yes Obama may win tomarrow , and if he does it will be because of idiots like the one above

Lone Ranger said...

People who will vote for Obama again are like women who refuse to testify against their abusive husbands.

Ducky's here said...

Right wing goes ad hominem.

Bout to Craig in a unanimous decision.

Ducky's here said...

A123 Solar - $279 million , lost $400 million and is getting another $500 million

A123 is not getting 500 million. It is getting an additional 50 million - from the Chinese.

Xavier Onassis said...

Women who vote Republican are handing over their vagina and uterus to white males who don't understand how human reproduction actually works.

Sure. Let them make laws.

Sounds legit.

Anonymous said...

So that's better than handing it over to blacks ??
Lol what a jerk!

Ducky's here said...

Joe, you're attracting the hoi polloi again.

Joe said...

Ducky: I attracted you, didn't I?