Friday, November 2, 2012


In May of 2002, the Bush administration requested that Congress approve an electrical grid upgrade in the U.S.

Democrats in Congress thought he was just rewarding his "cronies" and turned it down.

Don't you wonder how much less damage to the electrical systems in the Northeast would have been caused by Hurricane Sandy if that upgrade had taken place?

Before you answer, try reading the request to see what was in it (even though it was not passed).

And now we learn that NYC is providing generators for the New York Marathon while denying them to Staten Island.

Liberals care.



Ducky's here said...

Alternative Business Models for Transmission Ownership and Operation

First, we must increase regulatory certainty by completing the transition to competitive regional wholesale markets.

Fifth, ensuring mandatory compliance with reliability rules must include enforceable penal- ties for non-compliance that are commensurate with the risks that the violations create. (Note: Gotta read between the lines there)

In fact I don't see much in that bill that has anything to do with reliability and recovering from trees downing wires, salt water causing substations to explode or the like.
I'll leave it to you to demonstrate just what this was and prove that the Dems weren't wrong.

See the thing is Joe, in the fringe right world if the R's promote or oppose it then it is all righteous and good. If the D's oppose or promote then the bill was from the devil.
Foolish on its face.

Dave Miller said...

Joe, you like many other conservative bloggers have been very vocal in saying that since President Obama had majorities in both the House and Senate after the 2008 elections, failure to pass whatever legislation he wanted was evidence of his inability to lead even those in his own party.

Please tell me why the failure of President Bush to act on this, with strong majorities in both the House and Senate is the fault of the Democrats?

Ducky's here said...

Joe, the decision by Bloomberg to give in to the private market and hold the marathon and protect the investment is disgusting.

Why do you call that a liberal decision?

That's the pure stinky cheese, Joe.

Joe said...

Ducky: "See the thing is Joe, in the fringe right world if the R's promote or oppose it then it is all righteous and good. If the D's oppose or promote then the bill was from the devil."

And in the fringe left world if the D's promote or oppose it then it is all righteous and good. If the R's oppose or promote then the bill was from the devil.

Anonymous said...

Sandy is Obama's. Katrina

Dave Miller said...

Really Darth? What local political leader was praising President Bush for his handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?

If I recall, Gov. Christie, a big favorite among conservatives said President Obama was outstanding in his efforts to help those affected by Sandy.

About the only person critical of Obama in this was Mike Brown, the head of FEMA under Bush because in his opinion, President Obama was too quick to help people and get aid to the states, something Former Governor of Mississippi Haley Barbour was exactly the right thing to do. Barbour is also the former head of the Republican National Committee.

You guys are proving caricature of the GOP correct when you can't even give grudging respect to President Obama when he does a good job as evidenced by the hear universal approval of his actions after Sandy by even nationally known strong conservatives.

Lone Ranger said...

Two photo ops. That was Obama's contribution to the Sandy aid. And then back on the campaign trail Proof once again, that libs will forgive Obama ANYTHING.

Meanwhile, if you get your news from CBS, NBC, ABC, you probably think Benghazi is a European sports car. Four people dead because of the inaction of Obama. Oh, but you forgive that too.

Xavier Onassis said...

Tonto's Catcher - "Four people dead because of the inaction of Obama."

That's a lie. You know it's a lie. You repeat the lie because that is what Goebbels taught. Repeat the lie.

Here is the truth:

Lone Ranger said...

And once again, I am forced to produce one of my talking points, with which I so easily pigeonhole liberals.

#19. Getting your news from the corrupt, liberal media is like sticking your head in the sand, except you don't get grit in your teeth.

Dave Miller said...

Lone, is the reverse of your statement also true, that getting your news from the corrupt conservative media is like sticking your head in the sand...?

Lone Ranger said...

Problem. The conservative media is not corrupt. I've been in broadcasting for 39 years and what I'm seeing today makes me sick. Of course, liberals seem to think that if they say something, it is true. So, you can call conservative media corrupt all you want, but you can't come up with any examples. Another talking point:

#13. An open mind is a liberal's worst enemy.

Dave Miller said...

No, of course Lone, it's not possible for the right media to be corrupt is it?

That's like the conservative who I asked to give me an example of an extremist conservative... Her response was to say an extremist conservative is impossible because conservatives are right...