Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I know there are some people who voted for President BO(the amateur president)who think they are smart, but the majority of them are not as smart as the defendant in this "case".

Do you hear his speech patterns? Is this what you spend tax dollars on college students to produce? You liberal/leftists think you are so "caring," but your outcomes are universally pathetic.


Ducky's here said...

Fish in a barrel

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - "Do you hear his speech patterns?"

What exactly do you mean Joe? Are you implying that this individual might be BLACK? OMG! Look at him! He IS black!

I never would have known that if you hadn't clued me in to that subtle speech thing. Never noticed that. Wow.

It wasn't people like this guy who reelected Obama.

It was white voters, NORMAL African-American voters, Hispanic voters, female voters, INTELLIGENT voters of EVERY demographic!

Versus the Romney voters. Haters, greedy, self-serving, money-grubbing, kick the poor to the curb, shoot dark skinned people on site because they might be illegal immigrants or on welfare, everybody should carry a gun and it's every MAN for himself, rape is just another form of conception, the age of the Earth is a matter of theological dispute and in the case of "legitimate rape" women can miraculously prevent pregnancy.

Don't try to dodge the fact that the overwhelming majority of an intelligent electorate voted for Obama over the Magic Underwear Guy.

Joe said...

XO: If he were white with the same speech patterns he would be just as stupid.

The point, of course, is that he thinks he is entitled to what he gets just because he is himself.

You seem to think his stupidity is justified because he is BLACK! How racist is THAT?

I think Obama voters, in general, are as smart as this guy, regardless of their color.

Why is EVERYTHING about skin color to liberal/leftists?

Ducky's here said...

You're back pedaling, Joe.

Joe said...

Ducky: "Fish in a barrel."

Yep. She's as stupid as the guy in the video.

But of course I'm a male, so that's obviously gender bias.

And my post mentioned NOTHING about the guy's color. The only one who brought it up was XO.

Turns out, he's the racist (but my bet is he'll deny it).

Ducky's here said...

"Do you hear his speech patterns?"
XO nailed it, Joe.

Joe said...

Ducky: Explain that to me. What have speech patterns got to do with being black. Are black people the only ones who have faulty speech patterns?

That's not my experience.

I think you must be a racist.

Besides, the point of the post was not his color but his attitude that he deserved something for nothing.

Do you think he deserved something for nothing?

Silverfiddle said...

I've seen white people who talk and act just as stupid, and if you see how the lady next to him presented herself in a professional and intelligent manner, I don't see how one can draw a racism conclusion from this.

Oh wait, we're dealing with the left here... A wathist behind evwy twee!

btw, I suggest Ducky and XO visit an ordinary high school, even one here in overwhelmingly white Southern Colorado, you'll see the same from white kids.

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - Actually, the informational content of his speaking should stand on it's own. Why did YOU lead off by highlighting his speech patterns? What does his speech patterns have to do with what he actually said?

Ducky's here said...

Silverfiddle, I volunteer assisting a film class at the local high school.

Some of the kids are very articulate, others use the vernacular.

You slap up a clip of a minority on one of those wretched judge shows and call him "a SUPRA-typical Obama supporter and even the fringe right can figure it out.

Come back when we're at full force. Brother Craig doesn't have the duty on this thread.

Joe said...

SF: "...A wathist behind evwy twee!"

They sure do, and they don't even see it in themselves.

They think a reference to one's speech patterns is a reference to one's color.

That's wrong.

And they keep proving my point without even realizing it.

Their heads are too dense and they will never learn.

Ducky and XO: You just refuse to let the racist gab go.

You are the only ones who have mentioned his minorityship.

Craig said...

This one is easy and I'm going to cut Joe some slack. This inarticulate guy is obviously gaming the system. Something a wealthy, white Republican would never do. He's not calling every black person stupid and on the dole. Just 95% of them. The one's who voted Dem. It's also not true that all Republicans are dumb blonds with giant racks. It is true that all dumb blonds with giant racks are Republican. I hope that clears it up.

Joe, Happy Thanksgiving, friend. Remember, the dark meat is the juiciest and easy on the gravy. We want to keep you around.

Lone Ranger said...

Yes, everyone SHOULD carry a gun. That was what the NRA has always fought for. By the way, the NRA was formed by Union officers after the Civil War to counter anti-gun laws that were being passed by democrats, who didn't want blacks to be able to defend themselves when the local KKK decided to visit.

It's really hypocritical how liberals cherry-pick the Constitution. They think nothing of trying to suppress the right to keep an bear arms, but they would go nuts if a state decided to take away the right to vote. To democrats, some rights are more important than others -- especially when their KKK is being run off in the middle of the night by their former slaves.

Joe said...

Craig: "...the dark meat is the juiciest..."

Sounds like a racist remark to me.

Happy Thanksgiving.