Thursday, October 18, 2012


I can’t believe I watched the whole thing.

I did so out of fear that President BO (the child president) might actually have something of substance and truth to say about his record during the four years of his hopefully one-term presidency.

To read the liberal blogs and to listen to the liberal MSM, one might think that’s exactly what he did.

Not exactly. In fact, not at all.

With his able side-kick, Candy Girl, he re-hashed some of his commercials, copying their scripts jot and tittle. Nothing new there.

Then he repeated the same lies about Romney’s record that he has used before. Nothing new there.

Oooo! There were the points he scored when he proclaimed the trend in drilling permits have gone up during his tenure thus far. Only they were negative points, because they were not true.

Drilling permits have been slashed by 36% since PBO (tcp) took office.

Oh! And on coal production, the president asserted, “We have seen increases in coal production…”

His very own Department of Energy says coal production is down from 2008.

Well, yes, but there was his assertion that he had called the Benghazi attack “acts of terrorism”” from the Rose Garden on the day of the attack.

Of course, from the Rose Garden he spoke generally, not specifically. If he was really being specific and referring to the Benghazi attack, then he spent the next 14 days refuting himself, saying they were reaction to “an offensive” video, until he decided to un-refute himself and say they were perpetrated by terrorists.

Nothing like being clear. And he was…nothing like being clear.

With regard to Lybia, President BO (the child president) rambled on about his “responsibility” while he still doesn’t know what happened more than 36 days later.

How can you liberals think he is so smart when he can’t figure that elementary slice of foreign affairs out? I figured it out weeks ago.

And I guess he didn’t know how to answer the questioner’s question about Lybia, because he never did get around to it.

I must be smarter than he is…no doubt.

Don’t forget his statements about the Arizona immigration enforcement law. While the law is clearly written to prohibit ethnic profiling by law enforcement officers when they stop someone, PBO (tcp) specifically stated that it does not do so.

When PBO (tcp) went after Romney’s pension, accusing him of investing in China, Romney shot back, “Have you looked at your pension lately?”

The smartest man to ever occupy the White House had no answer.

I LOVED President BO’s answer to the issue of higher gas taxes. Gas taxes are higher now than when he took office because of economic growth!

If the economy keeps growing like that, we’ll all be broke before the end of the year.

History was made during the debate, as the first black president in history came to the defense of George W. Bush!! I kid you not.

The President said, “You know, there are some things where Governor Romney is different from George Bush. George Bush didn't propose turning Medicare into a voucher. George Bush embraced comprehensive immigration reform. He didn't call for self-deportation. George Bush never suggested that we eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood, so there are differences between Governor Romney and George Bush…”

Of course, he meant it all as a slam on Romney, but it was pretty comical.

Ladies, you can be encouraged.

President BO (the child president) stood four-square in favor of fair pay for women.

Let’s all just ignore the fact that women are paid less in the White House than men doing the same jobs.

On the jobs side of the presidential equation, the President was clear. The young man who asked about his job prospects after college was greeted with the prospect of having to take a job for which he is not currently being trained.

Obama’s response was focused only on manufacturing jobs! Bet that kid felt better!

In his closing remarks, President BO (the child president) spoke of his undying faith in American rugged individualism and self-reliance, things he has both said and demonstrated he doesn’t believe in!

To his credit, PBO (tcp) didn’t sleep through this one as he did in the last (first) one.

No, he was awake and flailing this way and that, speaking in measured incoherence. He rambled at his very level of competence.

On several occasions, I thought he might actually go into the audience and hug somebody.

Once I was acutely aware of his disdain for Romney and Americans in general, and the hard, evil, anger welling up inside of him when he curtly told Romney to “continue.” WOW! What a look!

If in the eyes of Americans in general Obama did not lose this debate, I have no regard or hope for them.

Thankfully, that is not the case,

They know who lost and who won.


The Views Of A Tea Party Member said...

America has a short attention span.
The Liberal press will lie and cover up for anything bad about Obama. The last debate was a good example. As we saw Candy Crowley keeping Romney from following up Obama's lies. . Making snide remarks about Romney and letting Obama's lying remarks about the Libya attack stand. In all it's butt kissing lies.

Once Mitt Romney becomes President the media will suddenly change their tune.

Lone Ranger said...

I loved the reviews of Candy Crowley's execrable moderating job. People who have worked with her and have known her for years could not believe how nakedly biased she was. Like I say, there is no such thing as an honest liberal.

Joe said...

TVOATPM: She was a piece of work, wasn't she?

And MSM keeps heaping kudos on her.

It should be Kooties.

LR: "...nakedly..." now there's a frightful thought.

Mindy B. said...

“Get the transcript Candy”.....yeah, and right on target she already had it.....but how but how did Obama know that she had it. And still, they had to lie!
Candy had already given the question to her Messiah in advance, so that he wouldn’t have to look like a fool twice. Any one with half a brain knew this already.
Did any undecided women notice how Obama dismissively ordered Candy to get the transcript ? " Get the transcript , Candy ! "made Obama sound like a misogynist used to treating women like servants.
Romney , because he is a gentleman and also used to dealing with women in a professional work environment , would never have ordered Crowley around like that. The story that millions saw on for themselves while watching the debate was Obama's hyperactivity and snarky nastiness, his inability to answer questions ,
his high pitched , unmanly voice which signaled desperation and his beady snake eyes. If the executives at CNN had any ethics ( ha ! ) , Crowley would be suspended .Instead they have gushed over Crowley and excused her terrible behavior by saying Obama speaks slowly( stuttering and uuuuhhhs ),
that's why Crowley had to give him more time. Does CNN understand that by labeling Obama a slow talker , they reinforce that he requires a time handicap.In other words , he's not too bright. Paging Chris Matthews.
If FOX moderated a debate and one of their anchors behaved the way Crowley did -cutting off Romney 28 times vs 9 times for Obama , acting as Obama's teleprompter , giving him more time, refusing to let Romney answer questions,
always giving Obama the last word on any subject and selecting moron questions- that alone would get them suspended for unprofessional conduct. But, actually helping a presidential candidate answer a question by presenting fraudulent information would definitely get them fired.
But CNN will probably promote Crowley.

Joe said...

Mindy B: I don't know who you are, but I'm glad you are! I am using your quiz for tomorrow's poast.

Hope you don't mind too much.

You are correct about BO having the questions ahead of time.

Town Hall, my foot!

The sad thing is, SHE actually thinks she did a great job!

Ducky's here said...

What I find interesting about the Libya attack is how desperate the fringe right is to have it rolled into that "terrorism" meme.

You need as much as possible to attack because that's all you know. The difference between "terrorism" and "acts of terror" is significant to the fringe right.

Opinionated Me said...

I think that we’ve beaten that Dead Horse Candy what’s her face enough and more than enough has been written about her improper and inaccurate “fact-checking” of answers regarding Libya during the debate. But now we have to get down and wirk hard to help defeat that CLOWN in the Oval Office. Crowley helped us indeed, by her stupidity and her placating to the Liar in Chief. Now we have to get behind Mitt Romney and put that final nail in the coffin.
My prediction is Romney 55% to Obama's 45%, Lets make it happen!
But lets remember, these lying Liberal bastards are capable of anything.

Opinionated Me said...

Obama, Hillary, Rice & Biden are all a disgrace to America.

And come next year I hope and pray that these 4 are added to the rest of those who are Unemployed.

Joe said...

Opinionated Me: "My prediction is Romney 55% to Obama's 45%..."

I like that! Let's go for it!

Xavier Onassis said...

You people are so silly.

And "Mindy B" may be the silliest of the bunch.

Candy didn't have the transcript and Obama didn't have the questions. They both knew what was actually said because A) He's the one who said it. And B) She's a White House reporter who actually covered it! And C) They are both intelligent people who know what facts are.

Because Crowley is a top notch reporter, it is her second nature to fact check people.


They separate fact from fiction and present it to the people so they can decide what they want to do based on INFORMATION, not propaganda.

Real reporters, good reporters, don't just serve as tape recorders who playback whatever they record.

They investigate, verify, filter out the spin and B.S. so they can present The Truth.

Lone Ranger said...

Terrorism and a terrorist attack are different? How? Meanwhile, while the "fringe right" are trying to get to the bottom of why security was pulled from the Benghazi consul after numerous terrorist attacks in the city, the lunatic left are trying to make an issue of Mitt Romney saying he got "binders of women" so he could place women in his cabinet. That was so looney that I had to watch a couple of shows (on FNC, of course) to figure out what they were talking about.

Democrats have spent their entire time trying to smear Romney and NO time defending Obama's dismal record.

Hmmm, I feel an immutable truth about liberals coming on.

#21. The only way liberals can build themselves up is by tearing others down.

Ducky's here said...

Here, educate yourself LR

The fringe right and Mittens don't come off too well in this.

Ducky's here said...

"Binders full of women".

He does have a way with words. I wonder if his staff was nabbed for procurement.

Lone Ranger said...

Contrary to what Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels believed, repeating lies will not make them come true.

As for having a way with words, Obama easily surpasses Mitt.

I feel another Truth coming on:

#17. Every time liberals get on their high horse, they get bucked off.

Happy trails. Or should I say, happy pony ride?

Joe said...

Ducky: Your link is to a blog that is quoting a phoney letter from a phoney used by a phoney.

Phoney is what liberals do best.

Ducky's here said...

Joe, I'm curious why the fringe right is so hostile to any opposition opinions. They turtle and become even more resistant.

Something to do with revealed truth?

Lone Ranger said...

Ducky does it again.

Immutable Truth About Liberals #3. You can always tell what liberals are up to by what they accuse conservatives of doing.

Xavier Onassis said...

I see a lot of self proclaimed "Small Business" people running for political office.

They say that government can't create jobs. They say only "Small Business" people know how to create jobs.

So why are they running for a political office that would put them in government and make them less effective job creators?

Why don't they just stay "Small Business" people and create some new jobs?

Lone Ranger said...

They don't create new jobs because Obama would then slap them with taxes and regulations that might drive them out of business. A lot of businesses aren't hiring because it would put them under Obamacare, which would cripple them. They are running for office because small business people understand how the government under a socialist crushes entrepreneurship.

The Way I See It said...
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