Thursday, October 25, 2012


For the record: Jeanine Ferris Pirro (born June 2, 1951) is a former prosecutor, judge, and elected official from the state of New York.

A Republican from Westchester County, Pirro served as a county court judge before serving as the elected District Attorney of Westchester County for 12 years.

As a district attorney she gained considerable visibility, especially in cases regarding domestic abuse and crimes against the elderly.

She was the first female judge on the Westchester County Court bench.

ADDENDUM: BTW, Re: Richard Murdock: Rape is a crime and is NOT God's will. The child, however, is the will of God and his/her life should not be ended, since he/she had nothing to do with his/her conception.

Liberals would punish the child for the crimes of the rapist.


Z said...

I could watch her until Obama talks about TRUTH. I had to stop the video..he makes me ill.
the biggest liar going and he talks about truth.


I saw COndi Rice speak tonight ... she so intelligently reviewed the Libyan situation; it was very interesting to hear her take on our system of intelligence and how we review problems like Benghazi

Anonymous said...

It's very disturbing that a major news network like CBS INTENTIONALLY left out the part that indicates Obama knew the assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya was a premeditated terror attack--and suggests the White House later deceived the public by blaming protests against an anti-Islam video. CBS has lost any credibility that they MAY HAVE had.
As for Obama, he decided what would help his reelection and lied and squirmed and defended that lie for weeks.
As Charles Krautheimer had said, this is what they call journalistic malpractice!
I just cannot believe these people are our leaders. Responsibility and accountability, means absolutely nothing to them, when it's easier to just lie their way out and then try to cover up their lies.

Anonymous said...

Z, I saw Comdi last might also and I agree with every word that you said. She was right on target, as she always is.

Ducky's here said...

A TV judge.

What do Judge Judy and Maury think of Obama?

Lone Ranger said...

You can tell she's a conservative because she isn't ugly. And she is NOT a TV judge. She is a expert in the law -- something you can't say about Obama.

Ducky's here said...

Judge Pirro is recorded in Chicago at NBC Tower, the NBC network's Chicago broadcast base and home to the related courtroom series Judge Mathis, and is produced by Telepictures Productions, distributed in syndication by Warner Bros. Greg Mathis, who presides over the aforementioned Judge Mathis, serves as this series' executive producer.


Sounds like a TV judge to me. The genre's been all down hill since the great judge Wapner. There was a jurist with an awesome stride.

Ducky's here said...

You can tell she's a conservative because she isn't ugly.

Say that to Eva Longoria. She'd probably castrate you.

Ducky's here said... was very interesting to hear her take on our system of intelligence and how we review problems like Benghazi.

Did she cover Saddam's weapons of mass destruction?

I'm curious since I know you're one of those who said he shipped them to Syria (an ally of Iran and an enemy but let that go).
Why isn't Syria using them?

Lady Gun Slinger said...

The desperate Progressives have now resorted to attack Mitt Romney's religion.
I guess that they have no defense to retract to the Benghazi attack cover up, so they go to the lowest of the low and resort to desperate things like the lack of respect for religious beliefs. When the spotlight is hot on the tale of the lies and cover-up stories that this miserable administration has been deep in. These low-life’s are now showing their anti-Mormonism hoping to harm Mitt Romney's candidacy. Mitt Romney has more Principles & Values than all of these two bit Progressives will ever have.
When in fact the only people voting for the idiot- in Chief are the one getting the free stuff and the radical left who will vote for any one who is a Socialist. The small business people, the working class, the middle class American’s will not vote for 0bama. His only chance is with the union boss’s, government employees, and the free loaders, Occupiers and the Gimmie a Obama-Phone Jackasses .
And as for Colin Powell, blacks vote race and that's all there is to it. shame on you Colin Powell, but if you’re impressed with Obama's record on the economy, go for it.. No big loss on the Republican’s side, it just shows that he’s just as stupid as the rest of the people who will vote for Obama. .

Ducky's here said...

Gunslinger, the phone program originated under Chcuklenuts Bush,

Lone Ranger said...

Sheesh. Judge Pirro has been cancelled and taken out of production, and was withdrawn from syndication in September 2011.

The only beautiful liberals are airheads. Longoria qualifies.

This is the first time in his life that Obama has not been handed something on a silver platter and he is not handling it well. Calling Romney a "bullsh*tter" is just one example that Obama has no regard for the office of president and will go as low as is necessary to win reelection.

And liberals dismissing the bloody Benghazi coverup proves that there is nothing that will earn their disapproval of this worst president in U.S. history.

Joe said...

Z: I like Condi, too. I would have supported her for president, had she run.

AN: The MSM in general is very disturbting.

DB: She usually is right on target.

Ducky: Being a TV judge does not take away any of her qualifications or judicial history. Gloria Alred, the champion of liberal causes, is also a syndicated TV judge.

LR: There is something about the anger of liberals that robs them of their beauty, or confirms that it is only skin deep.

LGS: "The desperate Progressives have now resorted to attack Mitt Romney's religion."

They're the same ones who squealed like a stuck pig when anyone mentioned Kennedy's Roman Catholicism.