Thursday, October 4, 2012



The Debonair Dudes World said...

The Yankees and Mitt Romney hit it out of the park on the same night.

Barack Obama had never looked so totally, ignorant, shell-shocked, stunned, unhappy, angry, sour, and defeated as he did lat night. Poor baby!

I wonder what he and Michelle are as their anniversary dinner last night... could it have been Crow?

Joe said...

TDDW: Crow would be a step up after his debate performance.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

As Mitt Romney Crushed Barack Obama in First Presidential Debate and delivered a Knockout punch. Because of the shameless and miserable performance by Obama. The pathetic Progressives are already starting their SPIN games. For example. when Mitt Romney said that he even wanted to stop funding NPR, the Progressives are accusing him of Killing Sesame Street!

Joe said...

TDDW: See tomorrow's post!

Anita Davis said...

And the Progressive MORONS didn’t even have the Guts or the Balls to admit that their pitiful guy got slaughtered. I knew that the Lefties would be angry But, the lefties are IMPLODING! Even Clint Eastwood's chair gave a better performance! As for Barack Obama, his head bowed down, his lips were all puffed out, he was pissed-off, he was lost, he looked defeated. All this while Mitt Romney looked right into Barack’s eyes, and looked very presidential may I add. What happened to Obama’s nose in the air? This was not John McCain he was debating!
Yes, Romney ruled the debate and President Obama looked out of place!

Leticia said...

Obama was lost, irritated and was babbling half of the time.

Mitt Romney, he was fantastic, well-prepared, etc.

It was one of the best debates I have seen in a long time.

Xavier Onassis said...

Well, Al Gore blamed the President's lackluster performance on the altitude of Denver and the thinner air. Who are we to argue with the Father of the Internet?

Seriously, I feel obligated to come on here and admit that Romney clearly out performed the President last night. No spin.

Next up is the Vice Presidential debate which should be HILARIOUS no matter who wins that one!

But here's the thing.

Obama is still going to win.

One better-than-expected debate performance doesn't trump Romney's recycled Bush policies, his hypocrisy when it comes to Romneycare, Ryan's Todd Aiken-like ignorance and misogyny, Romney's lack of transpareny when it comes to his Machiavellian tax dodging shenanigans, his constant Etch-A-Sketch flip-flopping and reinventing on every single issue on the table, and his leadership position in a cult.

Is this guy really the best you chuckleheads could come up with?


Four more years!

Joe said...

AD: Their major bone of contention, even today, is Big Bird's supposed demise.

Leticia: As a debate, it was a dud. As for Romney's winning...there was no doubt.

XO: You actually saw President BO (the child president) at his very best!

His subsequent speeches have shown how narcissitic he is...he does not believe he lost and speaks with a decided hysteria.