Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Reported in the Wall Street Journal, May 13, 2012

Insurers must credit ObamaCare when giving new round of rebates;

Health-insurance companies must tell customers who get a premium rebate this summer that the check is the result of the Obama administration's health-care law, according to federal guidelines released Friday.

The move is the latest sign the Obama administration is trying to draw attention to the law's benefits before the fall elections, even though the law faces an uncertain future. The Supreme Court is expected to decide in June whether its central plank-a mandate that everyone carry insurance-violates the Constitution.


Xavier Onassis said...

:: sigh ::

I don't know why I waste my time bothering to ask, but do you have any CREDIBLE journalistic news source who can back this up?

A Proud American said...

Wake Up You Stupid Sheep!

Joe said...

XO: You think the Wall Street Journal is un-credible. I think the New York Times is un-credible.

Did you bother with the link?

It matters not what source I site, you don't accept it, so why should I bother?

Besides, if it does not fit your agenda, you won't believe it anyway.

Who do you think you're fooling?

You are who you are and you are too narrow minded to learn anything new.

Mark said...

Yet proof that Obama is a narcissist. What other President would make it a law to get himself credit for some piece of legislation?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Obamanation will never grow up.

Knuckledraggin said...

Wrong again, Obama has been going around congress, and never worries about getting their approval for all of his socialist ideas and his agenda to "change America". The Libya war, went around congress he didn't get approval then, Africa troops, same thing) He want to be a dictator, and you are falling for it. Didn't you hear, we still don'' have a budget, in the almost ,four years B.O, has been in office! He plays games with the republicans. He agrees to some points, and then the republicans agree and then Obama comes back with DIFFERANT demands, the republicans agree, then OBAMA comes back with differant demands. Harry Reid is the bottle neck of why things aren't getting done and Obama agrees with him. We have the proof. Do you care to get some education and real truth? Not just you stale talking points programed into you by the left? It is embarrassing , to keep reading how UN-informed the left is.
How old are you anyway?

Educate yourself, get some facts, then come on here. You are showing your own ignorance. Oh, it seems you can't read either. What Joe has said here is fact, not the spin crapola that you bring here from your bias liberal rags.

Lisa said...

The president who "plays by the rules" or at least says the rest of us should,gets the more qualified "woman" candidate off the ballot so he can bring us his Utopian Dream of making us all unemployed and dependent on His Highness.
Dana Perino said it best 'He is over-exposed and over-rated.'

Ducky's here said...

Leave it to the right wing to complain about lower health insurance premiums.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Leave it a left winger to be in denial and not even realize how much more this is going to cost or to ignore the fact that this bill was designed for illegals to get full coverage. But wait once more and more Doctors stop taking Medicare expect to see Emergency Rooms overflowing even more than before this travesty was passed.
Where will Canadians go for their MRI's then?
No need to try and prove it to them Joe. I heard the same thing and it's obvious this is just another slight of hand by our Liar in Chief.
Unfortunately by the time this disaster rears it's ugly head in it's entirety Obama will be long but the will still rewrite it as the greatest accomplishment ever.

joannaca said...

Here we go again with Demonrats misleading people. Oh how racist of me, I said something negative about Obama!

Leticia said...

No matter how many links, credible websites, and so forth, the liberals will always find fault with your posts.

I don't believe they are capable of handling the truth regarding Obama.

PMG said...

Lincoln was wrong, "You can fool all the people all the time."

Lisa said...

Good one Leticia they are so up this president's arse they can't even see the lightof day. I tend to listen to sensiblity not the self important Messiah who is in love with his own voice. This is a compelling 4 minutes

check it out