Tuesday, May 8, 2012


If Elizabeth Warren, suspected of being 1/32 Cherokee Indian (because of her great-great-great-grandmother), can get all kinds of federal perks by being a minority, I want every penny of my college costs returned, I want reparations from the government and I want my own water fountain to drink from. In fact, I should get twice as much as she did. I'm 1/16 Cherokee Indian! Could this be my great-great-grandmother?


Lone Ranger said...

Supposedly we are ALL descended from Africa. That makes us all African-Americans. Where's my affirmative action?

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Affirmative action is alive and well,and sitting in the Oval office.

Anonymous said...

You're 1/16 First Nations? Cherokee at that?

Joe the Hexadecaroon!

My English tutor also expects reparations from the US Government for the properties his family lost when they were forced to leave the 13 Colonies after having fought on the losing side of the Revolutionary War.
Just like the expat Cubans want reparations from Castro, the U.E.L.s want reparations from the Revolted Colonies - only fair.

Ducky's here said...

Here in Massachusetts Scott Brown has Pocahontas in deep doo-doo.

Joe said...

LR: In addition to being 1/16 (6.2%) Cherokee, I am 75% African-American, 30% Russian and 47.1% Irish.

TDD: Yep, he is.

ALTC: That's me...the Hexadecaroon!

Ducky: I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Joe said,

".....In addition to being 1/16 (6.2%) Cherokee, I am 75% African-American, 30% Russian and 47.1% Irish......"

And that 158.3% admixture of classy humans, except for the Irish part, is 100% Yankee Red, White and Blue too I reckon!

cary said...

I have a lot of Blackfoot Indian in my heritage. In fact, after walking around all day, my daughter shows her heritage proudly. And, it usually takes several minutes of scrubbing to make her look like a white girl again.

Mark said...

My grandmother on my father's side had so much Indian in her she was entitled to free Indian land in Oklahoma, but, in those days, record keeping was poor to non-existent, so she couldn't prove she was Indian.

Big deal. We all have some Indian blood in us. That's one part of the great melting pot that is America. I don't expect handouts because of a small part of my heritage, nor would I want them. Anyone that would take advantage of their heritage to get special favors is pathetic. And anyone that would say they have some right to special favors when they don't is worse than pathetic.

Elizabeth Warren is now classified.