Friday, May 4, 2012



Lee's Page said...

Barack Hussein Obama is not fit to be our Commander in Chief!!!
This is the president who's spiritual adviser for the last 20 years was a anti Semitic, anti- white low life communist, and the man who married he and his wife!
Rev. Jeremiah Wright, supports terrorism, blames the Jews for the world's problems and seemingly enjoys the repeated rant of "God Damn America"? Is it a coincidence that this is the presidential candidate endorsed by Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party and other anti-white and anti-Semitic hate groups?

Should us Americans expect a Commander In Chief to control our borders and illegal immigration problem when the Commander In Chief himself conceals from the American public that his own relative his own Aunt is an illegal alien residing in America and benefiting from social programs paid for by U.S. taxpayers?
This is a President who has set out to silence his critics wand destroy his opponents! What a phoney he us!
What a farce he is! What a Double Standard this administration set for their constituents.

RetiredMarine said...

Friends, fellow republicans and conservatives we must win in November, the way I see it this may be our last chance.

The scum who will be voting Obama and his fellow rats are the Marxist, Occupying Wall Streeter's of the country and if they are not turned around this country will be down the toilet before 2016 rolls around.

Scottcarp Dreamer said...

The "best and the brightest'...sic

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

These are the future leaders of America - fully brainwashed Demokrats who cannot even present an intellectual argument agains capitalism. These guys don't have a clue about life.

Lone Ranger said...

??? Which one is Ducky?

Z said...

LONE RANGER! I just BURST into laughter "which one is Ducky!?"
That is THE funniest comment I've seen in a very long time, thanks for that :-) HAAA!

Joe, I could only watch that for 1 minute and my head about blew apart. THIS is America's FUTURE?

Ducky's here said...

Z, for someone whose idea of early childhood education is that young children learn by rote memorization of Lee Greenwood (or whatever that no talent jerk is named) you should be a little more circumspect about your usefulness and your intellect.

Chatsworth, you still leeching off the taxpayers?

Joe said...

Ducky: Are you admitting that those two in the vid are very much like youreself?

Ducky's here said...

No Joe, they display a level of intellect closer to z, Chatsworth, Tonto's Catcher and some of your other readers.

Ducky's here said...

Joe, gas prices are coming down. Where is the new supply coming from.

Using your simpleton supply & demand theory I am having trouble understanding energy pricing but you know best.

Leticia said...

Scary that there are really people out there who think like that. Good grief!!

BaseballFan said...

I guess obama has to spike the football on this since he has nothing else to celebrate. Unless he privately celebrates adding more to the national debt in 2.5 years than Bush did in 8 years. Maybe he celebrates 45% more people on food stamps since he's been in office. I suppose he is celebrating the $4,300 the average family income has dropped since taking office. I'm certain he is celebrating the drop in unemployment to 8.1% mainly due to Americans giving up looking for work. I wonder if he is celebrating the 35% raise in insurance premiums due to obamacare. Yea, celebrate bin Laden's death because there is nothing else positive your policies have done, what a failure.

The Questionman said...

Yes, President Obama “spiked” the ball on the success of killing the terrorist Osama Bin Laden. A criticism created from President Obama’s success speech last year and spewed by this racist blogger and the Head Racist and Hypocrite, Rush Limbaugh, who last year gave the President his due!
I think the obvious has become clear. This racist blooger can’t stand President Obama having a success. The economy’s managing, but it’s still not good. This racist blogger tries to rewrite history with Ray-gun, which the succeeded. Now they right to make President Obama a “failure” but god forbid, President Obama gets ONE successful tout for his Administration, ONE. This racist blogger wants to take it away. Again PROOF the racist right has NO understanding of American History:

Bush stated that he really didn’t care about Bin Laden and moved the focus off of him. But I will give Bush credit and say he was certainly right when he said that “terrorism is bigger than one person.”
Again, another fact that this racist blogger DON’T talk to other Americans about. In this case, talking to your family members don’t count.

Brief comparison: Obama: Presided over the killing of Bin Laden; the ousting of Qadaffi (no U.S. casualties); constant drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan; the end of the war in Iraq; democratic revolutions in Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Bahrain.
Bush: Presided over the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil; the beginning of two wars (one disastrous, the other a bit less so); a fundamental realignment on U.S. attitudes toward detainment, intelligence gathering, and torture (largely continued by the Obama administration); the capture and killing of Saddam Hussein; numerous other successful military strikes.

However. The Navy SEALs are RIGHT to attack Obama for trying to push his success of Bin Laden’s death as a political tool. It shouldn’t be a political tool. The President is wrong on that!
George Bush and the Republicans destroyed our country…it will take many years to recover. Hopefully, if the Democrats have enough time, they will help set the country back to the Clinton era. There is nothing new about this racist blooger and the rest of the rabid right’s delusional assertions that President Obama is a Marxist, socialist, Kenyan, Muslim, Anti-Christ, who is conspiring with communists, Al Qaeda, the New Black Panthers (all four of them), and Sesame Street to subvert democracy, indoctrinate our children, and deflower our women.
Disgustingly pathetic coming from the party who smears his Wife’s looks and his, also. What do they know about class, character, or integrity?
Not only are they racists, but hypocritical racists, especially THIS RACIST BLOGGER . A guy who writes a story about Obama’s Girlfriend is a make-up, but a guy who, with no facts, claims Obama is a homosexual (Not that there’s anything wrong with it) it’s automatically true?
Yes, race relations have been damaged under Obama, but here are the real facts!
He’s caused some class warfare but has brought angry closet racists out of the closet. He’s helped race relations more than he has hurt them. America isn’t that racist since we will probably re-elect him in 2012

Anonymous said...


I responded to your queries under the 'Pants on Fire' post.

If this helps, I did not ask myself "Which one is Bojangles" when I viewed the video.
I thought instead "Sheesh, Yankees are just not easy on the eyes.

Joe said...

Ducky: "Where is the new supply coming from."

I assume you meant that as a question. In English we traditionally use a question mark (?) to indicate a question.

It comes when OPEC releases its supply and lowers the price of crude.

A little tough for frozen minds, I know, but that's the long and the short of it.

Joe said...

Ducky: What is it about your intellect that makes you want to substitute ridicule and name calling for discussion and meaningful dialog?

You do realize that it is a very, very weak intellect that resorts to those measures, don't you?

Anonymous said...

".......makes you want to substitute ridicule and name calling for discussion and meaningful dialog?......"

Joe, ridicule and name calling may not be a useful substitute for discussion and meaningful dialogue but it sure is a spectacular substitute for gun play.

Some of the vitriol expressed here 'bouts makes me wonder what would transpire if we were all, physically, in the same room - and all armed to the teeth - during these 'discussions'.

Lee's Page said...

Having just read that rant and rave from "The Questionman" I have only one thing to say about it.....How's that working out for you, you Liberal Holier than Thou Nuts? Make you feel proud?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

It would be nice if you’d come off the grade-school playground and use my name correctly (although such childish behavior does seem to be normal for liberals).

Also, do members of the armed forces “leech” off the taxpayers? The way you continually attack me for “leeching” must mean you see them as leeches also. The problem is, while you liberals think the government should pay for everything people do from cradle to grave (if you let them reach the cradle and if you don’t hustle them to the grave), there is a necessity for government to have employees to be able to function properly. While every government is over-burdened with useless employees due to liberal ideology, the Constitution makes provisions for paying necessary employees.

Since I spent almost five years serving in the Army (Constitutional need), 3 1/2 years with the postal service (granted by the original Constitution) and 30 years air traffic control (also constitutionally covered), and paid into a retirement fund while doing so, I have never “leeched” off the taxpayer. I earned my living and paid my taxes and am now being paid a retirement based on what I paid in.

So quit showing your abject ignorance, quit the childish name calling, and just plain grow up.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Oh, and for those who cheer Obama by saying gas prices are coming down, you must remember it was less than $2 a gallon when he took over. As long as it it still over $3 a gallon (I just paid $3.66), I don't see how you can give this as a credit.

Anonymous said...

If the Libruls are able to control the country for another 4 years, I fear they'll have time enough to pack the SCOTUS so this will eventually be allowed.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if all the Librul Yankee Women, and men, who supported the 'Arab Spring' ouster of Mubarak a year ago are still pleased with themselves?

Maybe the Libruls should be supporting Assad in Syria instead of the 'Freedom Fighters'?

Democracy can have it's down-side.

Joe said...

ALTC: Democracy is almost anarchy. That's why we don't have one. We have a constitutional representative republic (or at least that's what we're supposed to have).

Craig said...

While every government is over-burdened with useless employees due to liberal ideology,

Mr. Glenn E. Chatfield,

Reality check. The numbers don't lie. When Obama took office we were losing 800K jobs a month. The economy doesn't reset with the election of a new pres. From Jan., 2009 to Feb., 2010, we continued to lose jobs but the pace steadily decreased. Since then we've added 4,247,000 private sector jobs for a net increase of 35K.

During Obama's 3+ years the public sector (govt. jobs) has shrunk by 608K, over 1M if you count state govt. jobs.

Compare that to the Bush years. Net private sector jobs over 8 years, -646K jobs. Public sector jobs, +1.7M jobs. Got that?

under Obama:
Private sector jobs: Up by 35K
Public sector jobs: Down 608K

And under Bush:
Private sector jobs: Down by 646K
Public sector jobs: Up by 1.7M

Bonus stat:

At the same point in Reagan's first term,
Public sector jobs: Up by 1.3M

Who's the Socialist, Mr. Glenn?

Ducky's here said...

@Joe -
I assume you meant that as a question. In English we traditionally use a question mark (?) to indicate a question.

Thanks Grammar Girl.

Man your potty training must have been strict.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Reality check -
The numbers are made up by the politicians and surveys. Don't believe everything you read on the internet and MSM.

If you thing Obamanation has done anything for the USA beside pushing it farther into decay, then you are in a dream world.

Now take a trip to the real world and see what's out there - jobs are more difficult to find, the value of the dollar has dropped tremendously and we about to go over an economic cliff. Interests on savings is nil (but still taxed, I might add), and all food prices are through the roof. Oh, and we are still in Afghanistan - from a president who promised to get them out. And the homosexual agenda advances to where Obamanation now brags about how much he's advanced it (leading to more moral decay). There is just not enough time or space to describe what Obamanation and his nazi-socialist administration has done to run this country into the ground.

Anonymous said...

"......Thanks Grammar Girl.

Man your potty training must have been strict......"

What potty training?
I am speaking for myself, of course.