Thursday, February 2, 2012




Ducky's here said...

Well Joe, you like to grab yourself some Medicare funds.

Do you consider it vote buying?

sue hanes said...

Joe - Thanks so much for yet another FIREWALL video featuring
Bill Whittle.

The visuals were Really good in this one - I liked the red/black pie.

Bill presented himself well - although his open-at-the-top white shirt was not very effective - especially after the popup of President Obama - our Hot President - which showed him wearing a really cool purple tie with tiny white dots.

Still Bill Whittle is a fair to meddling speaker and one of his strong points is his well-controlled hand motions - kept in the range of his waist.

Bill has nice eyes and his teeth are pretty good - just a little crooked on the bottom row.

Actually Bill Whittle resembles Jim Carrey just a bit - I think through the eyes. His hair is great.

Overall - I was impressed by his ability to speak rapidly and not slur his works.

However his Adam's apple freaked me out. Is there something abnormal there?

jus' wonderin'

Thanks Joe.

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - All of that horrible, evil entitlement spending is why you are still alive.

In a Conservative Utopia, you would be fed to the bears or put on a chunk of floating ice to die because you would be considered an unproductive burden on society because you couldn't pull your own weight and had to rely on others.

You should wake up every day not thanking God, but thanking Liberals, Progresssives, Democrats, Socialists and Unions for the social safety net and infrastructure that allows you to keep breathing air and posting hateful videos.

It's people like me, Ducky and Craig that allow you to continue being an angry, bitter, hypocritical, living human being.

We're happy to do it. You're welcome.

Joe said...

XO: "In a Conservative Utopia, you would be fed to the bears or put on a chunk of floating ice to die..."

I wonder what it would be like to be eaten by a bear.

Try it and let me know.

sue hanes said...

Joe - If ya wanna kmow what's it's like to be eaten by a bear - just watch The Edge.

Anonymous said...

".....It's people like me, Ducky and Craig that allow you to continue being an angry, bitter, hypocritical, living human being....."

And it's people like Joe who allow the Greek Shipping Magnate, Bojangles Ducky and Coruscating Craig to continue to entertain us. And by 'us', I've no clue what I mean, other than we are a bezoar for the Librul toxin.

"...In a Conservative Utopia, you would be fed to the bears or put on a chunk of floating ice to die...."

In a Conservative Utopia there would be no bears - nor ice floes for that matter. It's those damned Libruls who insist on endangering the people with hull-ripping icebergs and throat-slashing ursines.

Sue Hanes said,

"....Still Bill Whittle is a fair to meddling speaker...."

Are not all speakers? Meddling, that is?

sue hanes said...

Joe - It may be similar to how it feels like to be swallowed whole by a Shark - such as in JAWS - or better yet - Deep Blue Sea.

Now there's a couple of Movies For The Ages - let me tell ya...

sue hanes said...

Although I refuse to watch someone get swallowed whole by a Snake - such as in that one with Jon Voight.

What was the Name of that stupid disgusting movie?

sue hanes said...

For me the best way to go is Natural Causes...

know what I mean?

Craig said...



Joe, The majority of "entitlement" recipients are over 65, yes? BTW, they're entitled because they paid into it. You'd think they would vote for the party that protects S.S. and Medicare. In 2008 they voted 53% to 45% for McCain and made up 16% of the vote.

The next largest bloc of recipients are the poor. Those that fall below the poverty line. They voted overwhelmingly for Obama but accounted for only 6% of votes cast.

If the intent is to buy votes, it isn't working.

If you look behind the numbers in Wittles simplistic presentation, here's what you'll find. The reason we borrow 47 cents of every dollar spent is because of 6 years of Republican rule in the aughts. Bush took a balanced budget and blew it up, doubling the debt. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities compared policies of Bush and Obama that have been implemented and found Bush's added $5.1T and Obama's, $983B. Handy chart here.

The biggest contributor to debts and deficits were the Bush tax cuts. They were supposed to unleash the job creators and more than pay for themselves. In Jan., 2001, when Bush took office, the unemployment rate was 4.2%. The U6 was 7.3%. In Jan. 2009, when he left office, UE was 7.6% and we were losing 700,000 jobs a month. The U6 was 14.2%. So much for lower taxes creating jobs.

As of this morning, UE is 8.3%, the U6 is 15.1, but the trajectory is downward. About a quarter of federal spending is for UE, food stamps and Medicaid. Jobs will reduce that spending and all the Repubs have offered to create jobs is more tax cuts. Double down on what, demonstrably, doesn't work.

Other fun facts. Today, corporate tax as a % of revenue is 5% and less than 1% of GDP. In 1960, the good old days, it was 27% of revenue and over 4% of GDP.

Joe, as XO has pointed out, you owe your life to those entitlements. Imagine a Paul Ryan world. You get an $8,000 voucher, no protection for your pre-existing condition and you can shop for health ins. in the private market. Good luck with that.

Ducky's here said...

It's interesting how intractable you are, Joe.

You keep posting Bill Witless and his ginned up numbers get shot down. But it's pointed out that what he has in mind for folks like yourself is a lower quality of life and you still follow this guy.

You may reply that you are doing it for the country but lowering the quality of life for seniors doesn't seem best for the country to me.

But you certainly won't budge.

vigil said...

Jo-Jo has finally reached the bottom of the barrel. I always know that he would, it was just a matter of when.

I surely thought that the Republican Party had better candidates than those now presenting themselves as qualified to be president, but I guess even I was wrong on that.

So far wev'e seen one who has had at least four sexual harassment accusations against him and who has shown he knows nothing about foreign policy, but plenty about making a pizza,. A second who can't remember what he is against and appeared under some kind of influence when giving a speech. A third who when he was speaker of the House harangued President Bill Clinton about the Monica Lewinsky affair, was himself carrying on an affair of his own behind the back of his sick wife.
And then we have the current frontrunner, Mitt Romney who says that as a businessman he knows how to create jobs, but love to fire people, and hates poor people. And these candidates are prime examples of the rightwingers.
Who we we find next?
Any ideas?

It's for darn sure that President ain't got nuting to worry about.

shoprat said...

Very few are suggesting we totally eliminate entitlements or the safety net. (A handful are.) However only the most extreme leftist would deny that the programs have spun out of control.

Ducky's here said...

The Left denies no such thing. Medical costs are a serious problem but only the fringe right thinks that throwing seniors under the bus with a voucher is the solution.

The sooner we wean the right from morons like Bill Witless the sooner we can make progress.