Sunday, February 5, 2012

SUNDAY RESPITE-The Lighthouse-John Starnes


sue hanes said...

Joe - We're not going to tear down that Lighthouse.

We are going to tear down the Wall - however.

Thanks Joe.

Thank you RESPITS.

thank ya jesus

By the Way - Joe.

Which team are ya rooting for?

Joe said...

sue haynes: The Dolphins

sue hanes said...

Have a nice day - Jo

Ducky's here said...

Get that clown Madonna off the field and play football.

Joe said...

Ducky: Another thing we agre on! Astounding!

Z said...

Madonna was boring until her dancer flipped the crowd off and got her own 5 minutes of fame, which was probably planned so Madonna's show could get the type of response she wanted while she remained "decent" "It wasn't MEEE!" .The dancer will become rich and famous for being lewd. wait for it.

The Lighthouse...very nice; I like his voice, too..thanks, Joe.

sue hanes said...

Ducky - Are you just calling Madonna a clown because she is a Woman?

and I'm quite sure that nobody will even dispute that