Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Manchurian President Part 1

Jeffrey H. Anderson writes the following.

According to the White House’s own figures, the actual or projected deficit tallies for the four years in which Obama has submitted budgets are as follows: $1.293 trillion in 2010, $1.300 trillion in 2011, $1.327 trillion in 2012, and $901 billion in 2013. In addition, Obama is responsible for the estimated $200 billion (the Congressional Budget Office’s figure) that his economic “stimulus” added to the deficit in 2009. Moreover, he shouldn’t get credit for the $149 billion in TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) repayments made in 2010 and 2011 to cover most of the $154 billion in bank loans that remained unpaid at the end of the 2009 fiscal year — loans that count against President Bush’s 2009 deficit tally.

To help put that colossal sum of money into perspective, if you take our deficit spending under Obama and divide it evenly among the roughly 300 million American citizens, that works out to just over $17,000 per person — or about $70,000 for a family of four.

What a guy!


Me? Opinionated? said...

Where is Oprah Winfrey when he needs her?

Oh I almost forget,she has her own problems.

Anonymous said...

".....the roughly 300 million American citizens, that works out to just over $17,000 per person — or about $70,000 for a family of four....."

You have to include the 100 million illegals if you want a true perspective.

sue hanes said...

Joe - A very well-researched and excellently written post indeed.

Amd Really - that is a lot of money that Our President has spent.

What was he thinking - Joe?

Now I would like my share while I am here at the hospital - because there are a few more things I would like to buy at the Really cool gift shop.

Sure - other folks - good decent Americans have more important stuff to spend their $17,000 on.
And I say more power to them.

As for me - I would just like to go down to the gift shop one more time before it closes.

Good day - Joe.

And thank you.

Ducky's here said...

Aquarius, is sue your doppelganger?

sue hanes said...

ducky - I googled doppelganger and I am not Aquarina's 'evil' twin.

We simply are on the same page.

You - ducky - are Joe's doppelganger.

Ducky's here said...

Joe , the other day I met someone who reminded me of you.

I was in the Back Bay near the Hancock building and I had my bag with me so I decided to try a few shots. I got next to the building and pointed straight up with a telephoto.

I decided to try it with a fixed 50 so I started swapping.

Security guard comes up to me:

"What are you doing?"

"I'm changing lenses."

"You can't do that here."

Here I am just minding my business and expanding the culture and this guy has to hassle me. Made me think of you and the autocrtic right.

sue hanes said...

ducky - When you say the Hancock
Building do ya mean the one in Chi-town? Cause I was up there once and it was scary.

Really tall buildings scare me ducky.

Joe - forgive me for being offtopic.

I Really couldn't resist.

Ducky's here said...

Sue - Back Bay is the tip off.

Lone Ranger said...

The autocratic right. Ummm WHO is in the White House? WHO controls the Senate and the numerous regulatory agencies?

The autocratic right never seized a turkey sandwich from a preschooler and replaced it with school chicken nuggets.

Liberals are the ultimate control freaks. They tell us what to eat, how to dress, what cars to drive, etc., etc., etc. They always have their nose up someone's butt.

sue hanes said...

Why the elevator in the Hancock Building in Chicago went faster to the 100th floor than the one here in the Hospital goes from the 2nd floor to the Basement.

I'm not kidding folks.

Once I thought it was stuck and nearly panicked.

I'm ok now.

Thanks Joe.

sue hanes said...

not yer butt - lr


Anonymous said...

Aquarians love to Cuddle, I Read your post on Shaws blog and I suggest that you change your moniker to "Aquarians love to babble": or perhaps, "Aquarians love to BS" or even "Aquarians love to impress others" or better yet, "Aquarians have diarrhea of the mouth"

I'm a competitive copraphile.

Conservatives make me sick to my stomach, especially when you spread your BS on Liberal blogs such as Shaw's.
So why don't you stay over by Jo-Joe Politico's blog where you can continue to "TRY" to impress people. You sound like a bumbling fool and a damn moron.
More importantly, who cares what Conservatives Knucklehead, foreigners like you say or think

vastrightwingconspirator said...

our country is going to hell in a hand-basket and the Liberals don't even see it. Don't you Libs have any clue what's going on in this country?
For crying out loud, we lost the Bill of Rights and the media talks about Michelle Obama's food laws for the Obese?
Who the heck care about her banning McDonalds Happy Meals, when Iran is talking about launching missiles at us. Joe is right, The First lady IS a Child who thinks that she was elected to her position.
Why in the would is Michelle Obama deciding what my kids or your kids Kids eat? Can’t we just leave it up to the Parents?
And does the federal government have the authority to regulate the food sold in schools, including in vending machines?
And where does she get off telling us anything?
Let her go back to Hawaii and leave us alone. To heck with her and all of her nanny-state enablers. What is it with socialists and their craving to control others?

sue hanes said...

Because - Vast - We Socialists are what ya call Control Freaks.

Sergeant D Honored Veteran said...

sue hanes said...
Because - Vast - We Socialists are what ya call Control Freaks.

Are you schizophrenic Sue or are you smoking a bit too much weed? I'm not an expert but I heard that when you smoke too much weed you get hallucinations and schizophrenia. So my advice to you is to slow down or it will fry your brain cells.

Now why don't you go into your kitchen and bake some chocolate chip cookies? But go easy on the sugar.

sue hanes said...

Sarge D - First - thank you for all you have done for Our Country.
As a Veteran - We Owe Ya.

And I have always stepped up and Supported Our Troops. Why - Sarge D - I even marched in a long parade in Support Of Our Troops.

But Really - I am not a Schitzophrenic - don't they see dead people?

Never happened to me let me tell ya.

But there are a couple of people that I would like to see dead.

Rick Santorum for one.

Now don't get me wrong - I wouldn't kill him myself.


But he is Really getting on my neves - Sarge. Makes my skin crawl.

Have an Excellent Day - Sargeant.

sue hanes said...

one more thing - Sarge D. - your profile pictures Scares me.

Joe - thanks so much for allowing this little skirmish between me and Sargeant D. - A Fine Veteran.

Sidbirt said...

So Sue Hanes would like to see Rick Santorum Dead!

Isn't that nice of these liberals who are so understanding and have these bleeding hearts for the poor and minorities.
Bur would wish Death on someone that she doesn't even know and most likely never even heard of up until a moth or 2 ago.
S much for the people of love and kindness, understanding,relaxed, tolerant, patient, and fun loving.
respecting, and helping other people.

So Sue knock-off this stupid crap.
No one here believes your horse manure.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Some hysterical person wrote: "...our country is going to hell in a hand-basket and the Liberals don't even see it. Don't you Libs have any clue what's going on in this country?
For crying out loud, we lost the Bill of Rights..."

Exactly which of your "rights" have been lost?

You were free to come here and express yourself, weren't you? And you have the freedom to stand on the corner of your street and curse every liberal who irritates you, and nothing will happen to you, except perhaps your neighbors will give you worried looks.

You haven't been stopped from attending the church, temple or mosque of your choice by any government agent have you?

I was able to buy a newspaper today, so the government hasn't shut down the press.

And, regretfully, FAUX NOOZ is still in operation, spreading its disinformation and silliness. No government shut down there either.

I also signed a petition on line the other day, and it will be sent to my US epresentative--another Bill of Rights guarantee--and no government agent came to my house to arrest me for doing so.

The government hasn't confiscated anyone's guns. In fact, Mr. Obama has expanded gun ownership rights. This is a fact neither you nor anyone else here can dispute.

I haven't had to quarter any soldiers in my home this week either. And no government agent has come to my home to search and seize any of my papers.

The rest of the Rights you claim are lost pertain to trials and any punishments as well as the rights of defendants, which, since I'm a law-abiding citizen, I have had no encounter with--except, I did serve on two juries.

So if you can tell me in concrete terms exactly which of our rights in the Bill of Rights have been lost, I would be eager to hear about it.

Otherwise, I suggest that when you feel the need to pop off at the mouth about imagined abrogation of rights that you take two aspirin and lie down on a nice soft cushion instead.

Rosalynn Carter said...

Am I day dreaming or wasn't it Shaw Kenawe who said...I'm done with you and all your racist friends.

And low and behold, here she is again spout her vicious lies and her vicious liberal venom.

But in sincerity,this is who she is, if you read her NASTY blog you will find she has been spreading lies about a all of our elected leaders and our nominees, along with her nasty liberal commenters. And now she comes here to lecture us.
What a hideous, horrendous, nasty, offensive person she must be.

A Pissed Off Irishman said...

It seems to me that Ms,Kenawe spends much to much time writing and reading left wing blogs on the intenet and watching MSNBC, which is why she believe the floating lies about republicans.

She's one of those people who think that Obama is smarter than George Bush. And that Obama is the greatest President in the history of the USA.
Further proof that we are being ruled by morons who are acting like they care about the nation and it’s citizens, but in reality are just brainwashed useful idiots.

sue hanes said...

Sidbiirt - I checked out your Really cool blog just now.

I see yer from Alabama - a Southerner. Now lucky for you that ya ain't from Georgia - cause I'm after those People - AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

But - Sidbirt - calling me Horse Manure? I know what that is - I was raised in NE Indiana.

But Sidbirt - I think we could be Good Friends.

I just can't stand Rick Santorum - and I'm not gonna back down on that.

And anyway - I would NEVER wish anywone dead - cause I Believe In The Right To Life.

Even for someone like the scumbag Rick Santorum.

makes me want to p*ke - sidbirt

Joe said...

SK: "Exactly which of your "rights" have been lost?"

How about the right to worship as you please, even if its in a government place?

People used to hold church services in government buildings. Those who wrote the Constitution did not seem to know that those worshipers were violating the Constitution they just finished writing.

Stupid framers.

vastrightwingconspirator said...

Shaw Kenawe.....

There is a danger to freedom of speech
There is a danger to freedom of religion.
There is a danger to freedom of CHOICE! And I thank Michelle Obama for that..
The Internet is the next thing we have to worry about with this administration
There is a clear and present danger to our Constitution.

President Barack Obama told his audience of over 10,000 at the annual AIPAC policy conference in Washington, D.C. on Sunday that "a strong and secure Israel is in the interest of the United States and the bond between our two vibrant democracies must be nurtured.His speech sounded great, but it was all BS and now
you can throw that out the window now. We must do it to preserve our freedoms and start with throwing out Barack Obama...
Payback is a Bitch

Shaw Kenawe said...

Joe, aren't you a strict constructionist? You want to worship in a government building? Why? What's wrong with worshipping in your church, temple, or mosque? Your home? Why do you need to worship in a government building?

You want to be able to worship on government property? Then you have to allow every religion to have the same privilege--even though it's unConstitutional.

So we would have Muslims, Hindus, Bahais, Mormons, Buddists, Sikhs, Jews, Christians, Scientologists, Jehovah Witnesses, Christian Scientists, etc., etc., all holding their religious services in government buildings?


Shaw Kenawe said...


What have you been putting in your cornflakes?

Sergeant D Honored Veteran said...

Joe, I'm looking forward to

"The Manchurian President Part Two"

I really seems to bring out the Leftie Lunatic Fringe.

Joe said...

SK: "You want to be able to worship on government property? Then you have to allow every religion to have the same privilege--even though it's unConstitutional."

The First Amendment says "Congress shall make no law..."

What part of "no" do you not understand.

Congress is specifically and directly prohibited from making any law "concerning" freedom of worship, the press or the assemblying for the redress of grieviences.

They are purely and simply prohibited from interfering with "...the free exercise thereof."

"Free" means "free," or freedom is a myth.

Ducky's here said...

Joe, you beg the question.

What does a health insurance requirement for a private company receiving Federal funds have to do with the practice of religion?

This is a secular labor issue.

No one is being frced to use contraception.

Joe said...

sue hanes: Just to clarify, the $17,000.00 is not money being given to anybody, it is the amount of debt our children and grandchildren are going to have to pay out of their incomes to the federal government to get us out of this economic mess we're in.