Monday, December 5, 2011


In Alabama, an OWS member suffered a grande mal seizure while screaming opposition to Glenn Beck even being allowed to live, let alone sign books.

You would think dozens, or at least a few OWSers would have come to his aid.

Fact is, one OWS lady helped keep his head from crashing on the sidewalk, but not one other OWSer stepped up to help...not one.

You know who DID help?

Glenn Beck's entourage.

They prevented the fellow from further injury, as is common with those who suffer seizures, until EMS got there and took him to a local hospital.

After treatment at the hospital, the man DEMANDED that the hospital take him back to the protest site...something I don't think hospitals are designed to do.

Now I ask, which ones of these people were this man's neighbors, the OWSers who stood around and did nothing, or the members of the hated conservative group against whom they were railing?

If you don't know the answer, you are a useless nincompoop.


sue hanes said...

Joe -

The Members of the Hated Conservative Group.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

This is priceless!

Craig said...

Joe, You give a lot more detail than what's in the news clip you posted. Is there more information that you can link to?

It looks like there are just as many standing in line for Glenn, doing nothing, as there are OWSers.

Joe said...

Craig: You fit the category of my last sentence exactly.

How many people do you think should step in to help?

You think I think ALL of the OWSers should have helped?

Maybe you think ALL of those standing in line should have helped.

The point was not how many, but who.

The OWSers were right there and he was one of them. You might expect some of them to have stepped in.

Instead, some of GB's entourage had to come from further away to help.

But who would expect a liberal to get the point?

You never have, why should I expect you to start now?

You, sir, are a total ignoramus and incapable of linear, rational thought, even thought you think you think rationally.

You deceive yourself.

Ducky's here said...

Should have taken him to share a little "tea" with sue hanes.

Ducky's here said...

It looks like there are just as many standing in line for Glenn, doing nothing, as there are OWSers.


Oh, oh Joe, you just got "logicified". Stay down! Stay down!

The one "civilian" who came to aid was OWS.

Maybe the others learned from the experience in Oakland when they tried to aid a wounded veteran and were fired on by the cops.

Lone Ranger said...

Hate makes people stoopid. Maybe the reason the other OWS protesters didn't help is that they didn't know what to do. They aren't exactly brain surgeons.

Anonymous said...

Let people like Craig speak Joe. Our words reveal who we really are.

Craig's "logic" proves that the Occupy fans are pretty much the same as Glenn Beck's fans. Except that TWO "civilians" who work for Glenn Beck came to his aid, but only ONE "civilian" who happens to work for OWS.

And Ducky's comment shows that he draws lines between who he considers a "civilian" and who he doesn't.

Craig said...

Joe, That's why I asked you if you had another source. The video doesn't identify anyone helping him. The guy in the suit looks like someone who walked in with Beck. There were a couple uniforms with him, too.

You have no idea from the tape if the guy was part of Glenn's entourage or the book store owner. It's possible someone yelled for "a doctor in the house" and the guy has medical training. If he was inside, he had to push his way through the line of Beckheads to get to the victim. I understand their reluctance to help, they didn't want to lose their place.

Also, the cops were assisting the man in the video and they usually don't ask people to gather round closer, especially when someone is seizing. You have no idea how many people might have tried to help initially.

Where did you get the info that the man demanded the hospital take him back after treatment?

You, sir, are a total ignoramus and incapable of linear, rational thought, even thought you think you think rationally.

That may be, Joe, but I'm smart enough to know you can't evaluate what took place when that man went down and the character of the crowd based on 25 seconds of video.

Anonymous said...

Craig, Glenn Beck talked about this incident on his show today. HUNDREDS of people watched Glenn's two employees PUT DOWN THEIR OWN CAMERA and ran to the man's aid WHEN NO ONE ELSE DID.

Also, when the OWsers realized that strangers-who were not part of their group-were helping him, one OWS man yelled "What did you guys do to this man? What did you do to cause this?" (never waste a good crisis right?)

At that point one of Glenn's guys on the ground looked up and yelled "What is WRONG with you people? This man needs HELP!" which apparently silenced the protester.

They also stayed with the man until EMTs arrived.

The woman who had held the man's head got in line and waited to speak to Glenn personally. Security knew who she was at that point, but she was allowed to remain in line and quietly wait her turn. She wasn't roughed up or tossed out.

He treated her with respect and graciousness even AFTER she told him who she was and why she had come to the store (he had been inside signing books when the seizure occurred and had no idea about what had happened). They exchanged words and I believe he said she gave him a brochure, which he accepted. He also wished her a Merry Christmas.

Do your homework instead of deciding that what MIGHT have happened is good enough for you.

Anonymous said...

The only point of Craig's I agree with (so far) is that Joe could have (and might want to consider) posting links to sources that fill in the story more for his readers. :-)

Joe said...

Craig, et. al.: I am not a journalist, nor am I a sociologist (although I double majored in Sociology and Psychology).

I am a blogger and I write about what interests me.

I make statements that I know are true. If you want to prove me wrong, try to do so (as unlikely as your success will seem).

Therefore, if you don't think I was telling the truth about this (or any other event), do your own research, on Google or wherever.

You don't have to believe a thing I say. That's OK with me. You have the right to remain ignorant if that's what you want.

In the mean time, I will continue to write about whatever I want. I will never lie in my posts (although it is possible that I might be misinformed, as unlikely as that seems), but if you don't believe me, so be it.

This is have the right to be wrong.

Your comments are allowed here at my own personal whim.

There is no freedom of speech here. I am not congress, and I CAN (and do)restrict your speech.

If you don't like what I say, you are probably a psycho-liberal-progressive.

You don't have to read my posts, you don't have to like my posts and you don't have to comment on them.

But if you do.......

Craig said...

Do your homework instead of deciding that what MIGHT have happened is good enough for you.

I went to the WKRG website looking for more information. I did ask Joe, twice, for another source. Thanks for the information. Since Glenn Beck is the source, I have no doubt it is 100% accurate. I'd like to see the video he says he has, anyway. I won't pay $9.95 to watch.

p.s. I didn't call Joe a liar or a ignoramus or incapable of linear, rational thought. I merely pointed out he was making claims that weren't backed by the evidence he presented. What else did he have.

Ducky's here said...

z, why are you posting as "anonymous"?

Ducky's here said...

WHAT, Glenn's using this to drum up business for his web site?

Can't the guy make enough pushing his fake gold bullion business?

sue hanes said...

ducky - good one

Ducky's here said...

This is all I could find. Just protesters getting escorted out of the store. No excitement.

Joe said...

The two guys at the seizure guy's feet ARE EMPLOYEES OF GLENN BECK! THEY ARE ON THE VIDEO! THAT'S THEM!

Ducky's here said...

Says who,Joe? Beck? Not a reliable source.

I don't see any coverage of this outside Beck's radio address and he's known for the pure stinky cheese.

Joe said...

The question man said...
Joe-Joe trying to argue or convince that little communist lover Ducky's here is fruitless. Why do you attempt the impossible dream?
Never Argue With A Fool – They Will Drag You Down To Their Level, Then Beat You With Experience!

As conservatives, we must first understand that it is nearly impossible to convince a fool or a liberal of anything logical, because the liberal mind doesn't operate on facts and logic, rather it is a slave to pure and often irrational emotion.

Ducky's here said...

You completely avoided the issue.

We have no evidence to support Beck's version, just some very inconclusive videos of a rather low key protest.

Why shouldn't a reasonable person require corroborating evidence?

Joe said...

Ducky: For the same reason when it is a left wing radio host who makes a statement about an event in which he or his people were involved, no "corroborating evidence" is needed. His statement is enough and IS the corroborating evidence.

Who would you suggest corroborate Beck's story, Keith Olberman? The police? AP News? CBS news?

If you don't accept Beck's word, so be it.

What happened, happened, no matter what you think about what happened.

Ducky's here said...

Sorry Joe, I always require corroborating evidence.

I don't take Amy Goodwin's word as gospel but her on the scene reporting is much better journalism than Beck's which is not journalism at all, just opinion.

I try to form an opinion from a variety of sources but it's tough to find a right wing source that isn't controlled by raving lunatics such as Beck.

Susannah said...

Bingo!!! Joe, you're right on target - as usual!