Saturday, December 17, 2011


A quote from The Blaze via a Gallup poll:

"...a plurality of Democrats believe that big government is more threatening than big business."

Here's the chart of the results of the poll:

So what's with that stupid claim by OWS that they somehow represent 99% of the people?


The question man said...

It's simple, It's IDIOCY?!

Joe said...

TQM: You got that right!

Xavier Onassis said...

You're looking at the wrong chart.

Dennis Dagliolo said...

And to add to the Idiocy, there is an effort from the radical left to use political correctness to wipe religious celebrations - like those for Christmas from the USA - a country FOUNDED on Judeo-Christian principles. It's Happy Holidays and snowmen instead of Merry Christmas and even Santa Claus.
Theres a Best Buy commercial showing a women kicking Santa off her roof because she got a better bargain at "Best Buy"

My Blog said...

The GOP and others live and breathe to dismantle and destroy him. It’s their sole purpose, they’ve made no bones about it, and they don’t appear to mind destroying the country in the process. Meanwhile, Democrats and other onetime presidential supporters, stand aside and wait for him to fix everything by himself or suffer the consequences. They refuse to stand with him, to wrap him in a cloak of unqualified support and solidarity.

Obama is not a marxist. Neither is he a socialist. He is basically the best moderate Conservative President since Clinton. There is no proper left left in American politics. There is a moderate conservative party and a radical conservative party. That’s it. Anyone who thinks Obama is a Marxist is basically a brainwashed moron suffering from decades of red scare propaganda. Spud used to hate such fools but now finds only pity, just like Super dumbass racist FireAndreaMitchell.
by the way! Nope. He’s just stuck between a rock and a hard place. He can’t get anything done with the disfunctional congress and the republican party would rather destroy our country than to allow Obama to succeed. I’m just calling it like I see it. clearly the republicans are better at destroying the economy than Obama is at fixing their messes-so vote republican, right?
Being black, and being friends with Muslims, does not make him a Marxist who hates White people.
The right is going crazy wearing tea bags and making wild-eyed accusations that Obama is “anti-American,” that he’s endangering the safety of the nation, that he’s out to destroy Christianity, and that shaking Hugo Chavez’es hand threatens the sanctity of private property. It’s enough to make your head bleed. But that’s what racists do. They irate people! I’m now believe anyone who hates Obama is a racist, bigoted loser!

evision said...

To the African-Americans or anyone else who feels they’ve been economically downtrodden:
I wish I was born a “poor black child”, so that I would be able to get the free handouts, the affirmative action and all the rest of the entitlements that are given to the “poor black child”, that we know today.
My father and his father worked like slaves and were thankful they had the Opportunity to make a better life for themselves. My Mother and Father didn’t focus on themselves however. They had 4 kids instead and drove used cars all their lives. We were poor, but I and my brothers and sister didn’t really acknowledge it. We all worked and made our way, cutting grass, shoveling snow, flipping burgers, whatever.
For my 11th birthday, I received a Used green plastic encased transistor radio that must have cost 50 cents back in the day. I put a note on it that said take it back and left it on the living room sofa. My Mom was righteously offended and told me so. I apologized then as I do now and shortly after, I was walking down the street holding it to my left ear listening to the Beatles playing I Want To Hold Your Hand. I was thankful for that radio at that point. I “Heard Music” for the first time in my life. My Father also walked Italy, France and Germany during WWII before I was born of course, and didn’t ask for anything nor got anything special for doing so.
So you know what folks? Suck it up and Shut Up and get busy living and making it for yourself. I nor anyone else Owes You Jack. Opportunity is what America provides you, not a guarantee you can be as well off as whoever you're focusing on.

Joe said...

XO: No, we're not. You are.

Ducky's here said...

Joe, do you disagree that middle class household income has been declining for a couple decades or do you think it's a good thing?

Now that's a fact where your chart is just a statement of opinion.

Remember, Republicans live by myth and the left is here to help you live the life of the ind.