Tuesday, November 8, 2011


SoCal Street Cart Vendors Hurting After ‘Occupy’ Group Splatters Blood, Urine

A business owner near the Occupy Wall Street encampment claims she has been repeatedly harassed and threatened with bodily harm by protesters after she and her employees refused to give in to their outlandish demands.

“I’ve been told, ‘Watch your back!’ 10 times,” Stacey Tzortzatos, owner of Panini & Co. Breads, located across from Zuccotti Park, told The Post yesterday.

She and her employees are terrified by the constant threats, which she said began after she demanded the protesters stop using her shop’s restroom as a place to bathe every day.

The final straw came about two weeks ago, when the demonstrators broke a bathroom sink, flooding the shop, and clogged the toilet -- setting her back $3,000 in damages.

See 179 photos of the "civility" of OWSers.

Most of them look a lot like XO, Craig and Ducky, don't they?


edgeofthesandbox said...


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Did you see the guy wanting 911 more 9/11s?

Craig said...

Joe, I certainly don't condone any violence or vandalism. I don't doubt it has happened but the Panini & Co. story about their broken sink and clogged toilet first appeared Oct. 7 in the NYTimes. Why keep recycling this story if it's so bad around Zuccotti Park?

Can't Rupert Murdoch's paper find any fresh dirt? They've compared the protesters to Nazis and the goons from Road Warrior, it's hard to tell if they're taking sides.

I looked at the slide show you linked to. The first 8 photos, anyway.

1. Older guy on a stationary bike generating electricity. Good ol' American ingenuity and stamina. Joe, I say this with the utmost respect (you don't censor opposing views) and concern for your health. If you are able, a little spinning or a brisk walk might do you good. And a salad, light on the dressing, now and then.

2. Young man splashing water on his head.

3. Young man sweeping.

4. Young man with a mohawk sitting in the entrance to his tent, just in front of the American flag he has prominently displayed.

5. Neatly dressed, middle age man holding a sign and texting(?). Young woman looking at sign.

6. USN sailor, Iraq/ Afghan Veteran, holding a sign.

7. Another Vet with a chest full of decorations.

8. An altar with a Virgin Mary candle.

These are shocking, disturbing photos, Joe.

Most of them look a lot like XO, Craig and Ducky, don't they?

Thank you, thank you very much.

Ducky's here said...

Joe, I've been known to wear a keffiyeh. Right wingers see it and immediately need to find a public restroom (difficult in America) because they need a nice tight bowel movement.

But I can go either way depending on the occasion.

Will there be acts of vandalism when so many crowds are in the streets? Yes.
Is this where the primary focus should be? I don't think so. What the right wing is completely unwilling to do is discuss the message.

The financial system in America (and worldwide) has become disconnected from it's function of satisfying the economic needs of the nation. Rather it has become nothing more than a casino full of wealthy untaxed flambeurs (Fr: High roller). Check out the recent story on Jon Corzine's hedge fund escapade. No regulation and he pulled the same old stunts and lost (apparently literally) a couple billion. That's a lot of lettuce.

So it isn't a final word by any means.

If you look at our sig pics, Joe, we look quite normal, although Craig is a little droopy.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

All I know is New Yorkers are getting tired of it. Real Estate agencies can't even show apartments in that area and it's hard to rent them. The renters are turned off by the noise and the fact that they have to see it.

A Pissed Off Irishman said...

Perhaps Ducky's here has a good explanation for this.


Lisa said...

Tha'ts disusting. What a bunch of sickos

Ducky's here said...

POI, does the photo excite you?

tha malcontent said...

Ducky's here ...is that the best thing you can say about that photo?

Is shooting the messenger your only thought?

Ducky's here said...

Look short bus, I've explained my position in posts here.

The photos are anecdotal and Joe often posts photos that are not taken at OWS.

Right wingers are going to focus on the inevitable negatives and avoid conversation about the issues of the demonstration. I've pointed those out here clearly enough for even you to understand.

A Pissed Off Irishman said...

Ducky, that was the explanation of a simpleton. Thank you for proving my point.
I think that it's a damn shame that people like you are allowed to wander off on their own. And be allowed to have free access to a computer.
Keep in mind little dimwit, I'm not trying to depress you, I'm just being completely serious and honest here. Lets face it little man, intelligence was not one of the things that you were blessed with. Some of us are blessed with greatness, pity that you were born so mentally challenged.

By the way, isn’t it interesting, isn't it that Democrats often claim Republicans are such racists and yet they have their fingerprints all over these Herman Cain accusations. I am extremely ashamed of their part in this scandal, as you should be..

Joe said...

The point of the post, of course, unrealized by the likes of liberal/progressives, is that OWSers are no different from other rabble-rousers who represent the fringe, vile, vulgar, descructive, antisocial, ignorant and anarchist sector of societies everywhere.

"Will there be acts of vandalism when so many crowds are in the streets?"

The "wherever there are huge crowds of people" argument is disproved by the huge crowd of Tea Partiers gathered in DC, where there were no acts of violence, no foul references to camera persons, no filth and no destruction.

But through their philosophical and political blind folds, they cannot see the differences.

When they DO see a difference, they believe the rabble-rousing is better.

Xavier Onassis said...

Jo Joe - I don't think that the POI is abiding by the first 2 Rules of your Blog:

1. Absolutely no foul language. If you are not man or woman enough to control your language, you are not welcome here...go somewhere else.

2. I am not looking for strings of commenters arguing with each other, so confine your comments to the topic at hand and address your comments to me, unless you can be exceptionally gracious and polite.

Joe said...

Craig: "Joe, I say this with the utmost respect (you don't censor opposing views) and concern for your health. If you are able, a little spinning or a brisk walk might do you good. And a salad, light on the dressing, now and then."

Actually, you say it with no respect at all.

Turns out, I am not able.

Up until I was injured and developed severe arthritis, I played tennis, racket ball, and football (one or the other) almost every day.

With the sudden onset of inactivity, I blossomed in unwanted ways, and have struggled since.

Additionally, I developed atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, atrial colapse and severe Premature Ventricular Contractions, making it impossible for me to even walk more than 50 yards, and then only at a slow pace.

Since four heart ablations and one cardioversion, it is easier for me to sustain activity, but I still can't walk far due to severe hip arthritis.

I plan a hip replacement next year, when I have more available medical leave from work.

Maybe then I can resume a reasonable regimin of exercise.

But thank you for your feigned concern.

Joe said...

XO: I am not interested in your opinion of how I run my blog.

Craig said...

But thank you for your feigned concern.

Joe, I don't wish ill on anyone. That is exactly why I said, "if you are able". It occurred to me you might not be able. I'm sorry to hear about your condition. Now, I'm even more concerned about your health. I stand by my comment on your diet. I'm sure your cardiologist has told you the same thing.

You still haven't responded to anything I said in my comment. I looked at the slide show. Everyone in those first 8 photos, including war vets, are fringe, vile, vulgar, descructive, antisocial, ignorant and anarchist[s], according to you.

Okay, Joe. The tea partiers are well behaved, well dressed, never swear, pick up after themselves. They have a network sponsor and are generally treated with reverence by the MSM. We just had a tea party/CNN debate. 20 tea partiers show up for a rally now and it hits national news. They carry a lot of weight in Republican politics. They are well financed, at least the hierarchy who have co-opted the brand, and they got some people elected.

Now that we see how they govern, they are being roundly rejected. Disparage OWS all you want. The movement is spreading world wide. The cause, govt by and for the people, not the Oligarchs and Plutocrats, has overwhelming public support. Credit OWS with BOA dropping their $5/month debit fee. More People have moved their money out of big banks and into credit unions and local banks in the last month than all of last year, thanks to OWS. It's just the beginning.

Rational people are waking up to the fact that the "free market" is rigged in favor of the corporatists that you adore.

You and the rest of Righty world sure do spend a lot time on a bunch of insignificant, dirty hippies.

Ducky's here said...

Okay, Irishman, let's try this.

Despite your cute little anecdotal pics there are serious issues being raised by OWS.

Let's take the move to pull money out of major banks and deposit that money in credit unions. What to you think?

Give more local control over investment in housing and funding small business? We've seen that the megabanks are only interested in the skim and fees.

Then we can move on to wider issues of the democratic control of wealth.

Or do we stay down in the gutter with you. Myself, I have no idea why a reasonable person wouldn't consider the issue important and why we need a major action of civil disobedience to raise it.
Of course even then the "liberal media"(LMAO) have ignored it.

Check in by all means. Joe and Chatfield, let's get a conversation going .

Joe said...

Craig: Sorry...not interested in your comments on things you know nothing about.

I am not a corporatist. I AM a free marketer.

Back when we had one, it worked very well.

Its changes were much slower, but they were longer termed and promoted greater wealth in the country as a whole...including the middle class.

There are 100 times more restrictions on business in the "interest of fairness" than there used to be and the result has been this wide disparity between the "rich" and the "poor."

But those are subjective terms.

The poorest person in the U.S. is richer than the average person in some countries.

The way to feed hungry people is not to give them fish, but to teach them to fish.

The fish is just as nutritious, whether it is a gift or earned. But if it is earned, the eater is better off for having earned it.

Today's schools, as well as other government entities, are teaching people that they should all be given fish. OWS is complicit.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

Joe, here's a hint.
Corporatists are taking all the fish.

Craig said...

Its changes were much slower, but they were longer termed and promoted greater wealth in the country as a whole...including the middle class.

I agree with you on this. Capital was invested, today it is traded. about 75%, probably higher, of trades are automated. High frequency or algorithmic trading that initiate trades when a stock goes up or down a mil or two. The average time a stock is held now is 23 seconds. One of the big reasons there is such volatility in the markets.

There are 100 times more restrictions on business in the "interest of fairness" than there used to be and the result has been this wide disparity between the "rich" and the "poor."

This is where you are wrong. The Bureau of Labor Statistics actually tracks reasons given by employers for layoffs. Last year the companies they tracked laid off 1,257,134 employees. 2,971 were laid off due to govt regulation. That's 0.2%. There is no evidence that over regulation is costing jobs.

There is plenty of evidence that deregulation has caused 100 times more damage to the economy and, in fact, caused the great recession. From deregulation of the S&L's to the repeal of Glass-Steagall to the Commodity Futures Modernization Act. They removed regulations that prevented the speculation, derivatives and synthetic financial products that were allowed to be leveraged to 30 or 40 times their value. It was a house of cards and we are the suckers who got stuck with the bill when it collapsed.

Alan Greenspan said the banks would self regulate out of self interest. Right out of the Ayn Rand, Hayek, Austrian, neo-liberal, selfishness is a virtue play book. Oops.

“All of the sophisticated mathematics and computer wizardry essentially rested on one central premise: that enlightened self interest of owners and managers of financial institutions would lead them to maintain a sufficient buffer against insolvency by actively monitoring and managing their firms’ capital and risk positions,” the Fed chairman said. The premise failed in the summer of 2007, he said, leaving him “deeply dismayed.”

Joe, The reason there is such a disparity between rich and poor is because the rich, not all of them, have manipulated the system to their advantage. They don't spend all that money on lobbyists and buying politicians for nothing. Tax policy, trade policy, loopholes, union busting, offshoring jobs and assets, greed, avarice and cheating.

Yeah, Joe. The poorest people in the richest country on earth are better off than your average Ethiopian. Nice standards.