Thursday, November 10, 2011



ozzie679 said...

If you voted for the current President in 2008 to prove that you aren't a racist, please vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you aren't an idiot.

Rita said...

Brilliant. Stop the spending!!!

Craig said...


More austerity!!!

More tax cuts for the wealthy.

Still waiting for even a trickle.

Bush and the Republican congress grew govt by 5.8% per year. LBJ paid for Vietnam, Medicare and the Great Society growing the govt by 4.7% P/year. Fiscal Conservatives, my arse. Bush & Co. passed out the goodies to defense contractors (90% increase in DOD budget), private mercenaries to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan at 3 times the pay of U.S. service members, big pharma (Medicare can't negotiate prices for drug subsidies), corporate owned farming operations (CAFOs. Look up who gets most of the farm subsidies) and congress, who larded up the transportation bill with pet projects.

All that spending while cutting discretionary spending on social programs. Compassionate Conservatives, my arse.

Where was the outcry then?

Rita said...

Apparently some people only heard half of what he said.

First, entitlements HAVE to be on the table. The politicians that are saying differently are lying for political gain.

I have heard that social security would be going bankrupt since I was in my 20's. I planned for retirement because I never believed it would be around by the time I can draw in 11 years. I still don't.

I'm fine with a plan that limits or eliminates my benefits as long as those currently receiving benefits are protected. Anyone in their 50's who have lived their lives believing they were going to live off social security was not paying even one bit of attention.

And I firmly believe defense is one of the top priority, but I know consultants who have spent time on navy ships and watched as the navy drove heavy equipment off the sides, so they could use up the budget funds so they wouldn't be cut the next year.

Everything is on the table. I don't care who's responsible, but the spending has to stop. Regardless of your politics.

Ducky's here said...

I guarantee that with Patty Murray and John Kerry, Senators from states that are big beneficiaries of defense contracts, that the defense budget IS NOT on the table.

If we weren't spending a trillion to protect Rita from the big scary Muslims she'd be wearing a burqa if she didn't die in the big Syrian spec-op night drop that sprinkled botulism on her cornflakes because they hate her freedom.

Joe said...

Craig: "Where was the outcry then?"

Some of it was from me. But for reasons different from yours.

Craig said...

Rita, Social Security was never meant to be a retirement plan. It's insurance against living in abject poverty in your old age. Seniors in poverty was pretty common before SS. It's been amazingly successful.

It hasn't contributed one cent to the deficit or debt. Never has, never will. It's a separate fund and, by law, can't borrow to pay benefits. If nothing is done, SS can pay 100% scheduled benefits until 2035. 80% after that. Lift the cap, it's solvent indefinitely.

It will be there for you and yes, you also need to save for retirement.

Craig said...

But for reasons different from yours.

What were your reasons?

Rita said...


I didn't think it was possible for you to reach a new low, but congrats. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you are impossible to have any sensible conversation. Your incredibly nasty insults only reinforces your idiocy.

Joe: Sorry Buddy, but I'm done.

I'm sure that will delight the dip wads that have overtaken your site. I'll still read, but when people stoop that low to insult someone they know nothing about, I'm through.

I don't understand why people still live in America when they clearly hate everything about it.

Rita said...

Sorry. One LAST comment. Tomorrow is Veteran's Day. My husband fought for this country, spent a year in a foxhole to protect the very freedoms that allow Ducky and his ilk who hate this country their right to say horrible things.

Ducky, I'll espress your gratitude for his service.

Lisa said...

Hey Ducky Welfare wasn't supposed to be a way of living plan either but it is for many. As a matter of fact the value of what many receive in welfare benefits adds up to alot more than many people who work 40 hours a week.
I guess we can call those people "entrepreneurs"
SS was a promise but promises get broken all the time.
Good video Joe.
I guess Craig missed the part where he was also blaming Bush.

Jarheads Blog said...

Ducky hasn't reached a new low, the sewer is his low.

Craig said...

I guess Craig missed the part where he was also blaming Bush.

No, Lisa, I didn't. He blamed it on Bush's compassionate conservatism. Raiding the treasury and granting largess to pharmaceutical cos., banks, big ag, Blackwater, military industrial complex, oil, and billionaires isn't what I would call compassion. Starting 2 long wars and not paying for it isn't compassion.

He said Clinton left office with govt spending at 18% of GDP. Of course he credited the Repub congress for reining in spending. The same congress that couldn't rein in Bush? More like wouldn't.

Republicans don't care about deficits, debt or spending unless a Dem is in office. We've got the last 30 years for proof.

Xavier Onassis said...

FYI: Native American Jews and Mitt Romney -