Monday, November 14, 2011



So...which of the following do you consider appropriate behavior at a protest?

1.  Leaving your space filthy.

2.  Raping somebody.

3.  Destroying property.

4.  Interrupting small business from conducting their business.

5.  Murder.

6.  Disobeying park closing rules.

7.  "Protesting" without appropriate permits.

8.  Theft, from stores and other OWSers.

9.  Fighting with police.

10.  Fighting with each other.

11.  Overturning cars.

12.  Having sex in public.

13.  Expecting "free" food.

14.  Using constant vulgarities.

15.  Walking aroung nude in public.

16.  Cutting a police officer with a weapon.

17.  Urinating in public and/or on private property.

18.  Deficating on the American flag.

19.  Interrupting unrelated conferences.

20.  Being so unclean as to spread STDs and tuberculosis and other diseases.

My guess is that fully half of all liberal/progressives would justify over half of the above as OK, so long as the point is gotten across.

You can find out some of the details HERE and HERE and HERE.

You can also watch this:

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Fredd said...

The ends justify the means with these slobs. History will judge this 'movement' harshly.

tha malcontent said...

By looking at your list Joe,they seem to me to be the Domestic Terrorists that Joe Biden was talking about.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Laws? You want them to obey laws? What sort of horrible people are you conservatives to want these low-lifes to obey laws?!?!

You know, these people really need to get a life. Get a job and make themselves useful to society.

tha malcontent said...

Glenn E. Chatfield is right, if our Dear Leader don't give a *&^%$$#@ about the Law, why should anyone else?

Z said...

"Just like the Tea Parties" sayeth Obama.

Leticia said...

In some videos I have viewed, they are justifying a lot of their vile behavior. Figures.

Utah got smart and bulldozed their tents and garbage and ran them off. Maybe other states can start doing the same, before more small businesses are forced to close their doors.

sue hanes said...

Joe - My choices are:

#12 & #14.

(having sex in public and using
constant vulgarities.)

sue hanes said...

Joe - No more lewd pictures since Mayor Bloomberg has taken charge of the OWC protesters. :-)

I like what he did about that last night.

It should work.

I may rethink my opinion of him running for President.

sue hanes said...

i will miss the public vulgarities though

sue hanes said...

and joe - I am really glad that I don't have to be on the cleanup crew...

Speak Up and Shout Out said...
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Speak Up and Shout Out said...

And still Obama says nothing. But when a black man was hassled by the police because he looked as if he was breaking into a house, Obama was so quick to open his mouth and put his foot into it.
Obama is hated by the right, not because he is black as the people on the left say, but because he is a weak president. He is totally ineffective. And he does not represent the all the people of the United States, especially the working class,and his economic policies are outrageous and don't work.

sue hanes said...

Speak Up - President Obama had both of the involved parties over to the White House for a f*ing Beer Summit - I thought that was pretty good.

Speak Up and Shout Out said...

sue hanes, come on now sue, everyone knows that was a sham. he invited the policeman over because of what he called him and he had to play nice because he acted like a jerk and the whole country knew it. But I guess that you didn't.

Ducky's here said...

Joe ...check out the pics of the Seattle police pepper spraying an 84 year old woman. Handled the stupid old bitch like they were the IDF and she were a Palestinian. You'll wet yourself, really, check it out.

Lisa said...

Oh Ducky maybe she should just take a pill .

Joe said...

Fredd: "History will judge this 'movement' harshly."

I trust you are right about that.

the malcontent: They are lower than domestic terrorists. They are reprobates of the most repulsive order.

Glenn E. Chatfield: Usefull to society? These guys only want society to be useful to them.

Z: Once again absolutely proving President BO (the child president)is only a sophomore.

Leticia: They do, indeed, feel justified...just read Ducky and XO in previous comments.

SUaSO: He is either incompetent, or the craftiest despot to "lead" in history.

Lisa: A pill might actually help.

Lisa said...

lol Joe

Leticia said...

Joe, it's pretty pathetic and sad.

sue hanes said...

SUandSo - Yeah. I see what you mean all right.

Craig said...

Seattle police pepper spraying an 84 year old woman.

Don't you get it, Ducky? If she was there she must have had sex in public, over turned a car, torched a small business, defecated on a cop car, used vulgarity, littered, or she felt entitled to free pepper.

The ho got off easy.