Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I am a supporter of Herman Cain.

In case you are not that familiar with him, you can read a brief biography HERE.

In part its says:

"Herman returned to his home of Atlanta to begin working as a computer systems analyst for the Coca-Cola Company. After considerable success at Coca-Cola, he moved to the Pillsbury Company. Within a short period of time, Herman rose to position of Vice President. Although the comforts of a corner office on the 31st floor of a majestic corporate building seemed satisfying, Herman knew that he needed a challenge.

"He became the regional vice president of Pillsbury’s Burger King division. This meant starting from the “ground up,” dodging grease fires and broiling hamburgers. Herman was assigned to lead a low performing region of 450 of their restaurants. Within three years, it became the best performing region in the company.

"Energized by overcoming the many obstacles of his job at Burger King, Herman took on the biggest challenge of his career. He accepted the call to become the President and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, a company that was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. In just 14 months, Herman returned Godfather’s to profitability and he led his management team to a buyout of the company."

In other words, he is a very successful person, unlike President BO (the child president), who never ran any kind of business, never had a real job, was nothing more than a community organizer and had very little experience as a senator before becoming president.

As you may already know, Herman Cain won the recent Florida straw poll quite handily.

Now I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the number of times I have read that the Tea Party and anybody who did not vote for President BO (the child president) or who does not support him, or who does not agree with him is racist.

My question to liberal/progressives is: If Herman Cain becomes the Republican nominee and runs against President BO (the child president), will those who vote against him, who do not support him or who do not agree with him be accused of racism?

UPDATE: This is unbelievable! Am I right, or am I right?

Janeane Garofalo: "Herman Cain is probably well liked by some of the Republicans because it hides the racist elements of the Republican party. Conservative movement and tea party movement, one in the same.

"People like Karl Rove liked to keep the racism very covert. And so Herman Cain provides this great opportunity say you can say 'Look, this is not a racist, anti-immigrant, anti-female, anti-gay movement. Look we have a black man.'"

Yep...and cold weather proves global warming. Same logic pattern.


sue hanes said...

Joe - No, I would say if anyone voted against Herman Cain that would indicate that they didn't want him to be president.

Joe - If Chris Christie ran for president would you support him?

Joe said...

sue hanes: "if anyone voted against Herman Cain that would indicate that they didn't want him to be president."

So isn't that also true of those who voted against President BO (the child president)?

Then why are they referred to as racists by the left?

I would vote for Christie if he were running against President BO (the child president).

I would vote for my black dog-catcher if he were running against President BO (the child president).

Clarification: My black dog-catcher does not just catch black dogs, he, himself, is black.

Lone Ranger said...

You might think this paints liberals into a corner. The slightest criticism of Obama results in racism from the left. So, how can they possible criticize Cain without being racist themselves. Noooo problem. The only standards liberals have are double standards. And they don't have any problem using the most vile of racial epithets themselves.

Joe said...

LR: I actually knew that they would not think themselves painted into a corner.

They are incapable of recognizing double standards in themselves.

If Cain is nominated, look for alls kinds of aspersions cast upon him by liberals, including, but not limited to, racist remarks about him.

sue hanes said...

Joe - I sometimes wonder what would happen if two women were fighting it out for the presidential nomination - now a veritable possibility.

This would not be good since it would turn into a glorified cat fight. The attention would be entirely on the gender factor and not the real issuses. In our country this is now a real danger.

But here we have the possibility of two black men fighting it out for the nomination. Then would we call it a black cat fight? Certainly this would also be a situation where the issues would be clouded by something petty.

In our country politics is fast becoming a lose/lose situation - of our own making.


If Chris Christie thinks he may be able to help this country by running even though he has said he hasn't been 'called' to do so, maybe he should listen a little more carefully because it just might be that he is being called but he doesn't really want to answer the call. Maybe he could help his country in its time of need by stepping out of his comfort zone.

sue hanes said...

Joe - Wait a minute. I didn't answer the race thing.

Yes, anytime a black person is in the box, race is definity an issue.
For blacks, race is an inherent thing, so deeply imbedded in the minds of others that it really isn't racism, but just an unremovable, always present factor.

Just as sex(as in man or woman) is undeniably always present. I guess that's why it's called sexism.

sue hanes said...

Joe - I've always believed (and I am surely not the only one) that the best candidates for president are lurking somewhere just inside their comfort zone. Too smart to step over the line lest things become uncomfortable for them.

Lisa said...

The only people who made the 2008 election about race was the left.
And if anyone voted against him because of his color it would be democrat voters because republicans weren't going to vote for a democrat either way regardless of their race or gender.
So their racism accusations against conservatives are moot.

Joe said...

SH: Are you aware of how incoherent some of your comments are? There is no "this leads to that" element. They just seem to be random.

Everybody: Be sure to see my update!

Proves EXACTLY what I said.

Lisa said...

oh yes Joe we can all benefit from the wisdom of the "second coming" of Jeanine Garafolo.

Joe said...

Lisa: Please...Pleae tell me she's not coming back!

Rita said...

No need to wait until he's the nominee for the left to start calling him racist terms. You only have to read Huffington Post and the racist comments from the liberals on there to know it's already been happening for awhile. And if you dare challenger ther obvious racism, they claim they only disagree with Cain's politics, while saying that no one can argue with Obama's politics because that makes them a racists. Funny thing is, Cain would actually be the FIRST black President if he one. Everyone seems to forget that Obama's mother was white.

Joe said...

Rita: Yeah. I was going to point that out, but was afraid I'd be accused of being racist.

Lisa said...

Lisa: Please...Pleae tell me she's not coming back!

Actually Joe I prefer she goes,lol

Ducky's here said...

"He became the regional vice president of Pillsbury’s Burger King division. This meant starting from the “ground up,” dodging grease fires and broiling hamburgers. Herman was assigned to lead a low performing region of 450 of their restaurants. Within three years, it became the best performing region in the company."


Stop the nonsense. They brought in an outside executive from McDonalds and he crafted the turnaround which was effective throughout the organization. Cain just implemented what he was told to implement.

If Mr. Gold Standard were that good, why didn't he get hired to craft the turnaround strategy?

Ducky's here said...

As you may already know, Herman Cain won the recent Florida straw poll quite handily.

Yeah, and Michele "Psycho" Bachmann won the equally meaningless Iowa straw poll. Where is she now.

The Florida straw poll is a few thousand voters who PAY to participate. The Pizza Man stacked the deck. No big deal.

Joe said...

Ducky: You are so wrong. You need to do a little actual fact chceking instead of relying on the stupid left wing articles and broadcasts you listen to.

Their goal is to make you think something is true that isn't.

And you give evidence that you have fallen for it.

Lisa said...

Ducky calls Cain Pizza Man because his accomplishments far outweigh the Chicago Street Thug Community Organizer who would really be best suited at the pulpit of the Rev Wright where hate speech and stupidity prevail.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

Joe, the McDonald's executive they brought in was Donald N. Smith. He was responsible for the turnaround.

Also, Cain was fired from Godfather's by the board of directors.

Leticia said...

I like Mr. Cain because he is a strong supporter of traditional values, is not ashamed that he is a Christian, is a very successful businessman, upholds the constitution.

As for that ignorant Leftie actress, she is spewing typical liberal rhetoric.

Joe said...

Ducky: He was not fired. He led his management team to a buyout of the company.

He was also president of the National Restaurant Association.

He hosted a radio talk show, “The Herman Cain Show,” on Atlanta’s WSB 750 AM/ 95.5 FM.

He serves as a regular contributor on several broadcast networks and as a keynote speaker at conferences.

Now please draw me a chart of his accomplishments compared to President BO (the child president)'s accomplishments.

Ducky's here said...

Joe, after the buyout he was FIRED by the Godfather board of directors.

Wow, he had a rabies radio show. But that does prove he's pretty far right.

Z said...

Cain seems to be a very honorable man....and effective but I'm not sure I'd back him (unless he got the nomination, in which case I definitely will. By the way, being asked to resign from a Board is not always considered being "FIRED", trust me. THere are many reasons someone can be asked to step down.

Joe, Obama had ZERO experience and even calls him self a Con-Law prof... a guy who doesn't even seem to understand the Constitution.

Joe said...

Ducky: "Two years after Cain was named CEO, Pillsbury decided to get out of the pizza business and sell Godfather’s. Cain and his management team decided to buy the chain in a leveraged buyout for an undisclosed sum. He continued as CEO, but his transition away from day-to-day management started around 1994.

"Cain formally ended his management of Godfather’s in 1996, turning over his CEO duties to Ron Gartlan, who remains CEO today."

tha malcontent said...

Joe - If Chris Christie ran for president would you support him?

I would.

sue hanes said...

Malco - If Chris Christie finds that there is a mandate in support of him running for president - maybe he will step forward.

The Republican lineup could use another choice to offer for people who want Obama out of office. I might vote for him, too.

But I really first need to google him to see if he is qualified.

But then what does being qualified have to do with running for president anyway.

If you just go back and read about the past presidents - anyone can hold the job.

cary said...

Let me get this straight - I voted against Obama(THHO) in '08 because I couldn't find enough supporting evidence of his leadership abilities, and too much supporting evidence of his socialist leanings, which made me a racist.

I think Cain would make a good president because I have found ample evidence of his ability to lead, and equally ample evidence of his capitalistic leanings, so that makes me a racist.

Do I have that right, Ducky? Sue? Janeane? anyone? Beuller?

sue hanes said...

Cary - 'Bueller'

Are you talking about Ferris?

Anonymous said...

We currently have the most unqualified president in American history.

cary said...

Before I answer that, Sue, thanks for the correction of the spelling, and please answer my question.

A Pissed Off Irishman said...

The liberals have already called him every name in the book including an Oreo because they are the real racists and they know how and when to play the race card.

Lisa said...

heeheee Cary

Rita said...


You apparently didn't get the memo.

Every single person that disagreed with Obama, who is 1/2 white only did so because they are racist. And anyone that supports Cain who actually IS black only do so to prove they are not racist.

I know it doesn't make sense, but just read Huffington Post and you'll find that only liberals are allowed to disagree with a black man and THEN call him vile racist names.

The more press Cain gets, the worse it will become. Successful men like Cain and West are not allowed to have independent thoughts if they are conservatives.

cary said...


Thank you so much for clarifying that for me. Here I've taken to referring to him as Obama(THHO) so people know I'm not upset with his black half (the honky half only) and therefore not being racist when I criticize his lack of leadership skills, economic knowledge, military protocol, etc.

In the future I will be sure not to mention Obama(THHO) by name or race (wait - i've never referred to him by race) and only mention "The Current Inept Administration" - that way, I am not pointing fingers at any one person, nor am I blaming only this administration - notice I will use the word "current" - for the quagmire we are in - and continue to point out that if the government would A) stop spending money they don't have and B) cut all unneeded spending, then about 75% of the current issues would go away on their own.

But I guess that's just the racist in me talking ...

sue hanes said...

Cary - I wasn't correcting your spelling of Bueller, that's just the way I spell it. I didn't even notice that my spelling is different from yours.

What does THHO stand for?

Where in my comments in today's post do I say anything about you - or anyone - being a racist?

cary said...

I didn't say you called me a racist - I was asking known members of the left (except Ferris Bueller, I'm not sure of his leanings) to explain why my non-support of an inexperienced and undocumentable politician means I am a racist, while my support of an experienced and documented politician makes me a racist.

cary said...

ps - careful perusal of my previous comment will reveal the meaning of THHO.

sue hanes said...

Cary - None of this 'careful perusal' stuff.

Please just come right out and tell me what THHO stands for.

I can handle it.

cary said...

Sue - I actually mentioned it a previous comment, but here goes - in order to avoid being accused of being a racist, anytime I criticize the sitting president I refer to him as Obama(THHO)- The Honky Half Only - so I am not criticizing his blackness, only the ineptitude of the white half.

Ducky's here said...

No Cary, he sounds perfect for you.

He's stupid enough to favor a return to the gold standard so he's sufficiently primitive.

He wants to build a moat at the Mexican border. Simple answers from dumb rubes. That fits you.

He's stated that he supports restrictions on mosques and would never have a Muslim in his administration. That demonstrates a right wing understanding of the Constitution.

When he talks about sharia he is patronizing and you right wing bed wetters love that so he looks like your man.

You'll lose under the flat tax so you play the sucker like most rethugs.

sue hanes said...

Cary - Thank you.

That's all I wanted to know.

Rita said...

Oh Ducky. You are just so cute and cuddly when you wax poetic.

cary said...

Yeah, Ducky - a return to the gold standard would devastate this country, wouldn't it? Having actual value to back up our currency, mm hmm, that's tragic.

Just how over educated are you to think that way?

Mark said...

Obama got 96% of the black vote in 2008. Recent polls show he still has over 90% of the black voter's support. This tells me they only voted for him because of his skin color.

Now, Herman Cain is in the race. And now, black voter's have a dilemma:

They can vote for a black man who promises things he doesn't deliver, as they've seen, or they can vote for a black man with real solutions to the problems created by the first black man.

Decisions, decisions.

Jeff said...

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Politicus said...

Seen on private property in New Orleans, a sign depicting Obama in a diaper:
“Change Me! — I Stink!”

Robert said...

Read what the Angry White Dude. says about "Our Slacker in Chief"

Obama fully realizes he will never win another term next November. His poll numbers are already sinking into the 30% range and the damage from his disastrous economic policies has not yet hit as hard as it will over the next 12 months. While another 4 years would have given Obama more time to destroy this republic, he accepts that he will lose in 2012 in large fashion. What, then, is a hard-core socialist, racist US President to do? Do as much damage to America as you can, while you can!

Who can argue with that?

Ducky's here said...

Cary, why not go take a look at the cycle of depressions and recessions America experienced while we were on the gold standard.

Don't settle for the limited conservative history you have been taught but go read up.

That may cause you to question the gold standard as some sort of panacea.

Then do some advanced study and take a look at what the collapse of the gold standard in the early 20th century contributed to. I recommend "The Great Transformation" by Karl Polanyi, the Austrian your fringe right friends never heard of, brilliant book.

This should prepare you to deal in more than sound bites and to understand why Herman Cain is sooo last century.

Chuck Spears said...

The left is down to one strategy, calling everybody racist who disagree with them ,even a black man like Herman Cain. How pathetic. It shows the desperation of the Obama supporters.
I am white, voted Republican all of my life, and I think Ronald Reagan is the greatest president in my lifetime.

I am also a Christian, and a politician’s morals (or lack of them) and what they stand for on moral issues is #1 with me. As well as loving this great country. I take great offense when anyone accuses me of “racism” when I won’t vote for a black (or Hispanic, et al.) because he/she espouses views most contrary to my own.The mental disease of liberalism crosses all boundaries of race, color and creed.

Brutal Truth said...

Obama tells the Blacks to stop complaining, and take off their bedroom slippers and put on their combat boots and march with him. Is he for real?
Obama sure knows how to offend Black folks when he seems to need them the most. Who else does he have these days?

Rita said...

I think we are about to see a major Cain wave. Since my guys wouldn't run (Pence and Daniels), I have wanted to see more about Cain. I'm sick of career politicians. That one straw poll in Florida has suddenly awaken many of those on the fence and Cain is getting a lot more face time.

I'm finding it fascinating that nearly all of the political conservative web sites I read regularly are now saying they support Cain.

Look for the heat to get even worse for this self-made man of integrity. The true worst of the worst racist are now showing their true colors. Those liberals that want to keep the "coloreds" down on the plantation sucking off the government. I guess I shouldn't be shocked by their racist comments which are lauded on Huffington Post, but yet I am.

cary said...

OK, Ducky, I bit and let you lead me down a side trail.

Now, back to my question - why am I a racist for not supporting a politician I don't agree with, and how can I be a racist for agreeing with another politician?

What does politics have to do with the race of the person?

What happened to judging a person by the content of their character and not the color of their skin?

Ducky's here said...

I don't believe I have ever called you a racist.

I have posted here pretty much what Garafolo said, he's in the field to give it some color and blunt the accusations.

Are all Baggers racist? Of course not.
Are there retired military Baggers who can't tolerate the idea of a nigra as commander in chief? Of course there are. I don't believe it's anything but a plurality of the movement.

There certainly is a lot of hatred for someone who has done little but extend the corporatist policies that have been building since the days of Saint Ronnie Raygun and continue the failed military escapades we seem to be addicted to.

cary said...

Oooh, nice try at deflection, Ducky.

I asked you, as a representative of the left, to explain why the left thinks I am a racist no matter who I support, if I don't happen to think the current leader is competent.

You, on the other hand, can't seem to write anything but the latest HuffPo talking points, and you never do answer direct questions, do you?

I'll give you an easy one to start with, if it will help you break your habit of deflection: What is your screen name, Ducky?

Ducky's here said...

Cary as a representative of the left, we don't think you are a racist. We think you are a freaking didactic child who is having his head handed too him.

cary said...

Nice deflection again. Can't even answer a straight question.

So it's OK if I don't like Obama because his policies are tearing this country apart? It no longer means I am a racist if I don't agree with Obama?

A simple yes or no will suffice, Ducky.

Ducky's here said...

If you don't believe that an element of the hatred for Obama is racial then you are a damn fool.

What you believe personally, I have no idea.

Joe said...

Ducky: "If you don't believe that an element of the hatred for Obama is racial then you are a damn fool."

If by "an element" you mean that there are prejudiced people who don't like Obama, you would be right, of course.

However, prejudice cuts both ways.

There are people who hated previous presidents, not based on their policies, but on the fact that they represented "whitey."

We have blurred the lines between prejudice and racism in this country because the left insists on equating them, when they are not equal.

All racism is a form of prejudice, but not all prejudice is racism.

The majority of those who oppose President BO (the child president) do so on the basis of his policies and political philosophy, not on his skin color.

The majority of liberal/progressives who suport President BO (the child president) accuse anyone who does not support him of being racist, and that simply is not true.

I hate his policies and I hate his political philosophy. I do not hate him, the person.

I also hate his using any excuse possible to grow the government, irrespective of what other presidents did or did not do.

I hated Jimmy Carter's presidency on the same basis and just as much.