Saturday, September 3, 2011


I am back home and would like somebody to get the license plate number of the truck that hit me.

The procedure was not successful.

The heartbeat skips and PVCs that have plagued me are still there, and, trust me, when they are as frequent as they are in me, it is a simi-dire circumstance.

PVCs are not Poly Vinyl Chloride. They are Premature Ventricular Contractions. They are caused by the heart's electrical system gone awry.

The right ventricle pumps normally,then, at the end of its beat, it fails to rest, but is stimulated to pump again, before its time to.

The result is that the heart then rests longer than it is supposed to while the electrical impulses (that originate in specialized heart cells) re-set themselves. Then the process starts all over again.

Everybody has occasional PVCs and they go entirely un-noticed.

In some people (like me) they become so frequent that they bring an effective heartbeat rate of 35 to 40 beats per minute.

This is not sufficient circulation to provide oxygen and nutrients to the other organs.

So, while it is rarely fatal, it is debilitating.

There is one more available procedure available called Epicardial Ablation.

Epicardial Ablation is a minimally invasive procedure in which the electrophysiologist enters the chest through a very small incision between the ribs, inserts a wire through a small tube and, using 3D monitoring, locates the offending electrical cells on the outside of the heart and cauterizes them, hopefully to fire prematurely no more.

This procedure is available only at a few major medical centers around the country, so it remains to be seen whether I will be able to avail myself of the procedure.

In the mean time, adjusting my meds may provide some relief and enable me to get back to work.

For those of you interested, I thought I would bring you up-to-date.

So I did!

Thanks you for your prayers, your thoughts and your well-wishing.


sue said...

Joe - I am just happy to have you back.

I wish you had better news about your ongoing heart condition, but nevertheless, you are here, and hopefully you can continue the Fight for Right(pun intended) and the Quest to show Liberals that we can't put a good man down.

Now all that is left(yes, intended once more) is for you to show your heart who is really in charge and press on.

I'm relieved to have my friend and mentor back once again.

Now get to work. :=)

Starting with a really inspirational Sunday video.

Joe said...

sue: Thank you. I am glad to be back and am looking for that Sunday video.

David Wyatt said...

Praying for you brother Joe

Z said...

Joe, I'm so glad you're back...I was relieved to see your comment at geeez.
Considering your situation is a 'beat' situation, I thought of pacemakers, but, I guess it's obvious that that isn't the solution for you? Or do you have one?
That must be SOME feeling to have so many of these episodes...

Thanks for describing the situation; On a less serious note, I must say it's clear your brain's getting enough oxygen to ME because you think so clearly and RIGHTLY :-)

God bless you, Joe...

tammy said...

I'm sorry the procedure didn't work. My husband had an EP Study done awhile ago to see if he needed to have an ablation done. Thankfully he didn't, but I know somewhat of what you're going through. Hoping all will be well!

Ducky's here said...

Your faith will be your strength.

cary said...

Good to see you still around, Joe. With God all things are possible. The medicos will get it right, and you will be around to irritate the left for a very long time.

Mark said...

Well, I am glad you survived the surgery. Best wishes and prayers for eventual good health.

Leticia said...

Joe, I am so sorry it didn't work. You will still be in my prayers, my friend.

God is our great healer and He can take care of it for you.

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear your procedure didn't fix the problem Joe.
My mom is going trough Afib and had one ablation and since she is still in afib but her problem isn't as serious being her rate is under control. She is going next for a cardio-version which is with the paddles. If it doesn't help she will be going for another ablation on the right side which will have to be done in Mount Sinai in NYC being it's more risky to get to the right side done as they have to enter throught the left side to get to the right.
Do you have a Hospital close by who performs the ablation?
Talking to people I am finding out how many people have gone through this.My friend's husband as well and he is young and atheltic. He had an ablation and is on meds now forever.
Sorry about the moron who hit you. Also welcome back I hope something will be able to fix you soon.

Samual said...

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Joe said...

David Wyatt: Thank you

Z: Pacemaker might be in the future, but the doctors think this route is best for me.

tammy: The ablation procedure is quick, easy and has only a .005% of what they call a "bad outcome."

Ducky: It does.

Cary: Like the pea unders the princiss' mattress.

Mark: Survival is important. Fortunately, I decry the notion of "survival of the fittest."

Leticia: I have every confidence in His will.

Lisa: We have two hospitals within 1 to 2 hour drive that perform ablations. The one I just had it done at was Sarasota Memorial, and the hospital experience was like being in a Hyatt/Regency hotel...the best treatment I've ever had in either a hotel or a hospital. (But the hospital hurt more.)

Samuel: Thanks for dropping by.

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