Thursday, September 8, 2011


That's right, boys and girls!

President BO (the child president) decided to try to strong-arm Congress to adopt a $450 billion "Jobs Plan."

"Pass this bill now!" He kept saying.

By so doing he put conservatives in a position that if they don't go along, they will be blamed for the consequences, not him.

Forever deflecting the blame.

That $450 billion would be paid for by...oh, wait, he didn't say.

Uh...he DID mention taking some more from rich people, as though that would help. In fact, if you took all of the assets of all of the rich people, it would barely touch either the deficit or the debt.

So, just raising their taxes to "their fair share" is really nothing more than a little class warfare, but with no class.

Well, at least we know it will result in jobs. How many? He didn't say.

He also proposed spending to fix schools and roads, hire local teachers and police and to extend unemployment benefits.


That's the name of the game, isn't it?

For Democrats it is.

But wait! He proposed tax cuts!

The tax cuts he proposed would amount to roughly $250 billion.

Who gets their taxes cut?

Actually, nobody.

His tax "cuts" would be accomplished by not raising them when the current "tax cut" bill expires.

He said that deepening the payroll tax cut would save an average family making $50,000 a year about $1,500 compared to what they would if Congress did not extend the current tax cut.

It's the old call a non-raise a cut game.

President BO (the child president) proposed extending unemployment benefits for another six months.

Oh, good! Another six months for those out of work to stay out of work!

Obama proposed a $4,000 tax credit for businesses that hire workers who have been out of work for more than six months.

Why do I smell reams of extra paperwork and regulations?

"Government regulations" was one of the things President BO (the child president) spoke about...only he hedged his bet, using the adjective "unnecessary."

To a Democrat, ALL regulations are necessary regulations.

The One, did, however, do one thing: He proved me sort of wrong. He didn't say NOTHING.

He proposed what all Democrats always propose: more spending.

And he's going to hit you up to the tune of $450 billion.

Oh joy!


sue said...

Joe - With all due respect, it sounded like a plan to me.

Lone Ranger said...

Liberals simply can't understand that the government is not the economy, it is the enemy of the economy. The bigger and more bloated the parasite government becomes, the weaker and smaller the victim economy becomes, until the victims dies.

Mark said...

I only heard one statement in his speech, as I was at Burger King when he spoke, but there was a TV on in the restaurant.

What I heard him, with my own ears, say was he wants to extend unemployment benefits by a year. Sorry. I missed the part where he only said 6 months.

Regardless, it doesn't help create jobs when you take away the sense of urgency to find work.

"I think I'll just wait til next week (month) to look for work. There's no hurry. I have another 6 months (year) before I lose my benefits."

How does paying people to be unemployed create an urgency to find work?

tha malcontent said...

It's Obama Joe, what did you expect?

Yeah it's a plan!

A socialist plan. Unfordable goodies for everyone!

Ask Sue how is this "PLAN" going to be paid for? Print more money? Raise the taxes on the "rich" those "Rich" son of a guns who's family makes over $250,000 a year! Right.There is no reasoning with people who can see but are blind.
Thanks Obama, and it took him all that time to think up this "Plan"?

Joe said...

sue: Truth is, its the same plan he's always had: Take money from those who have it and give it to those who don't...whether they've earned it or not.

Taking tax money and spending it on roads is a net "0" gain to the economy.

That same amount of money, spent by wage earners for goods and services is a net gain to the economy.

Why can't liberal/progressives understand that?

Because they lead with emotion, not with logic.

LR: We are in the death throws.

Mark: President BO (the child president) was inconsistant and seemed not to notice.

The Malcontent: From each according to his abilitiy to each according to his need. Pure Marxism.

sue said...

LR - This is one comment of yours that I can agree with.

Although as a Liberal I am comfortable with big government, your illustration is a good one and I totally agree that it paints a negative picure of what can and does happen if it goes too far.

However, my feelings about big government don't run very deep, and I could be just as content with the machinery running smoothly on a much smaller scale.

I thought President Obama pointed out some important examples where we want to be careful not to eliminate 'big brother.'

sue said...

Malcontent - I will never respond to any comment of yours on this blog since I tried to comment last night on yours and was rejected.

sue said...

Mark - It's true that extending unemployment benefits could make the unempolyed 'lazier' about trying to find a job. There is always that element that exists and always will be.

But there always exists the negative in anything. And things are tough right now, and are not going to get better right away. The 'plan' is to give the economy -and the unemployed - a bit of a jump start, a kind of break for those who are looking for jobs in ernest and can't find them.

sue said...

Joe - I see no reason why the really rich can't help out this country through less loopholes and higher tax rates.

Joe said...

sue: I can see no reason why the rich, who by-and-large got that way by taking risks, hard work and industrialism should be forced to give some of their money to you and me or anybody else.

Earned money should be shared at the behest of the earner.

I have never worked for a person or a company that was not richer than I am. That's how they paid me.

If you want to be rich in this country, you have every opportunity to be so, no matter how lowly your birth or how bad your hadicap...witness: Stephen Hawking.

But if you work for it, you should get to keep it.

That's fair...everything else isn't.

Joe said...

sue: "...less loopholes..."

That's why I favor a flat rate for all taxes on every earned dollar over the poverty level, corporate and individual.

No deductions, no loopholes no exceptions.

Your tax return would have four lines:

How much did you earn (or how much profit did your company earn)? ______

Multiply that X .11 ______

Your tax is: _______

Pay up.

tha malcontent said...

sue said...

Malcontent - I will never respond to any comment of yours on this blog since I tried to comment last night on yours and was rejected.

I guess I'll just have to learn to live without you. Just as I do with other Liberals.... Boo Hoo.

sue said...

Joe - But when money becomes stockpiles, it surely can be put to better use than giving the super rich false confidence that they are set for life.

And stockpiles can be dangerous - like guns - left around carelessly for shooters to get into and kill thirty people in a short amount of time.

sue said...

Malcontent - I know that you prefer to live without Liberals, but when the rest of us have decided that it is time to get together and move on to make our country stronger be careful that you are not left out in the rain all alone - but at least the rain will disguise your boo hoo tears.

tha malcontent said...

sue said...

Malcontent - I know that you prefer to live without Liberals, but when the rest of us have decided that it is time to get together and move on to make our country stronger be careful that you are not left out in the rain all alone - but at least the rain will disguise your boo hoo tears.

Read the Liberal's blogs and get back to me on that one.

sue said...

Malcontent - I don't read Liberal blogs(with one exception Dudley's Truth 101 because it is so darn funny).

The reason I don't read them is that since I'm a Liberal I already know what they will say.

I read and comment on Conservative blogs so I'll know what the other guy is thinking - and I must say it's been a growing experience and a challenge.

sue said...


How much did I earn - $0

Multiply by x.11 - 0

Tax - 0

Joe, I'm a housewife.

Joe said...

sue: "But when money becomes stockpiles, it surely can be put to better use..."

By whom?

The federal government?

Why should they, or anybody else, get to steal money from those who earned it because "it could be put to better use?"

Why shouldn't the rich be allowed to decide for themselves how the money they EARNED should be used or not used?

Only a Marxist would think otherwise.

sue said...

Joe - The rich should be allowed to decide for themselves what they want to use their money for.

And I think they will make a wise choice after I've had the opportunity to convince them.

Mickie and Kay said...

Seen oh another blog: And it makes a lot of sense.

"Obama reminded us that he is the exquisite showman minus the show. There was nothing new in his “I can’t create jobs” campaign speech. If you were unfortunate enough to have to watch it as I was, you were treated to his change from the mantra of, “I inherited this mess,” to “Who can I now blame for this mess?”

The hardcore Liberals will say that Obama knocked it out of the park, with that speech. Another good speech. Those Leftist racists believing that a black man’s ability to turn a phrase is so novel. Nice job, Barack!

You fooled them again

sue said...

M&K - Speaking as a hardcore Liberal, I didn't think President Obama 'knocked it out of the park.'

I thought he gave a good speech,
made some good points and walked out with his head up.

Not an easy thing considering his low numbers.

Joe said...

sue: "How much did I earn - $0
Multiply by x.11 - 0
Tax - 0
Joe, I'm a housewife"

Perfect! You got it right!

Now if you were married Then it would work like this:

Poverty minimum: $20,000.00
Husband's total earning: $56,000.00
Earning over poverty: $36,000.00
Multiply by .11 $3,960
Total tax: $3,960.00

That same system would apply for every wage earner and every dollar of corporate profit above $20,000.

If you are not a wage earner or if you do not earn $20,000.00, you owe nothing.

It's an absolutely perfect, fair and lucrative tax system.

With it must come an amendment requiring a balanced budget for the feds every year.

And it will never happen because it does not contain political percs.

tha malcontent said...

Late Breaking News!

Dow tumbles more than 300 points over fears of impasse on Obama jobs plan

Robert said...

Lets face it Obama is a Marxist...straight down the line, there's no mistake about that.. . So what are we supposed to do, give this miscreant a pass because he's the president?

sue said...

Joe - Although I couldn't find a direct quote from a Conservative to prove it, I know that Conseravtives have said that Liberals are 'feelings' people.

So enough of the figures, Joe.

I operate strictly on feelings.

Lone Ranger said...

Sue, Sue, Sue, Sue, SUE. In the entire history of the world, no government has ever been content to remain small and not control people's lives. The Founders knew that and tried to limit government power through the Constitution. Little did they know that in the Bizarro World of liberalism, the Constitution would be turned on its head to mean the exact opposite of what they intended.

sue said...

LR - And that is why we need to FREE PRESIDENT OBAMA - to vote him out and let him spend time with his beautiful family(btw - didn't the little wife look lovely last night, bare arms and all).

So vote for me and we can reduce the size of government and work on other important issues.

tha malcontent said...

“Pass this bill, now" Who the hell does he think he's talking to?
Angry little Dude, isn't he! Ya know the American people are sick and tired of this guy waving his finger at them and telling us what to do. And talking to us and to congress as if we are members of his Kingdom. We didn't do anything wrong, he did.

Joe said...

The Malcontent: President BO (the child president), does not believe there should be three co-equal branches of government. He believes that some branches are more equal than others.

As for himself, he believes he was elected emperor, instead of president.

He invites himself to speak to a joitn session of congress which he, himself, called into session (which he is not allowed to do constitutionally), then he procedes to tell them what to do.

He presented no bill.

He was supposed to write a bill FIRST;, then take it physically to congress for consideration.

But he is above that.

Emperors do things their way, not in the prescribed way.

Or maybe, being a child president, he just didn't know any better.

Hey, sue, do YOU think he knew better? If so, why did he do it his way anyway?

sue said...

Joe - Maybe Barack Obama has turned out to be like the story of The Emperor's New Clothes.

You know, the Emperor was told that the new clothes would be invisible to those unfit, stupid or incompetent to their position, but all of a sudden a child pointed to him and said:

'The Emperor isn't wearing any clothes!'

Sorry, but that's the best I can come up with right now.

Someone else can come up with the parallel meaning.

sue said...

Joe - Remember what President Richard Nixon said:

'Sometimes, when the President does it, it's not wrong.'

sue said...

Mal - I live in a midwestern town of about 34,000, and lately as I shop cashiers will chat and sooner or later they will always say:

'We don't care who is president, but we need someone who will straighten out the economy, because we are harldy able to make ends meet.'

You see, they are trying to live their lives, raise children, or maybe they are retired and they just want someone to care about THEM instead of politicians who are worried about the vote and reelection.

That's why I propose a one time only six year term for president.

sue said...

Malco - Why do you say, 'Ask Sue..." as if I'm not in the room.

I am reading this blog and I will respond to direct comments.

And I have something very direct to say to you if I were allowed on your blog.

The Forgotten American said...

Sue, I’m sorry to say that you no doubt mean well, but your lack of knowledge is outweighing your good intentions. . Since modern-day liberals deliberately turn a blind eye to political as well as other aspects of reality in support of failed policies. The lack of knowledge can sometimes be very dangerous. Hence Obama was elected.
The facts are all there for anyone to see. America has more potential energy resources at its disposal than any country on earth. But we have been bullied by the Prog-Lib-Commies into abandoning our future in order to remain enslaved by tyrannical regimes that supply our energy and hate us.

The politicians who have put us in this mess and not stood up to the enviro-Nazis are simply traitors. There, I’ve said it, and trust me, I have more where it’s coming from backed up by some very hard facts that will be difficult for people to accept.

Always remember, it’s a great day to be an American as long we keep true to America’s values.

Ronald Reagan Centennial Quote of the Day:

sue said...

TFA - Pay attention here.

I'm not supporting President Obama for reelection.

I'm on a mission to FREE HIM from the shackles of the presidency.

I'm on the side of Right.

But I'm never going to be a Conservative. I have been following Conservative Blogs too long to ever allow myself be one.

Tell me what you want and I'll be that, as long as it is not called a Conservative.

I don't even have to be a Liberal.

See, I'm flexible.

But I am an American who loves America and don't want my country to go under.

sue said...


The Forgotten American said...

sue said...

TFA - Pay attention here.
But I am an American who loves America and don't want my country to go under.

Sue Pay attention here, keep supporting Obama and that's exactly what we all will get. "America to go under"

sue said...

FTA - Hello?

Aren't you reading my comments.

I am NOT supporting President Obama.

I DO NOT want him to get reelected.

But my reasons for that are different than yours.

I want President Obama to be defeated a year from November because I LIKE him - as a person.

I want someone else to take the heat for the next four years.

Do you get it now,TFA?

Leticia said...

"Pass this bill now!"

Sounded more like a demand from a spoiled child demanding his way again.

Honestly, how can anyone take him seriously? Oh, wait, some do. Shame.

sue said...

Leticia - Glad to find that there's someone else who stands by the King James Version of the Bible.

The Forgotten American said...

"the King James Version of the Bible"?????.


You want, " someone else to take the heat for the next four years."

I want some one to LEAD us for the next 8 years!

sue said...

TFA - If you want a leader for the next eight years, then choose someone that you believe can do the best job, get behind that person and see that he or see wins.

Take action now.

Don't just talk about it - do it.

Lone Ranger said...

Tell you what, liberals. You give me a bunch of money, and I'll give it back to you -- minus a handling fee, of course. Now, are you better off than you were before?

Now, tell me how taking money out of the economy through taxes and then putting it back into the economy after paying an army of bureaucrats a handling fee is good for the economy.

Can I make it any simpler??

Talking Point #3. A stupid person is not someone who can't learn, but someone who refuses to learn.