Monday, September 19, 2011



I have an idea, and I'd like you to join me in it.

I am going to manufacture a "green" product and sell it!

Now this new product is going to cost me $6.00 per unit to produce and I will sell it for $3.00 per unit.

Would you like to get in on the deal?

All you have to do is send money to the government and they will give me a few billion dollars to keep my company going.

Just imagine how long I could keep producing units at $6.00 each and selling them at $3.00 each if the government helps me do it.

Do you think you might make millions on the deal?

That is exactly, precisely what happened at Solyndra, the much touted "green" solar-panel company.

President BO (the child president) and his minions in his administration used Solyndra as an example of how wonderful "green" companies are for the economy and how just a little "stimulus" would help them succeed.

They helped, all right, to the tune of $528 million tax payer dollars.

Vice President, Joe Biden, rejoiced with us as he proclaimed how much good the "stimulus" would do and how proud he was of the jobs "created" or "saved" at this wonderful "green" company. These would be " of the future. Jobs you can raise a family on..."

He proclaimed that these jobs would serve as a foundation for a stronger American economy. He said he was "really happy" that we closed a $528 million loan guarantee for Solyndra.

And what were the results of this economic philosophy?

The company went bankrupt, the $528 million tax payer dollars were lost and 1,100 jobs are gone.

Even someone as stupid and narrow minded as a liberal/progressive could see that this was a bad deal.

Furthermore, there is more than ample evidence that the government knew there were problems at Solyndra before the loan guarantees were made.

But in the mind of the liberal/progressive, intent trumps results.

When are you idiots going to wake up and realize that your Pollyannic, Utopian ideas sound great in a college Sophomore bull session, but they never have, do not now and never will work?

To the liberal/progressive mind, government bail-outs, stimuli and guaranteed loans are capital.

They are not.

Capital is what is raised by a company from investors who expect a return on their investment in exchange for their dollars.

Are you asking us to believe that you believe the government believes a unit costing $6.00 and being sold at $3.00 is going to return an "investment" (read: tax dollars) to the tax payers?


Are you liberal/progressives that obtuse?


Just leave me your email address in my comments section and I will contact you about investing in my great new idea.

I promise you the same success your government consistently has.


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Hmm no comments from the left I see Joe.
I like how O'Rielly put it "Green is not ready for Prime Time"

But you can't convince a Liberal with an Agenda,being Agenda trumps "common sense".
And we continue to expose them as they continue to beat the skinless drum.
Thanks for Exposing more liberal lies Joe.