Thursday, September 8, 2011


What will President BO (the child president) say tonight that will indicate a viable plan to create jobs.




Lone Ranger said...

More of the same. In order to "create" jobs, the government will have to spend more hundreds of billions.

Joe said...

LR: Take money from us (taxpayers), give it to a corporation and call it "growth."

mistaanonymous said...

Obama and his minion describes us republicans as the party of "no." He accused us Republicans of making decision just to oppose him on the stimulus bill, on Obamacare, on the debt ceiling, etc. Instead of doing what was right for the country. He charges us repeatedly with racism and playing politics.

But I have news for him, sometimes saying "No" is what's right for this country!
What he has been doing has just been wrong for the country ... being a leader is more than being chummy with a Union bully..

Joe said...

mistaanonymous: Thanks for the visit.

The union leaders (read: thugs) with whom President BO (the child president) associates revealed their true nature this past week with their advocation of deleting Tea Party members: mothers; fathers; grandmothers; grandfathers and American citizens, all.

Their hearts are those of murdurous thugs.

Ducky's here said...

You finally got one right, Joe.

Joe said...

Ducky: What do you mean "finally?"

I'm always right.

Lisa said...

Absolutley nothing!

Leticia said...

He will probably repeat the same ridiculous rhetoric he always does with a bunch of empty promises to empty our wallets, and bank accounts.

I will not tune in. I hope his stupid speech won't interrupt Burn Notice.