Tuesday, August 16, 2011



In The Spirit Of Open Dialogue said...

Excellent.. Thanks good blog by the way.

Leticia said...

Processing...processing...melt down!

Seriously, this is frightening and I hope many people would realize that there is no easy solution to solving this horrid debt.

Joe said...

ITSOOD: Thanks! I'll take a look at yours, soon.

Leticia: No easy solution. But we MUST do what we MUST to reduce/disolve the debt!

Ducky's here said...

Sure there is, Leticia.

First pay attention to the cost of debt service, that's what's important.
Any of you fringe right winger realize that the Obama debt is costing us less than the far smaller but vastly more expensive Saint Ronnie Raygun debt?

Of course you don't and that's an example of why you shouldn't be allowed to vote but we'll muddle through.

Thing is that Perry or Bachmann can sink the whole ship. Be careful out there.